Dear Yoga, There’s Something You Should Know…

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Dear Yoga Practice,
I am currently writing to you from my bed that I can’t seem to get out of these days. It’s been a long time since you and I have mingled. I’ve just been busy – you know, figuring things out. I’ve become stiff; mind and body. Trust me – I want to practice yoga and meditate, but I can’t summon the energy to do so – my thoughts run hazy these days.
The more time passes, the harder I feel it is to return to you. I feel a wave of guilt wash over me every time I think of our time apart. My yoga practice has always been my sanctuary and now it feels more like a chore. My sweet Yoga Practice, what has happened to me? I’ve stumbled off the path. Derailed by my personal relationships, I’ve become distracted.
I’m afraid to go back to you for a number of reasons – one being that I am absolutely terrified to sit in meditation. Savasana was once my silent paradise, but now I know my mind will just swim laps with thoughts I’ve been trying to avoid. I fear that my emotions will erupt out of me during a yoga class while everyone lays silently in savasana. I feel undeserving of you . . . dear yoga practice, could you ever forgive me for neglecting you?
Your Lost Yogi


Dear Yogi,
It’s nice to hear from you – I’ve missed you dearly. Yogi, life is a series of ups and downs . . . this is how we evolve and grow. Take your time piecing your little universe back together. There is no rush; your practice will always be here waiting patiently for your return.
Most importantly, never forget that you carry your yoga practice with you everywhere you go. It’s in the choices you make, in the way you speak to others and in the way you respond to negativity. Remember that yoga does not only take place in a studio or on a yoga mat. And your yoga practice is not in your crystals or in your mala beads either.
To be on the yogic path is to be mindful in everything you do. To be a yogi is to be aware – aware of your thoughts (for they become your actions), and to take care of this temple that we call a body. I know you feel guilty, but you have not abandoned me – you are simply working on other parts of your practice. When you are ready, return to me, and we can get through this together. But most of all, remember we are never too far apart. In everything you do, you will always find me guiding you.
And remember my sweet Yogi, you’ve never been lost – you have always been found.
With Love,
Your Yoga Practice


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Katrina Bilanchone is a Miami native who loves her Cuban coffee and loud friends. She’s a certified Vinyasa instructor at Corpo Yoga Studio. She is currently working on her Bachelors degree in Religious Studies, with a focus on Hindu philosophy. Kat firmly believes that yoga found her, and she is convinced that it is her calling now to share it with the rest of the world. She asks you to join her and her sassy cat, Rosie on this spiritual roller-coaster.

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