Why Every Yogi Should Attend Yoga Journal Live

Allie Flavio
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I have to be honest yogis . . .
Before attending the Yoga Journal conference, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand the magnitude of passion behind the event.
Well, lesson learned.
I am now a forever Yoga Journal conference attendee – it was that EPIC.
If you missed my pre-article post detailing what the event offered, check it out here. For this post-event article, I will outline why YOU – yes you, yogi – should attend YJ Live next year.
First and foremost – the teachers are insanely talented, knowledgeable, and forthcoming with abundant information, guidance, and inspiration. Whether you’re a yoga teacher or yoga student, Yoga Journal Live will leave you inspired. It will inspire you to deepen your yoga practice, to learn more about the yogic studies, to explore your body in an intelligent way, and to keep growing.
There’s only one problem though, but it’s a good one . . . There are too many amazing classes to choose from!
When choosing your teachers/classes, you’ll notice that the options vary for all levels and interests. As a yoga teacher and student, I chose a mix of classes for my personal practice and teaching practice . . . And let me tell you, each class was an experience.
The highlight of my experience was practicing and learning from Seane Corn. This woman is the real deal. Seane is credited with starting Vinyasa/power flow back in the 90’s and basically revolutionized yoga from a traditional system to a non-systematic approach. For the yoga teachers reading this, she basically gave us permission to be creative within the movement, sequences, and delivery of our classes.
I took both an all-day workshop called Spirit Speak and a two hour class called 3 Realms of Consciousness. Each one was unforgettable and magical. I cried, I laughed, I melted, I meditated, I connected, and I grew. Like I said, it was an amazing experience!
In addition to Seane’s classes, I chose to practice and learn from Tiffany Cruikshank, Maty Ezraty, and Aadil Palkhivala. Each class had a specific theme that I chose to learn and experience on a greater level. For example, Tiffany taught an inversion lab, Maty taught about how to unlock your shoulder girdle, and Aadil taught about how to make your message stick. I thoroughly enjoyed each presenter, made apparent by the pages and pages of notes I took.
Aside from the talented lineup of teachers and offered classes, conference goers can also enjoy a yoga market that as you can guess, caters to all your yogi shopping needs. Companies offer demos, tutorials, free samples, hot tea, short massages, impromptu fashion shows, photo booth opportunities, and the list goes on.
After spending three days bending and breathing amongst the most rad people ever, I can wholeheartedly say I’m a changed person. I laughed, I cried (like serious, ugly faced cried), I moved, I breathed, I learned, I made connections, I strengthened friendships, and I learned to LOVE.
To love the experience of yoga, to love the community of people within it, to love my healthy body, to the love the movements my body makes, to love the mistakes and the falls, and most importantly – to love the journey of it all.
To Yoga Journal Live, to the teachers who taught, to the conference attendees, and to the practice of it all – thank you for uplifting, changing, and inspiring my yoga practice and so many others!
I am forever grateful.

Have you attended a Yoga Journal conference? What was your experience like? Were you as deeply moved as me?
I’d love to hear your experiences – please leave them in the comments below.

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