3 Yoga Websites That Will Deepen Your Yoga Practice

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There a lot of yoga-centric websites out there these days. While it’s awesome to have so many options on the web, the information is getting diluted. That’s why we’ve done the dirty work and sifted through the masses to find you the top 3 yoga websites that we think are making the online yoga community a better place. Bookmark em’, download their apps, and enjoy some online yoga bliss. Ahhhhhh 🙂


Any traveling yogi knows how hard it is to find great studios and teachers in unfamiliar places. We’ve all thought, “Why isn’t there a yelp for yoga?” We then proceed to walk up to the first person carrying a yoga mat and ask them where we should go. It’s typically hit or miss and we go about our day saying, “I’ve had better”. YogaTrail.com is on a mission to put a stop to this guessing game. With thousands of teacher, studios signed up around the world and a slick, user friendly mobile app, this site is quickly on its way to becoming the largest, most comprehensive yoga directory around.
With independent reviews and yoga-centric criteria for evaluating studios, teachers, training programs, and yoga retreats, YogaTrail is all you need to satisfy the specific needs of YOUR yoga practice.



codyappCody is the simplest, most beautifully designed yoga and fitness app ever made! Boom! While there are a gazillion fitness apps out there, there are none like this. You won’t find any busy or confusing metrics, tables, and robot voices here. CodyApp.com finds the best yoga instructors on the planet and features them in beautiful, high quality videos. The best part? CodyApp gives you unlimited access that never, ever, ever expires, all for a very reasonable price. It’s honestly the best thing to happen to in-home and on-the-go fitness videos. We’re hooked. You will be too.


Yoga.com is exactly what it sounds like. EVERYTHING yoga. From quality yoga videos to informative articles and asana breakdowns, Yoga.com is an amazing place to get inspired about your practice.
If you’re a beginning yogi, Yoga.com offers simple step-by-step tutorial videos and breaks down individual poses to teach you proper form and get you feeling confident in the comfort of your own home. If you’re a veteran to the mat you’ll enjoy the featured yoga videos and inspiring articles that will help deepen your practice.
Regardless of your background or experience level, Yoga.com is a great resource for your unique yoga needs.

Are there any other yoga websites that you love? Let us know in the comments below. 

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