An Inspirational Poem To Honor Your Yoga Practice

Kerry Fantelli
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An Ode to Your Yoga
Just when you think you are alone
With your sleepless nights
Lying, eyes open
Thinking worst case scenarios
Wheeling mind of “what ifs” . . .
Take time
Slow the whirlwind
Breathe and know
Right around the corner of this difficult night
lies an open arm embrace
it may not be from who you imagine
it may come at the oddest time
apparently out of nowhere
There is no such thing as coincidence –
An opening of a yoga studio
May open a door
To that very hug
That very loving friendship
That will allow a restful slumber
A new community
Of those that will hold you up
Celebrate your every success
Smile with you
Cry with you
Love with you.
Slow steps in the right direction
From varied places
Walks of life
We meet
Connect and practice together
Yoga is not about being bendy
Although flexibility does help 🙂
It is about opening your heart, mind and soul
Letting courage and compassion
Love and forgiveness guide you
Gurus of niceness
Warriors of peace
Flowing in life together
Allowing past pain
Fear, and closed fist approach
to melt away
With every breath
Knowing that you may fall
You may struggle
may even have to stop your warrior poses every once in a while
Due to an injury
Of body, mind, spirit
But there we will be
Community together
Allowing the time
And growth to happen
So that we can meet again on our mats
breathe some more
so that we may always
let love back in

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Kerry Fantelli

Kerry Fantelli is a medical professional and yoga instructor based in Vermont. Recently, Kerry has been reading her writing after her yoga classes and also has shared poems with her patients that she hopes may find solace in her words. She is a healer and loves to write with the theme of helping, easing, and understanding emotions.

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