11 Signs You Need To Do Some Yoga ASAP

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Being a yogi, you most certainly know how much physical, mental and spiritual discipline is involved. And the outcome yields important, worthwhile, and lasting results. Your yoga practice brings with it a greater flow of prana to your body, it creates more space and strength physically and energetically, and that’s only the beginning!
Healthy, happy, strong, connected and free are some of the fundamental reasons you practice. But sometimes, no matter how beneficial you know your practice is for all aspects of your life, you get stuck in a rut. You find your mind wandering in class, your desire to dig deeper is lacking, or perhaps you’ve slacked off from practicing completely.
Need a boost to get you back into the yoga groove? It’s time to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Ever heard the term “Stop, drop, and yoga”? Read on to find out if you need to do precisely that . . .
Here are 11 signs you really need yoga in your life ASAP:

1. You’re restless

You’re extremely exhausted, but somehow you can’t sit still. You find yourself wired up with anxiety and unable to relax. Time feels like it’s slipping through your fingers, when all you really need is some form of a chill pill. Yoga incorporates relaxation techniques to help you become aware of your stresses and let them go, becoming more in tune with the present moment.

2. You can’t sleep

Your mind is racing with uncontrollable thoughts. You either can’t fall asleep or stay asleep, and this causes you to feel fatigued day in and day out. Your brain needs a release, and yoga incorporates meditation to release that which does not serve you, including racing thoughts that hinder your rest and relaxation.

3. You have poor posture

Many of us have office jobs that require hours and hours of sitting hunched over a computer screen. You might find yourself complaining of a sore neck and back since you can’t keep your spine in proper alignment. Yoga cultivates strength and flexibility, which in turn make way for proper alignment. Yoga also helps with body awareness, so you’ll be able to recognize when your hunchback is kicking in, and your newfound strength + body awareness will enable you to correct it.


4. You can’t make up your mind

Even over the smallest things, you are completely indecisive. Everyone around you is annoyed by it, but that only makes you doubt your decision making abilities even more. Yoga focuses on opening up the mind for pure thoughts and clear intentions, so your goals aren’t clouded by your imbalances and confusion. As a result, you’ll feel more calculated, in control, and confident.

5. You can’t control your emotions

You overreact over everything. Your responses are completely out of proportion to the situation, and you find yourself yelling, crying and not fully capable of handling your emotions. These responses are a result of a lack of inner peace. Yoga works to calm your nerves, release tension and allow you to connect to the fundamental knowledge that nothing is permanent.

6. Your whole body is stiff

From the moment you get out of bed, nothing can shake the stiffness that encapsulates your body. Bending over, turning quickly and reaching for things sounds painful. Touching your toes? Forget about it! Yet the older we get, the more important it is to stay limber. Yoga poses work to stretch out your muscles and help you move with more flexibility, grace and agility.

7. You’re easily distracted

You can’t keep your attention on one thing, so completing tasks sounds like an impossible undertaking. A movie? Forget it. A project at work? It takes you triple the amount of time to complete. Yoga incorporates concentration techniques, from balancing on one leg to matching breath with movement, which in turn help keep a wandering mind at bay.


8. You’re experiencing irregular breathing

You may find yourself not breathing for moments at a time, or breathing very shallow. Yoga helps you to focus on your breath, paying close attention to deep inhales and exhales. The lungs are like balloons, so the more you incorporate deep breathing, the more they’ll be able to expand to hold more air. More lung capacity equates to deeper breaths, which yields a calmer mind.

9. You shy away from social situations

It can seem like a big feat to feel comfortable in your own skin, what with today’s society constantly creating images of ‘perfection.’ But yoga is all about dropping your ego and becoming comfortable with who you are from the inside out. And when you loosen up, from mind to muscles, your resulting confidence will make you feel more comfortable interacting in a group setting, and you’ll be better able to relax in these situations (including going to a yoga class!).

10. You’re choosing unhealthy coping mechanisms

When the going gets rough, you turn to food and booze to mask your imbalances. Perhaps you drown your sorrows by binge eating unhealthy food, or you forget your stresses with a few too many drinks at happy hour. In times like these, ask how yourself how (or if) these habits are helping your body in the long run. Yoga is a practice that sees health and happiness as a lifelong journey – and what journey could be more important than that?!

11. You have a hard time communicating your emotions to others

You’re visibly on edge, but as soon as someone tries to ask you about it or better understand your problems, you shut down. You are unwilling to open up and share your feelings for fear of being judged. Yoga is about awareness and authenticity. It teaches you to break through your comfort zone to a place of peace and truth.
If you can relate to any of these signs, try not to look at it like a chore, an inconvenience, or some sort of penalty. Becoming aware of what you need and taking the necessary steps to get there is the most important thing you can do for yourself! Yoga is about total and utter self-indulgence to better yourself from the inside out.

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