9 Yoga Festivals to Attend on the West Coast This Spring and Summer

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Don’t you just love this time of year? Welcome warmer weather, sunshine, and outdoor yoga festivals!

There are tons of amazing yoga festivals to attend throughout the West Coast of the US.

So hop in the car, grab your besties, and plan a day-trip or road-trip to celebrate your love of yoga this festival season!

Here Are 9 Yoga Festivals to Attend on the West Coast This Spring and Summer:

These yoga festivals in the Western US are definitely worth the trip this spring and summer!

1. Beloved Festival

(August 9th – August 12th in Tidewater, OR)

Beloved Festival uses art and sacred music to help you identify the beloved (all-encompassing divinity that drives spirituality) in yourself and celebrate it!

Enjoy sacred music from dozens of musical artists that each have a turn on this yoga festival’s single stage. The stage acts as a mandala to concentrate the powerful group energy.

Attend lectures, workshops, and other activities to learn to appreciate your fellow man and experience sufism (selfless love). Pitch a tent, stay the night, and engross yourself in the community.

You’ll like it if: You’re ultra-spiritual and/or want to deepen your appreciation of the sacred and the divine.



2. Wanderlust

(July 18th – July 21 in North Lake Tahoe, CA)

Wanderlust is a transformative retreat that unites world-class yoga teachers and experts in mindful living in a fun-filled and creative environment.

Join in on booty-shaking music, stand-up paddleboarding, inspiring lectures and workshops, and your choice of multi-level yoga and meditation sessions. All of this is amidst a backdrop of the beautiful and awe-inspiring scenic views of North Lake Tahoe.

You’ll like it if: You are a true outdoorsman (or woman) who enjoys yoga and other outdoor activities in a picturesque environment.


3. Shakti Fest

(May 9th – May 13th in Joshua Tree, CA)

Shakti Fest is a sacred music, personal growth, and yoga festival that celebrates the divine feminine.

Experience the best yoga classes, kirtan musical performances, meditations, and personal growth workshops that embody the spirit of Bhakti – deep devotion.

Come to Shakti Fest to share in the powerful community environment, taste great vegan, vegetarian, and raw foods, and experience camping, massage, reiki, healing sessions, and even a fire ceremony or two!

You’ll like it if: You’re a warrior who wants to celebrate female empowerment in good company with plenty of fun and delicious food.


4. Lightning in a Bottle Festival

(May 22nd – May 27th in Bradley, CA)

With a kickass Coachella-esque vibe, Lightning in a Bottle has gained popularity as an awesome music festival with so much more to offer . . . like yoga!

You can expect to find super unique, inspiring flows with class options ranging from “F*ck Yeah Yoga” to “Screaming Ecstasy.” So, odds are, you’re going to have a great time. The yoga vibe is all-inclusive. So no judgments, just fun.

So, get ready to groove and shake your asana to the backdrop of great music and beautiful California sunshine.

You’ll like it if: Music festivals are your thing but you also seek yoga as part of your all-around fun loving experience.


5. SoulPlay Festival

(June 6th – June 9th in Pinecrest, CA)

SoulPlay Fesitval is another killer yoga festival. This one takes place at the Lair of the Golden Bear in Pinecrest, CA.

This is a four-day immersion of yoga classes, workshops, and activities centered on meditation, yoga, healing, blissful dance, live music, and more. SoulPlay focuses on creating a strong sense of community, connection, and intimacy. Let your guard down and open your heart with this warm, inviting yoga festival.

You’ll like it if: You love connecting with new people and think that building a sense of community is an integral part of being human.


6. Moksha Festival

(June 28th – June 30th in Frazier Park, CA)
(October 12th – October 13th in Milpitas, CA)

Moksha Festival is a two-day event that features yoga, meditation, and breathwork. But it also comes with a variety of other intriguing and unique offerings.

Experience spiritual art and movies. Learn Ayurveda and holistic nutrition. Enjoy kirtan, live concerts, and sound baths. And get your groove on with spirit dance and movement.

You’ll like it if: You’re a spiritual yogi who’s interested in immersing yourself in an inspiring mix of asana, movement, and art.


7. Northern Nights Festival

(July 19th – July 21st in Piercy, CA)

Northern Nights Festival is a celebration of art, food, local culture, and emerging underground music.

Embrace a truly Californian experience and enjoy top-notch musical talent, local and global arts and crafts, a mindful space for yoga and meditation, and organic foods. The festival also donates a portion of the proceeds to local school districts and other non-profit and environmental groups.

You’ll like it if: You want to experience a little bit of everything that California has to offer – including great yoga – while giving back to an important cause.



8. Self Realization Fellowship World Convocation

(August 4th – August 10th in Los Angeles, CA)

Awake is a documentary that celebrates the life of Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought Kriya Yoga and meditation to the West.

The Self Realization Fellowship hosts an annual World Convocation in LA every August as an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of spiritual self-study, as originally taught by Yogananda. Attendees will experience kirtan, as well as guidance on yoga, meditation, and how to live a spiritual life.

You’ll like it if: You are interested in learning more about Yogananda and his teachings, and/or are looking to deepen your yoga and meditation practice through traditional teachings.


9. Vegas Gone Yoga Festival

(October 5th – October 7th in Las Vegas, NV)

Vegas Gone Yoga Festival is an event that unites the yoga and wellness communities during a fun-filled weekend.

Come experience a variety of class offerings including many different styles of yoga, interactive art, numerous musical performances, and other entertainment. Connect with a community of like-minded souls and your own cosmic consciousness. And find a new appreciation for your yoga practice.

You’ll like it if: You love yoga and understand the importance of making conscious choices (even in Las Vegas).


Enjoy Your Yoga Festival of Choice!

New and experienced yogis can all take away unique and memorable experiences from their trips to local yoga festivals.

You can meet like-minded yogis who share your love for the practice and experience local fare, culture, and of course some great yoga!

Take advantage of the excellent weather on the West Coast and attend a festival (or a few), and make some new memories!

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