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Take This 30-Minute Creative Yoga Flow for Arm Balances (Free Class)

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Whether you’re more advanced in your yoga practice and want a fun challenge, or if you’re new to arm balances and want to build the strength they require to access these poses, this free yoga class will give you what you need.

What to Expect In this Yoga Class for Arm Balances

You’ll start with a warm-up to build heat, create space in the body, and activate the muscle groups you need to take flight. Then you’ll move into a progressive yoga flow centered on several key arm balances to work towards.
In this free yoga class you will practice Crow Pose, Crane Pose, Crow Pose push-ups, and Flying Pigeon. This yoga flow is customizable, so add on or back off as you need to, and watch your progress as you revisit this video as many times as you’d like.
New to Crow Pose and want a tutorial on that before jumping into this class? Start with this Crow Pose Arm Balance Tutorial
Enjoy this creative arm balance yoga class to inspire and empower your yoga practice.

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