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    • Christina D’Arrigo |

      Is Anxiety Controlling Your Life? Reduce Your Anxiety With These 10 Yoga Poses

      Anxiety can prohibit us from being productive and living life to the fullest. Learn how to reduce anxiety with these 10 yoga poses.

    • Mary Walton |

      Want to Start Your Own Yoga Blog? Learn How With These 6 Easy Tips

      You love yoga and writing and you’re ready to share your passion with the world. This article gives you all the tools you need to start your own yoga blog.

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      Your Complete Guide to Sagittarius Zodiac + 6 Adventurous Yoga Poses for This Fire Sign

      Sagittarius is never in one place for long, and we love her wild nature and unwavering optimism. Read more about this lovable fire sign here.

    • Jillian Halliday |

      Just What is Vinyasa Yoga? Here’s an Overview of Everything You Need to Know

      Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga that links your breath with movement. It’s perfect if you want to increase strength, stamina, and flexibility.

    • Courtney Reed |

      Learn How to Harness Calming, Cooling Lunar Energy With This Moon Salutation Flow Tutorial

      The Moon Salutation sequence balances the yang in your life. You can also practice them to enhance your moon rituals. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial.

    • Rosalie e’Silva |

      3 Lessons This Traditional Yoga Teacher Learned From Teaching Beer Yoga

      Read how this once by-the-book, traditional yogi got off her high horse and changed her mind after being forced to teach Beer Yoga on a cruise ship.

    • Teresa Mason |

      Listen to This 1-Hour Yoga Playlist For Gratitude and an Open Heart

      November is a month to reflect on gratitude. Here’s an hour-long yoga playlist filled with yoga music that will open your heart for the holiday season.

    • Nichol Chase |

      Practice These 4 Yoga Poses to Prepare You For Full Lotus Pose (Photo Tutorial)

      The lotus flower is a metaphor for life, and Lotus Pose is no different. Learn how to practice Lotus Pose here and transform your yoga practice.

    • Morgan Casavant |

      Master Bird of Paradise Pose With These 8 Prep Yoga Poses

      Bird of Paradise is a challenging balance posture that takes specific strength and flexibility. Use these 8 yoga poses to prep for Bird of Paradise!

    • Jessie Benson |

      Practice This Strengthening Yoga Sequence For a Beach Body All Year Long

      Get - or maintain - your perfect beach body all year long with this yoga sequence that focuses on strengthening, toning, and burning calories.

    • Nisha Baghadia |

      Mind Blown! Here Are 5 Awesome Benefits of Yoga For Your Mind

      The benefits of yoga are broad and the list is long! The benefits of yoga for your mind specifically are fascinating - learn 5 ways yoga helps your mind.

    • beYogi |

      New Yoga Teachers – Here Are 5 Pro Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Studio to Teach At

      Yoga teachers need to find their perfect studio fit too. If you’re a new yoga teacher follow these pro tips to find the perfect yoga studio to teach at.

    • RikkiLynn Shields |

      Here Are 6 Interesting Facts About Yoga You May Not Know

      Yoga has a rich and colorful history with so much to learn about. This article shares six interesting and lesser known yoga facts.

    • Melissa Nordin |

      A Letter From Your Yoga Mat That Will Fill Your Heart

      If your yoga mat could talk, it wouldn’t lecture. It wouldn’t yell. It wouldn’t be disappointed. Your yoga mat wrote you a letter and it'll fill your heart.

    • Alexander Berger |

      10 Undeniable Reasons Why Every College Student Should Practice Yoga

      As a college student it can be challenging to stay healthy and grounded. Learn why every college student can benefit from practicing yoga.

    • Jenn Bauer |

      What’s the Best Yoga Teacher Training for You? Consider this Before You Choose

      When you’re ready for yoga teacher training, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Consider these tips to help you choose the best YTT for you.

    • Leah Sugerman |

      Are You Stressed Out? Relax With This 30 Minute Restorative Yoga Sequence

      Restorative yoga is a great tool for stress relief. Relieve stress and unwind with this short and sweet, 30 minute restorative yoga sequence.

