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Learn To FLy With Dylan Werner & Ashley Galvin (AcroYoga Video)

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AcroYoga is amazing! It is a practice that revolves around the trust between the base and the flyer. Like any trust building exercise, once you break down the walls and allow yourself to relax into knowing the other person’s got your back you’re able to fall into a deeper more connected relationship. It’s a very beautiful thing.

In this video, yoga and life partners, Dylan Werner and Ashley Galvin cover the basics of Bird, a foundational AcroYoga pose. If you’ve been wanting to try AcroYoga, this is where you start.

If you’d like to learn more AcroYoga poses from this wonderful couple you can get them here.

If you’re not familiar with Dylan Werner you must be living under a yoga bridge. He is the yogi in the incredible yoga video, Beyond Balance and has also made quite the splash with his online yoga classes on CodyApp.com. We highly suggest checking them out.

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