10 Reasons Your Best Friend is The Perfect Yoga Partner

Eirinn Norrie
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I think it goes without saying, but I’ll bet you think your best friend is pretty awesome (otherwise, I suppose she/he wouldn’t be your best friend). Whether they’ve been in your life for as long as you can remember or for just a few months, your best friend is the one person that you can share so much of your life with. If you haven’t already convinced them to be your yoga partner, you should. Here are just some of the millions of reasons why:


You never have to practice alone. It’s the best friend rule— you accompany each other to the yoga studio to make sure that you both definitely get up and go. Having a friend around can be great, especially if you are somebody that struggles to get into a routine.
They can guilt you into going to class. They went with you that time you wanted to go and they wanted to sit at home and watch Netflix, so you’re kind of obligated to return the favor.
They can motivate you to go to class. Sometimes, with all of the appointments, activities, and meetings that pile up, all you want to do is go home and tell your cat all about your busy day. But your best friend will be there to keep you from turning into a cat lady too soon. They’ll bother you until you get up off your couch and get your butt to class.
They don’t care how disgusting you are. Unlike the glamorous beach yoga photos that flood the online sphere, most of us have our quite unglamorous moments when working out. Luckily, your best friend doesn’t care how much you fart, how long it’s been since you last shaved your pits or your legs, or if your mat is beginning to collect tangled clumps of your hair. They love you completely, and therefore are a positive person to have around when you exercise because you do not have to give one thought to your appearance.
They know when you seriously need to de-stress. Your bestie knows when your stressed, angry personality is taking over and that a good yoga session is what you need to calm down and become you again. Breathe and relax. Your best friend can bring you to class, but you still need to commit to letting go of all the little things so that yoga can work its magic and create a happier you.
They can be your wingman at the studio. Yeah, your best friend totally sees that hottie checking you out. Just to be courteous and to make you look extra awesome, your BFF will gladly fall on her face to make your own yoga pose look extra awesome in comparison (thanks, bestie). She’ll also gladly force you to talk to him when you’re too nervous.
Twice the amount of yoga pants become available to you. If your best friend is into yoga as well, you can steal those neon pink yoga pants from her that you love when you “haven’t done your laundry” or when you’re having a closet crisis. Or, even better, you can buy matching, crazy yoga leggings as a display of your friendship.
They will gladly indulge with you after yoga. Sometimes when you’re eating something delicious like chocolate lava cake by yourself after yoga, you begin to feel guilty about eating something purely for enjoyment. But if your best friend is there, she’ll make sure you enjoy every moment of that gooey, warm cake, reminding you that you totally deserve a treat after all of your hard work.
You will improve at yoga significantly. You have a comforting, encouraging, and loving presence by your side. Your best friend will push you to relax, work hard, laugh, and enjoy all that yoga has to offer. With such a great support system, you’ll be more likely to practice, stretch, and strengthen your body.
You will deepen your friendship (if that’s even possible!) Yoga creates memories. You’ll remember falling over in class and catching your bestie’s eye, rushing to get to class on time, and practicing at one of your apartments and ending up laughing on the floor together. The two of you are journeying together to reach better versions of yourselves. Partner yoga develops intimacy, trust, control, and teamwork. You and your best friend will feel a sense of mutual success in your yoga. And, let’s be honest, your best friend is beautiful and perfect and yoga just wouldn’t be the same without her!
Although it is great to have an activity that is “all yours,” bringing your best friend to yoga may be the best decision you ever make. Yoga is something that is incredibly special when shared with others. Sometimes, you need a friend there to keep you motivated, relaxed, and positive. The best part? The same applies to your best friend too, so it’s a win-win!!



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Eirinn Norrie

Eirinn Norrie is a writer and martial artist. She has a passion for traveling the world, and enjoys crocheting, reading, cooking, and finding new and interesting ways to work out. She loves tae kwon do, partner yoga, and online abs videos.

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