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      Your Complete Guide to Scorpio Zodiac + 6 Intense Yoga Poses for This Water Sign

      Scorpio is the mystical, witchy best friend we all need. Learn everything you need to know and practice 6 Scorpio-worthy yoga poses here.

    • Allie Flavio |

      Yoga for Anxiety: Practice These 8 Poses to Reduce Your Anxiety in Minutes

      Yoga has been proven to help reduce anxiety. Yoga for anxiety consists of poses and breathing as an effective, natural way to feel better now.

    • Janne Robinson |

      This Disclaimer Should Be Posted In Every Yoga Studio

      This disclaimer should be posted on the wall of every yoga studio to remind us that yoga doesn't care about the things we seem to think it does.

    • Lara Falberg |

      Yoga Teachers: Should We Teach Chaturanga In Vinyasa Flow Classes?

      Chaturanga is a way more challenging and advanced yoga pose than you would expect. Should teachers really teach this pose to students in a flow class?

    • Bobbie Jo Traut |

      Traveling? You Can Practice These 9 Yoga Poses On the Airplane!

      Practice yoga on the airplane! You can practice these yoga poses and stretches while seated to avoid body pain and boost your energy. Happy travels!

    • Nate Pritts |

      Poetry and Yoga: Find Empowerment With this Poem and Moving Meditation

      The Yogi Poet Series is a place where poetry and yoga unite to bring you a sensory experience of movement, meditation, and mindfulness.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Tips and Drills to Help You Safely Fall Out of a Handstand (Video Tutorial)

      Handstand is a popular yoga pose but many people fear of falling. Learn how to safely fall out of a Handstand and gain confidence to master this inversion.

    • Danielle McKee |

      Did You Fall Out of Your Yoga Practice? Use These 7 Tips to Re-Establish Your Yoga Routine

      There are many reasons you might fall out of your yoga routine. Get back into it with these 7 simple tips that’ll have you back on your mat in no time.

    • Morgan Casavant |

      Here Are 7 Undeniable Reasons Why Millennials Are So Obsessed With Yoga

      Yoga classes are packed to the gills with millennials. Here are 7 undeniable reasons why millennials are so obsessed with getting to their yoga mats.

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      Your Complete Guide to Libra Zodiac Sign + 6 Balance Yoga Poses for This Air Sign

      With their wit, balance, and poise, Libra can charm a whole room. Here’s everything you need to know about this airy sign.

    • Nate Pritts |

      Poetry and Yoga: Find Gratitude and Presence with this Moving Meditation

      The Yogi Poet Series is a place where poetry and yoga unite to bring you a sensory experience of movement, meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude.

    • Morgan Casavant |

      Yogi Highlight: We Interview Bisexual Entrepreneur and Activist Sarah Branson

      Sarah Branson is an activist, yogi and badass entrepreneur on a mission to change the world. Read our exclusive interview with her in this Yogi Highlight.

    • Alexander Berger |

      The History of Yoga – Yoga Lineage and How It Impacts Your Practice Today

      The history of yoga is fascinating and plays a big role in the yoga we know today. Learn all about the origins of yoga, and the people who brought it here.

    • Ashton August |

      Bird of Paradise Pose Tutorial – Learn How to Master This Elusive Balancing Pose

      Bird of Paradise pose is a beautiful yet challenging yoga pose that requires flexibility, strength, and technique. Learn how to master this pose!

    • Lisa Fierer |

      What Is the Meaning of Namaste and Why Do We Say It in Yoga?

      Namaste is a Sanskrit salutation with a deeply spiritual meaning. Learn the meaning of Namaste and why we say it in our yoga practice.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Recess Break! 10 Yoga Poses Your Inner Child Will Love

      Yoga is well known for its healing abilities. Try out these 10 gentle and fun poses to let go, heal, and set your inner child free.

