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When You Run Into That Inappropriate Guy In Yoga Class (Funny Video)

Michelle Stanger
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Seriously dude? You’re going to ask me out during class?
Yoga is your opportunity to get away from the stresses and external pressures of the world, but sometimes people forget . . . and sometimes it’s the most annoying and inappropriate guy in class.
This video provides a funny yet unfortunately at times accurate depiction of the inappropriate guy in yoga class that takes it just a little too far . . .
Hopefully you have not encountered such a person but if you have, feel free to skip “namaste” and replace it with a “get out of my face, dude!”


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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is living the yoga mom life and loving every second. She believes all beings deserve joy, peace and love and aims to be an example. Forever grateful for her yoga practice, she is honored to be able to share as a yoga teacher and Editor here at YogiApproved.com.

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