This Is Why Buti Yoga Will Change Everything in Your Life

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Becoming a Buti Yoga instructor certainly wasn’t in my Passion Planner this year. “Buti what?” I asked, after I heard it mentioned in passing. “Like shake your booty? Twerking?”
Not exactly.
Buti Yoga is a high intensity yoga-based workout designed specifically for women. It’s done to kick-ass jams and sends your chakras spinning wildly while feeling this ultimate divine feminine high. So… I did what any human being does these days: I googled and Youtubed the shit out of it.
I started watching and first thought: “This can’t be for real. Is this a fad? I frickin’ love this! Who is this chick? She’s badass. I’m feeling badass just watching her. Chakras!? She’s speaking my language. I gotta do this.”
So… without ever attending a live Buti class, I decided to get certified. Just. Like. That.
I had no real prior knowledge, but I felt in my entire system that it was time to kick my physical workout up about 10 notches. It was time to REALLY get my Buti in gear. When I’m physically active, I create better, I work better, I can get more done in less time. I’m just…better.
While yoga was satisfying my spiritual side, something was missing. I was admittedly craving connection. Shakti – the feminine aspect of divine energy – to be specific. Ironically, one of my top Core Desired Feelings is in fact…connection. Real, authentic, genuine connection to women who give a shit about each other. I was craving hard-core dance and movement. Dancing fed my soul for so long during my childhood and young adult life. Something was telling me it was time to come back. Something new and something fresh to rock my world. I listened.
When I feel drawn to something, I kinda just do it. Much like my transparency and vulnerability, it’s both a blessing and a curse. Like many things in my life, I stumbled upon Buti through a mistake. As the saying goes, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Thank God the lesson showed up sooner than later. I allowed the lesson to pass and honored what showed up: Bizzie Gold and her tribe of good-ass vibes. No pun intended.
The certification – I’m not gonna lie – was hard! Like a Junior in high school prepping for cheerleading tryouts, I stayed up LATE the night before my demo and practiced until I collapsed. But I’ve never felt better. In training, I learned that Buti is a fusion of yoga, plyometrics and tribal dance. In Indian Marathi, “Buti” literally means to cure something that is hidden. Hello – she had me at meaning and symbolism!

At first look – and to all the yogi snobs out there who say “it’s not real yoga” – think again, my friends. By American definition, yoga is in fact: “a system of exercises for mental and physical health. Yoga: a Hindu philosophy that teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling body and mind.” Well…I can say that while Bizzie Gold, the founder of Buti, isn’t Hindu, Buti is most definitely a system for overall health.
Instead of controlling, we are un-controlling. Un-leashing might be the better word.
Not to mention we are tapping in and harnessing everything that is right about us and yanking and shaking it out. Buti is about tapping into the confident, powerful energy that we all have inside us, and USING it to heal & improve our lives on the outside.
I found it to parallel a lot of what I teach others through my company, Sapphire Soul. Sometimes, people just need affirmation. A little guidance. A system or two. Inspiration and permission to be their TRUE self. And not feel bad about it.
Almost instantaneously, I thought of it as the physical part of Desire Mapping, if that makes sense. The marriage of the Desire Map and Buti in my life: like woah.
Lives, are gonna be changin’.
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First day of class and I was one of those girls who thought, “Oh God, I’m not taking off my shirt.” I have a 6 year-old, and I’m pretty proud of my body but have nowhere near 6-pack abs. But by the end of training, my shirt was off, and it felt amazingly liberating. But it was never about comparison or judgments. We learned super quickly to check our egos at the door. The entire Buti certification was about regaining the self-confidence and reclaiming our spot on this earth, together.
Many of the women knew each other from past classes, and I was the super uber newbie. I heard them talk of an upcoming Buti “retreat” and (again) instantly: I had to go. And this was before I even made any friends!
Metaphorically, the retreat in Scottsdale was much more than a girl’s weekend away. For me, it was a chance to put myself out there, in front of people who knew nothing about me. It was about getting my ass on a plane (by myself for the first time ever!) and breaking free of the things and people and past beliefs that held me back. It was about connecting with myself. The bonus was uniting with a group of women with whom I will stay connected to forever.

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There were two tracks you could choose: personal or business development. Naturally, I chose business. What I didn’t expect was to uproot so many limiting beliefs that have held me back for so long, all living like a disease in my root chakra. We uprooted, then worked through these limiting beliefs in an attempt to notice patterns so we can correct these negative behaviors when they come up again.
Over the course of 3 days, I got my booty kicked in two 100-minute Buti classes. Sweat dripped from every pour. I ate (and felt great on) a diet of high protein + veggies. I faced and overcame a personal fear, and left transformed with sisters from around the world who share a common love of igniting the fire from within.
I was affirmed (again) that in order for us to truly succeed in business and in life, we need to remain focused, authentic, and not give a crap what other people think. Main take away: haters gonna hate, no matter what. Do you: your vibe attracts your tribe. People pleasing serves no one. I can run a successful, kick-ass business that consciously aligns with my body, mind + soul. And I can be kind. And I can be a bitch when I need to be. And it’s ok. Everything with love and moderation.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Like all sorts of things we pass judgment on, there is more than meets the eye with Buti. It’s not just a workout craze. It is very possibly the next BIG thing… Buti sisters are a tribe that speak the unspoken language of women SUPPORTING one another. Living a life that feels good, and learning how to STOP playing small.
Like Bizzie, I believe that taking small actionable steps to co-create our lives is how we get shit done. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Do the work, make the mistakes, learn the lessons, and life will reward you with something grand beyond your wildest dreams.
Buti Yoga is a tool we use to not only transform our spiral structured abs, but our energy, how we feel about our life, and what we do in response to the cards we are dealt.
When you do the work, you will truly thrive and feel luminous. No one can do it for you, and certainly no one can take it away. #butitribe #girlgang #trybuti #trustme


Me with Buti founder Bizzie Gold


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Allison Dailey is the founder of The Original Mindful + Mystic subscription box. She is both a Desire Map Facilitator and Buti Level 1 certified. She will be teaching both in-person workshops this fall in the Michigan and surrounding areas as well as hosting online webinars and virtual retreats. Find her at and on Instagram: @sapphiresoul_ad.

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