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      Here’s Your Complete Guide to Virgo Zodiac + 6 Grounding Yoga Poses for This Earth Sign

      Ah Virgo, our enchanting Earth sign. Whether Virgo is your zodiac sign or the sign of someone you love, learn everything you need to know here.

    • Leah Sugerman |

      Learn How to Flip Your Grip in Dancer Pose in 8 Steps (Hint: It’s All About Technique)

      Flipping your grip in Dancer Pose is no easy feat, but with these top secret alignment tips, you can rock this backbend in no time! Find out how here.

    • Morgan Casavant |

      Teen Athletes – Do These Yoga Poses to Prevent Injury and Play Harder

      Yoga for teen athletes (that’s you!) is especially important to prevent injury, gain strength, and to be more balanced in your sport of choice.

    • Lacey Davis |

      A Yoga Teacher Shares Her Experience Teaching Marijuana Infused Yoga

      Cannabis and yoga are two ancient medicines with many health benefits. This yoga teacher shares her experience teaching cannabis infused yoga.

    • Jillian Halliday |

      Do Yoga Instructors Really Need to Join Yoga Alliance?

      Yoga Alliance is the world’s most popular yoga organization. This article explores the pros and cons of joining the Yoga Alliance membership.

    • Dawn Yager |

      Wanderlust Much? Here’s Your Complete Travel Guide to India

      Want to visit India? Already planning a trip to India? This India travel guide shares everything you need to know to help you prepare.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      14 Signs You’re Definitely A Yogi

      If you can say, "yep that sounds like me" then it's official - you're a yogi! 1. You’d rather wear yoga pants than regular pants, and usually do, even when you're going out.

    • ProSource |

      Yoga Wheel Tutorial: Here Are 5 Ways to Use a Yoga Wheel (Photos)

      A yoga wheel is a popular yoga prop that yogis love for its versatility. Learn ways you can use a yoga wheel to gain strength and deepen your yoga practice.

    • Allie Flavio |

      Considering Yoga Teacher Training? Here’s What to Expect

      Yoga Teacher Training is an incredibly empowering experience that will transform your life. If you're considering YTT, this article shares what to expect.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Best Online Resources for Yoga Teachers – Your Complete Guide

      A yoga teacher needs to do more than teach yoga for a successful career. Here are the top online resources yoga teachers need to know.

    • Zoie Konakis |

      6 Common Mental Disorders and How Yoga Can Help

      Mental disorders impact millions of people. Learn about the benefits of yoga and how a yoga practice can help some of the most common mental illnesses.

    • Ashton August |

      What is a Drishti in Yoga and How Can it Improve Your Practice?

      The drishti is a technique used in yoga to aid in concentration and balancing poses. Learn what the drishti is and how to use it in your yoga practice!

    • Christina D’Arrigo |

      7 Standing Beginner Yoga Poses to Increase Strength and Flexibility

      Standing yoga poses are the perfect beginner yoga poses because they build strength and flexibility. Check out these 7 standing yoga poses for beginners.

    • YogiApproved |

      26 Rules for People Who Practice Yoga

      Yoga is about more than getting your heels to touch the mat in Down Dog. As a yogi, we have the responsibility to lead by example with these 26 rules.

    • Allie Flavio |

      Wheezing Got You Down? Practice This Yoga Sequence for Asthma Relief

      Asthma is a respiratory condition that impacts your breathing. Yoga can help! This gentle yoga sequence focuses on deep breathing and chest opening poses.

    • Ashton August |

      10 Photos That Prove Burning Man Is a Yoga Paradise

      Burning Man is an infamous desert festival gathering full of personality, art, music, and yoga! Check out these stunning yoga photos from Burning Man.

    • Christie Cole |

      Interview with Ashtanga Yoga Legend Kino MacGregor – Get to Know a Yogi

      Kino MacGregor, an international Ashtanga Yoga sensation, discusses her personal life + her thoughts on yoga, travel, and more in this exclusive interview.

    • Leah Sugerman |

      Improve Your Concentration With These 10 Yoga Poses

      Do you constantly feel distracted or unable to focus? Yoga, and particularly balancing poses, can help! Practice these poses to improve your concentration.

