Wearing Activewear Everywhere (Funny Video)

You know when something is so close to home you can’t help but laugh at it? Let’s be real – as yogis, many of us (your’s truly included) live in our yoga pants. Not going to yoga today? I bet you’re still rocking those yoga pants though! No gym in your future? Your activewear ensemble would beg to differ! And come on – who hasn’t been hungover all day in their activewear?
This is the essence of this hilarious video – it calls everyone out for using activewear as their universal style choice. No, typically it is not okay to go shopping at Whole Foods in a sports bra, but if it has “sports” before “bra” and you look sweaty while buying kombucha, then you’re totally fine. Watch this video, laugh your yoga butt off, and then go admire all the activewear in your closet. 🙂



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Carley Romick

Carley is currently in Denver,CO working in her neighborhood Whole Foods and enjoying all the Rocky Mountains have to offer. She has a background in anthropology, organic farming, and fashion. When not practicing yoga, she's out with her sister shooting pictures for Crimson Soeurs; the girls fashion and lifestyle brand. She finds inspiration all over but especially from collaboration with others.


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