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Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Presence, Peace and Clarity (Free Video)

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Mindfulness meditation can be defined simply as present moment awareness with non-attachment. Simple . . . but not easy! While mindfulness meditation takes practice to cultivate this ability to remain present, it is absolutely attainable for anyone and is a practice that everyone can benefit from.

You will come away feeling calm, grounded, and peaceful.


Follow along with Yoga Rocks the Park founder and meditation teacher Erik Vienneau as he guides you through an introduction to mindfulness meditation.
This guided meditation will teach you the ins and outs of meditation – the proper posture, where to practice, and how to approach it. You will come away feeling calm, grounded, and peaceful.
Revisit this video to continue cultivating your mindfulness meditation practice. Mental clarity, focus, presence, and peace are what you’ll gain.
Dive in and press play!

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