Your Complete Guide to Aquarius Zodiac + 6 Creative Yoga Poses For This Air Sign

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Fun-loving Aquarius will never take the conventional route. She’s an inventive thinker who creates her own path, and she takes the liberty to rewrite the rules as she goes. Most look up to Aquarius because of her effortless, free-spirited nature, and it’s not unusual for her to have friends in every corner of the world.

Adventurous at heart, Aquarius knows all the best, off-the-grid spots in practically every city . . . but don’t mistake her for a restless wanderer! Aquarius has a clear vision for her future, and everything (including people, experiences, and places) plays a key role in the blueprint she’s mapped out for her life.

There’s much more to Aquarius, so read on!
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The Aquarius Zodiac Sign at a Glance

Born: January 20-February 18
Element: Air
Ruled by: Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Best romantic matches: Aries, Libra

Here are the three main characteristics of an Aquarius:

Whether this sign belongs to you or not, this information will help you understand this creative air sign a little better.

1. Aquarius Welcomes Change

Change tends to make most people uncomfortable, but not Aquarius! With Uranus as her ruling planet, she embraces frequent change and new possibilities. As a result, her mind is constantly abuzz with new ideas. She’s always ready to take an intuitive leap of faith rather than waste precious time carefully planning ahead.
Because she goes with the flow, good luck seems to follow Aquarius – because she manifests it for herself. To her, the world is a treasure chest of experiences waiting to be discovered, and she’ll never, ever settle for the mundane. She welcomes growth and the messy process that comes with it.
While she may be unpredictable, she’s not reckless with others. In fact, Aquarius is a noble humanitarian with a big heart that’s determined to leave the world in a better condition than when she arrived. She’s the type to move to across the world at the drop of a hat to start her own non-profit organization.

2. Aquarius Sees the Big Picture

Aquarius sees end results clearer than most. She knows exactly what she needs to do in order to accomplish her goals. As long as she has the environment to express her ideas, creativity, and knowledge, she’ll thrive as a visionary in whatever career she pursues. Because of this, Aquarius is rarely lost in life.
She’s the go-to friend to ask for advice on what to do next. She’ll offer the lighthearted voice of clarity that guides us in the direction we need. Not satisfied with your career? Aquarius will tell you to find a new one, and as long as you explore your passions with integrity, the money will follow.
Feeling unhappy in your relationship? Aquarius will remind you of your worth, and that you deserve better. Then she’ll offer to introduce you to her new friends from Australia she met at the gym.

3. Aquarius Is a Natural Rebel

A trailblazer for change, Aquarius constantly challenges the status quo. With a gift to bring like-minded people together, she’s the type to organize a march to protest what she believes is right. Aquarius is a woman who won’t be silenced.

She’s open-minded and a free thinker, and invites the perspectives of those around her to logically shape her view of the world.

In a surface-level society, she craves a deep intellectual connection and the freedom to grow. She won’t let emotions cloud her judgment, and is quick to dismiss anyone who wastes her time.
That being said, there’s never a dull moment with Aquarius. Her spirited, unpredictable energy is exciting to be around, and she makes each day a new adventure.


Practice These 6 Yoga Poses to Embrace Your Inner Aquarius and Bring Out Your Creative, Independent Spirit!

Aquarius is known for her rebellious, forward-thinking nature. Tap into that power with these 6 yoga poses.

1. Bound Triangle Pose

This variation of Triangle Pose helps increase flexibility and mobility of the upper body. Bound Triangle Pose is also an intense heart opener.
Bound Traingle_Aquarius
How to Practice Bound Triangle Pose

  • Find Triangle Pose, with your back leg strong and your front heel aligned with the arch of your back foot
  • Instead of raising your top arm up, reach behind your back and bring your fingertips to the inner thigh of your front leg
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths on each side


2. One-Legged Chaturanga

This intensity-boosting twist on Chaturanga strengthens your core, arms, and shoulders while challenging your balance.
One Legged Chaturanga_Aquarius
How to Practice One-Legged Chaturanga

  • Find High Plank
  • Lift one leg to hover about six inches above the ground
  • Lean forward on your toes, and find 90 degree bend in your elbows
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths, rise back to high plank, and switch sides


3. One-Legged Wheel Pose

This Wheel variation strengthens your back, legs, and core. As you remove one point of contact from the floor, you’ll be pushed outside your comfort zone.
One Legged Wheel_Aquarius
How to Practice One-Legged Wheel Pose

  • Lay on your back, place your palms face-down by your ears, with fingertips pointed towards your shoulders
  • Bring your feet to the mat and your knees to the sky, with your heels about six inches from your “asana” 😉
  • On an inhale, press into your hands and feet to lift your hips to Wheel Pose
  • Slowly lift one leg off the ground, and explore your edge with how high you can lift it
  • Take 3 Ujjayi breaths, slowly lower your foot then your hips, and repeat with your other leg


4. Chair Pose Variation

This Chair Pose variation adds an extra challenge to an already difficult pose, and strengthens your glutes, quads, calves, and ankles.
Lifted Chair_Aquarius
How to Practice This Chair Pose Variation

  • Find Mountain Pose
  • With your knees and feet together, sit your hips low like you’re sitting in a chair
  • Keep your core engaged, pelvis tucked, and spine long
  • Bring your hands to Anjali Mudra
  • Lift your heels so your weight shifts to the balls of your feet
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


5. Diver’s Pose

This pose strengthens your glutes and legs while creating a powerful sense of fearlessness and confidence.
How to Practice Diver’s Pose

  • Find Mountain Pose
  • Lift your heels with a soft bend in your knees
  • Fold forward at your waist, keeping your arms by your torso and long spine
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


6. Side Plank Variation

This pose strengthens your core, arms, wrists, and legs while challenging your balance.
Side Star_Aquarius
How to Practice This Side Plank Variation

  • Find High Plank
  • Keeping your right shoulder stacked over your right elbow and wrist, raise your left arm to the sky
  • Stack your hips and feet on top of one another to find Side Plank
  • Lift your top away from your bottom leg
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths on each side


Celebrate the Aquarius Air Sign

Aquarius, we’re inspired by your fearless drive and creativity. You teach us how to follow our intuition and take a stand for those without a voice, and we’re so lucky to have your friendship!
We will follow up with an article for each sign of the zodiac, so be sure to stay tuned for the next sign.

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