10 Funny Thoughts Your Dad Probably Has About Your Yoga Obsession

Melody Beuzelin
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You’ve been raving about the benefits of yoga for as long as you can remember, and you may have even convinced a few of your skeptical friends to go to class with you. Well, dads are a different breed entirely.

Whether he balks at the very idea of doing a pose called “butterfly” or is perpetually clueless about what the practice actually entails, most dads are more likely to say, “Namaste at home.”

You’ve seen mom’s perspective on your yoga obsession. So now, in celebration of Father’s Day and for all the dads out there, here’s what dad has to say about your yoga practice.

Here are 10 funny thoughts your dad has about your yoga obsession:


1. When you casually joke that dad should go to a yoga class


He 100% supports you doing your thing, but pops is waaay too cool to be caught anywhere that smells like sage and lavender.

2. When he thinks yoga is “too girly”


We know you mean well, dad, but please! Let’s clear up the confusion. Despite the acclimation of yoga in the West as a practice dominated by women, yoga’s roots trace back more than 5,000 years – as a practice strictly for men in India.

3. When you tell him that major athletes practice yoga


It’s true! Dad might be surprised that many male athletes practice yoga to keep them focused and help avoid injuries – even Blake Griffin, Tom Brady, and LeBron James!

4. When you try to explain why you “Om” in class


Good one, dad. You obviously got your good sense of humor from him.


5. When you try to convince him that doing yoga in a 100+ degree room is a great idea


Sweltering heat? The possibility of accidentally bumping into a sweaty neighbor’s forearm? How do you find that even remotely enjoyable?

6. When you teach him some yoga lingo and the dad jokes start rolling in


“What did the yogi say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.” Cue the eye roll.

7. When he somehow finds out that there’s an asana called “Wind-relieving Pose”


Once was funny, but now you’ve gone too far!

8. When he’s just baffled by your overall healthy lifestyle (and your attempts to get him to eat better)


Who raised you, anyway?

9. When you try to explain all the benefits of yoga to him


Yoga reduces stress, regulates cholesterol production, stimulates important brain function for enhanced critical thinking skills, improves sleep patterns… hmm, maybe there is something to this yoga business.

10. When he realizes how yoga has helped you become a strong individual who’s also compassionate, kind, and centered


Aw, you’re awesome, too. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, you know!
Sure, dads may be a little lost when it comes to your yoga obsession. But hey, if he was able to navigate your edgy, rebellious phase – and is always a rock to lean on when you need it the most – he might be more well-versed in yoga’s principles than he even realizes!
And, once he sees the positive impact it’s had in your life, he may just warm up to the idea. Show dad what he’s missing and take him to a yoga class for Father’s Day – he may just start going regularly and show you a thing or two.
If you relate to these funny thoughts that your dad has about your yoga practice, please share and give dad a good laugh. Happy Father’s Day!

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