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Yoga Strong Challenge

With Ashton August
7 Classes | Yoga | All Levels
About the Instructor

Ashton, the founder of YogiApproved.com, is a yoga instructor with a passion for sharing the gift of yoga. She teaches a wide variety of yoga disciplines. Her warm, friendly, and inviting presence will lead you through a powerful and informative practice.

Yoga Strong Challenge

With Ashton August
7 Classes | 2hr 22min

Join YogiApproved founder Ashton August in this FREE 7-day yoga challenge to build full mind/body strength. Every day, you will receive an email with your class of the day. You can reply to the email with any questions about the class, and Ashton will respond personally. You can start this program anytime, and you can even do it with a friend to hold each other accountable! What are you waiting for? Join us for a week of yoga and emerge feeling stronger mind/body/spirit, more energized, and more confident. See you on your mat!

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Day 1 - Core

20 Minutes

Day 1 is all about building core strength.

Day 2 - Legs and Glutes

25 Minutes

Today we are going to focus on strengthening the legs and glutes.

Day 3 - Arms & Chest

16 Minutes

Day 3 is all about the upper body. We will focus on asanas that build strength in the arms and chest.

Day 4 - Balance

24 Minutes

Strength is nothing without balance. We'll incorporate what we've learned so far to improve your balance.

Day 5 - Spine

18 Minutes

It's been said that you can measure your age by the strength and flexibility of your spine. This class focuses on spinal strengthening.

Day 6 - Full Body Flow

26 Minutes

Now that we have covered the full body, we are going to put it all together in a fun yoga flow. Let's go!

Day 7 - Mind

15 Minutes

A strong body needs to be controlled by a strong mind. In this final day, we tune inward with a mindful meditation.

“So enjoyable, every class was uplifting and the meditation practice sealed it beautifully. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done on these videos. I’m a little older and am doing them slowly, but have benefited much already. I will probably wear them out. Thank you so very much.”

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Your first class will be waiting in your inbox.

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