Here are 29 Thoughts Every Vegan Has at Whole Foods (Funny Video)

Cidney Bachert
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Whole Foods is basically a vegan mecca. So many plant-based alternatives, so many fruits and vegetables, and so much inspiration! The aisles are colorful and there is delicious food at every corner.
Often, we go to Whole Foods with a list of things we need and leave with a lot more than we intended. We also manage to somehow let hours pass as we travel aisle to aisle. Where does all that time go?
Follow this fellow shopper’s thoughts during his hilarious journey through Whole Foods. What was supposed to be a harmless coffee run turned into an unintended splurge. It’s okay though, we’ve all been there before. 😉

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Cidney Bachert

Cidney is currently pursuing her journalism degree at the University of Central Florida. She enjoys yoga, cooking and exploring new places. Cidney hopes to encourage others to see the light in life and enjoy the gifts the earth has to give. Eventually, she would like to get her yoga teaching certification and become a holistic health coach.

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