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How to Choose the Right Type of Yoga Insurance

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It’s a yoga teacher’s worst nightmare: someone gets hurt in class and whether or not it’s fair, the teacher is held responsible. Despite our best efforts to teach our students about body awareness, injuries happen and they are often outside of our control.

Why Do Yoga Teachers Need Insurance?

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) reported that the number of yoga-related injuries treated in emergency rooms has doubled in the past five years. It’s estimated that there are more than 5,000 yearly yoga injuries, and that’s only in emergency rooms!
In a lawsuit-happy country, this is irrefutable reason to cover ourselves with proper yoga liability insurance. Yoga may be a fairly gentle sport, but accidents and injuries still happen. Students sometimes push themselves beyond their own body’s capacity. Sometimes they fall when taking on asanas beyond their level – or they simply slip and fall on the studio premises while you are teaching. They may even fail to disclose or lack awareness about their own health conditions. And on top of the risk of injury, yoga teachers can be held liable for studio theft and damage, too.

Yoga teachers can be held liable for studio theft and damage.

Yoga liability insurance safeguards teachers against all of these unfortunate situations. It gives peace of mind and can help us recover in the unforeseen case of an injury or accident. Whether it’s a student’s medical bills, equipment loss, or a negligence lawsuit, insurance offers the protection that yoga teachers need.

Choosing the Right Plan for You

When you’re choosing a yoga insurance policy, the first determining factor is whether or not you are already a teacher. If you’re about to undergo your yoga teacher training course (YTT), you may be eligible for a student rate – and this is an offer worth acting on. Policies for students in teacher training run as low as $25 per year, covering you for up to 12 full months after you’ve completed your course.

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Compare Insurance Rates

If you’re already a certified yoga teacher, rates can vary greatly. And it’s worth shopping around. Like all things in life, the most expensive option doesn’t always correlate to the best option. Professional yoga insurance policies fall somewhere between $155 and $405 per year. Some of the more affordable options offer equal if not better coverage than the more expensive.

Make Sure Your Services are Covered

You will want to make sure that the policy covers the yoga style you teach. This is especially important if you teach something a bit out-of-the-box. Also, be aware that plans might cover you for other healing practices at no extra charge. For example, if you are a yoga teacher as well as a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, and Pilates instructor, one plan can protect you in all modalities.

Find Out Where You are Covered

Also check to see where you will be covered. A policy that’s limited to studio use is useless if you teach private lessons in homes, off-site workshops or at festivals. You want a plan that covers you everywhere you teach.

Check for Member Benefits

Some yoga liability insurance policies offer other benefits that make them stand out from their competition. Look for a plan that covers stolen equipment. When you work in a busy studio with hundreds of students passing through daily, this coverage may come in use. Some policies even offer enticing resources – like free business websites, discounts on yoga and wellness products, and professional teaching resources – offsetting their cost entirely.
Yoga liability insurance isn’t something that should be put off. You never know when an accident or injury could happen. And getting coverage doesn’t have to be a drawn-out affair. Some plans offer instant coverage and proof of insurance so that you can teach worry-free in your very next class.
The small cost of yoga liability coverage is worth the peace of mind, and in the case of an unfortunate accident, it’s priceless.

Comparing Yoga Insurance Programs

There are several professional insurance programs available for yoga teachers. Consult the grid below for a quick comparison of the rates, coverage types, and benefits offered by five of the yoga industry’s leading providers.

Note: The information in the grid above has been gathered from the websites of each insurance provider, along with other third-party sources.


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