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The Calorie Blasting, Booty Toning Workout Jennifer Love Hewitt Swears By

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Buti Yoga is an incredibly unique, challenging, and transformative yoga discipline unlike any other. With a Vinyasa yoga foundation, Buti kicks it up a notch with no-joke plyometrics . . . and then kicks it up another notch with tribal dance and primal movements.
Sound like an amazing workout? It is! And in addition to the thousands of people around the world who already love and practice Buti, high-profile celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt also swear by it.

Buti has given my arms and shoulders definition, and helped to lift my butt, too.

Hewitt has been in the public limelight for years now, known as the beautiful actress who plays sexy roles. After gaining weight and being criticized by the media, she turned to Buti Yoga to help her get back into shape.
When asked about her results from a regular Buti Yoga practice, Jennifer Love Hewitt said, “Buti has given my arms and shoulders definition, and helped to lift my butt, too.” She was featured on the cover of Shape Magazine after Buti Yoga transformed her body.
Obviously, Buti Yoga is an incredibly effective workout, and the physical results speak for themselves. But the best part is that the outer transformation is only the beginning . . .
Buti dives deep into the spiritual and mental aspects as well, and builds strength from the inside out. Buti Yoga practitioners gain a deeper sense of self-confidence, self-love, and self-awareness.
In Jennifer Love Hewitt’s case, practicing Buti also helped her cope with her mother’s death. For her and so many other women, Buti Yoga has transformed her life on many levels.
Watch the video below to get a taste of the Buti Yoga practice:

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