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Fun + Funky Halloween Yoga Flow

Jessie Wren
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October has arrived, and Halloween will be here soon. Are you feeling the fun and creative spirit of Halloween? We meet the new season with tricks, treats and joyful excursions to the local pumpkin patch. Halloween is a time where we excitedly huddle through haunted houses, get cozy by the fire . . . and get a little weird in our yoga practice.
This Halloween season, I challenge you to explore more of your asana practice. Tap into the spirit of Halloween by being playful, imaginative and child-like. If you need some fun inspiration, this sequence is designed to bring out the child in you, so let go and explore!

Practice this funky Halloween yoga flow to find the spirit of this spooky holiday and mix up your typical time on the mat:


Extended Child’s Pose (Utthita Balasana)

How to practice:

  • Bring the heels of your feet together and spread your knees as wide as is comfortable. Allow your belly to rest on your thighs
  • Walk your hands as far forward as you can and “tent” your fingertips. Be creative; imagine your hands are spiderwebs sticking to the floor or picture yummy Halloween cupcakes under the palm of your hands
  • As you reach your arms forward, slide your shoulders down your back to prevent tension
  • Stay here a few breaths, and then make your way into Downward Facing Dog when you feel ready


Crescent Lunge with Cactus Arms (Alanasana Variation)

How to practice:

  • Step your right foot between your hands into Low Lunge
  • Before lifting your torso, engage your inner thighs, send your right hip back and your left hip forward, ground down with your front heel and use your core to lift your arms overhead.
  • Take five deep breaths
  • Then get funky and “cactus” your arms as you slowly lift your chest. Make sure to lift from your chest so you don’t compress your lower spine
  • Engage your belly toward your spine to protect your low back
  • After three breaths, slowly bring your hands down to the mat and step your right foot back to meet your left
  • Flow through a vinyasa or press back to Down Dog



Half Moon Variation or Sugarcane Pose (Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana)

How to practice:

  • From Low Lunge, spin your back heel flat and come into Warrior II
  • Shift your weight to your front foot, place your front hand to the top right corner of your mat, and lift your back leg to the sky
  • Keep your hips and shoulders stacked on top of each other
  • Engage your core and lengthen your tailbone toward the heel of your floating leg
  • Add the fun Chapasana variation in Half Moon by bending the lifted knee and grabbing the foot or ankle with your top hand
  • From there, keep your core engaged and continue to gently kick the foot into the hand
  • Stay here for a few deeps breaths


Goddess with Eagle Arms (Utkata Konasana with Garudasana Arms)

How to practice:

  • Bring your hands to your hips and step your feet into a wide stance (about four feet apart)
  • Turn your heels in, toes out, and slowly begin to squat down. There should be a natural curve in your lower back, no tucking the tailbone or over-arching it
  • Feel your gluteus medius muscles (the side butt) engage as you drop lower into your Goddess Pose
  • To add the Eagle pose arms, bring your right arm under your left and wrap your forearms to allow the palms to touch. If your shoulders are tight, give yourself a hug by bringing palms to opposite shoulders instead
  • Your shoulders should be protracting here, meaning they are spreading away from each other and broadening your upper back
  • Stay in Goddess Pose for five deep breaths, then release the bind and straighten your legs
  • Slowly exhale and bring your hands to the floor for a Wide Legged Forward Fold
  • Repeat the same pose but switch arms so the left arm swings under the right this time for Eagle arms on side two


Revolved Half Moon (Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana)

How to practice:

  • From Ardha Chandrasana (Balancing Crescent Moon pose) on the right side (right foot + hand planted, left foot + hand lifted), slowly revolve your left hand down towards the mat as you lift your right arm skyward
  • As you lift the right arm, allow your right hip to drop down and square towards the mat
  • Microbend your standing leg and engage the quadricep muscle to prevent hyperextension, rooting down with your right big toe
  • Twist from the center of your body (think belly button) – not just the chest
  • Get funky by bending the lifted leg and kick your heel toward the ceiling like you’re trying to step on it
  • Take a few breaths, then repeat on side 2


Revolved Chair Pose (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

How to practice:

  • With both feet at the top of your mat, bring your big toes to touch, squeeze your inner knees together, and sink down into a low Chair pose
  • Bring your hands to heart center, and hinge your torso forward over your thighs
  • From there, bring your left elbow to the outside of your right knee and begin to twist over the right side
  • Start with your thumbs pressing into heart center, and then try to straighten both your arms for a deeper twist and added playfulness
  • Take a few breaths in this twist
  • Repeat on side 2


Revolved Side Angle Pose (Parivrtta Parsvakonasana)

How to practice:

  • Step your right foot between your palms. Spin your back heel flat with a slight angle and rise up to Warrior I
  • Pause in Warrior I and find length in your torso by hugging your lower belly toward your spine
  • Next, bring your hands to heart center and twist to the right
  • Place your left elbow onto the outside of your right knee and keep your back foot planted. If your back heel lifts (which is very common in such a deep twist) try a Twisted Crescent Lunge instead
  • Once you find the twist, press your back foot into the mat and try to keep your hips as square as possible. This is a deep twist and you should really feel it in your stomach
  • Take five deep breaths
  • Unwind and flow through a vinyasa and repeat on the other side
  • End in Down Dog



Side Plank Variation (Vashistasana)

How to practice:

  • From Down Dog, shift forward into Plank Pose
  • Step your feet together and pivot onto the outer edge of your left foot. Keep the bottom foot engaged to protect the ankle and create more stability
  • Lift your right arm to the sky and stack your shoulders on top of each other
  • Continue to lift your hips using your core
  • Now it’s time to get playful! Lift the top leg and experiment with different arm and leg variations – the spookier the better
  • Repeat on the right side and then press back to Down Dog and take several deep breaths


Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

How to practice:

  • Start on your back with you knees bent and feet planted hip-width distance apart. Bring your heels close enough to your seat that you can graze them with your fingertips
  • Press into the heels of your feet and use your hamstring muscles to lift your hips toward the ceiling
  • Create a fist with your hands and press it firmly down into the mat. Keep lifting your sternum toward your chin
  • Explore lifting the heels and engaging your glutes + inner thighs
  • Hold for a few breaths, and then slowly lower onto your mat one vertebrae at a time
  • Repeat several times through if desired


Camel Pose with Lion’s Breath (Ustrasana with Simhasana)

How to practice:

  • Begin on your knees with the tops of your feet pressing firmly into the mat. To invite more length in your lower spine, you can tuck your toes
  • Press your palms into your low back with your fingertips facing the floor. Gently squeeze your elbows toward each other to find length across your chest and collarbone
  • Slowly lift your sternum toward the ceiling, and shift your hips forward while lifting the chest up. You should feel the backbend in your upper – not lower – spine
  • To protect your low back, engage your core by drawing your belly in toward your spine
  • Now, let’s have fun with Lion’s Breath! Take a big inhale through your nose, then open your mouth as wide as possible, stick out your tongue and exhale an audible, “Haaaaaaaaaa” sound
  • Feel free to take a few Lion’s Breaths to release any unwanted energy


Revolved Half Lizard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana Variation)

How to practice:

  • Begin in Low Lunge with your right foot forward and your left knee planted. Your right knee should be stacked on top of your right ankle
  • Walk both hands to the inside of your right foot. If this stretch is intense, stay here and breathe deeply
  • For the playful twisted version, come onto the outer blade of the front foot, allowing the bottom to lift gently off the mat. Use your right hand (or strap) to reach back for the inside of your left foot
  • Rotate your heart open towards the sky
  • Hold for a few breaths
  • Repeat on the left side


Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottonasana)

How to practice:

  • Seated on your mat, extend both legs in front of you and flex your toes back towards your face
  • Your legs should be active as you engage your quadricep muscles and see your kneecaps lift
  • Place your hands by your hips and slowly start to fold your torso over your legs as you walk your fingertips toward your toes, keeping a nice tall spine
  • Keep your chest lifted and tent out your hands as you root down with your sits bones and fingertips
  • Remain for several deep breaths

Close your Halloween yoga practice with, fittingly, Corpse Pose! Recline onto your back and let the weight of your body invite the spine to completely relax onto the mat. Allow your jaw and shoulders to completely relax as your breath returns to normal. Let the spooky energy settle in your body. Stay here for at least five minutes and enjoy.
Don’t ever be afraid to explore different sides of your yoga practice and different connections in your body. If you enjoyed getting into a fun and spirited mindset while practicing this sequence, keep at it! Your time on your yoga mat is your own, so feel free to express how you’re feeling during your practice . . . Halloween costumes are encouraged (wink, wink).
Are you in the playful Halloween spirit yet? Do you think your yoga practice could welcome some more imagination and creativity? Do you have some creative poses of your own you would like to share? We love hearing from you, so please leave your feedback + general yoga love in the comments below.

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Jessie Wren

Inspired by soul connection, Jessie is an Arizona native who finds peace within her yoga practice, and spreads light through her yoga teaching and writing. Through concentration of mind, practicing the physical postures, along with a healthy lifestyle, she loves connecting with herself and others. When she is not teaching yoga, she is traveling the world, writing about inspiration, and taste-testing every sushi restaurant she can in Los Angeles.

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