    • Bira |

      Do You Practice Outdoor Yoga? 6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should

      Practicing outdoor yoga is a powerful way to tap into nature and find a sense of peace and grounding. Get inspired to take your yoga practice outside.

    • Aimee Yamamori |

      Kid’s Yoga: 4 Yoga Techniques to Help Your Child Relax and Unwind

      Kid's yoga is an amazing way to help your child relax, unwind, and calm down. Have fun using these children's yoga techniques to help your little yogi.

    • YogiApproved |

      Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Presence, Peace and Clarity (Free Video)

      Mindfulness meditation can be defined simply as present moment awareness with non-attachment. Relax and get present with this guided mindfulness meditation.

    • Allie Flavio |

      Practice These 10 Yoga Poses to Relieve Knee Pain

      Knee pain is an issue that many people suffer from, but yoga can help! Soothe and strengthen your knee joints with these yoga poses for knee pain.

    • Sachin Sharma |

      6 Spiritual Podcasts to Inspire Personal Growth

      Podcasts can be a tool for personal growth. Gain spiritual and personal insight with this list of podcasts all centered on inspiration and spirituality.

    • Jessie Benson |

      9 Yoga Poses Hikers Should Practice Before Hitting the Trail

      Clear blue skies call for outdoor activities. When you’re torn between the yoga studio and the hiking trail, use these tips to choose both!

    • Michelle Alva |

      Ooh La La – 3 Ways You Can Use Yoga to Strengthen Your Orgasm

      Having an orgasm is an explosion of energy within your body. Learn how to improve your orgasm and self-love through yoga!

    • Ashton August |

      15-Minute Outdoor Yoga Flow (Free Class)

      Practice this outdoor yoga flow to awaken your senses and help you feel grounded and at peace. Celebrate nature and take your yoga practice outside!

    • Jillian Halliday |

      Relieve Jet Lag and Get Back to Normal With These 8 Yoga Poses

      The jet lag struggle is real, but it won’t get the best of you! Practice these 8 yoga poses to recover quickly and get back to your travel adventures.

    • Emilie Blum |

      Top 5 Underrated European Countries for Yoga Retreats

      Yoga retreats are an amazing way to travel and focus on your health and wellness. Learn where to explore in Europe for your next yoga adventure.

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      Leo Zodiac: Everything You Need to Know About This Fire Sign (Raarrr!)

      Learn everything about the leo zodiac sign and Leo astrology. Explore this fire sign and yoga poses you can practice to evoke the Leo lion qualities.

    • beYogi |

      Do Yoga Instructors Really Need Yoga Insurance?

      You already protect your students from injuries, now protect yourself from any potential risk of liability. beYogi has a yoga insurance solution for you.

    • Lara Falberg |

      Here’s Why Curse Words and Teaching Yoga Go Together

      Being a yoga teacher means being authentic. If you love to cuss and use curse words in yoga class, this article explains why that’s perfectly acceptable.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Diastasis Recti Recovery: 10 Yoga Poses + Tips to Help New Moms Heal

      Diastasis recti occurs when your abdominal wall begins to separate during pregnancy. Try these yoga poses to aid in diastasis recti recovery.

    • Tara Mestre |

      Calling New Moms! 5 Simple Tips to Start a Yoga Practice

      For new moms, establishing a regular yoga practice can help you get back to YOU. This article provides the guidance you need to begin your yoga practice.

    • Christina D’Arrigo |

      6 Yoga Poses for Dancers to Increase Flexibility and Prevent Injury

      Professional dancers and dance students alike can use yoga as a tool to improve their dance technique and also prevent career-ruining injuries. Read how!

    • Morgan Garza |

      What is “Yoga Brain”? The Science Behind Post-Yoga Bliss

      Post-yoga bliss is like a runner’s high for yogis. Learn the many benefits of yoga for the brain and explore this neurological response to mindful movement.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Game of Thrones Fans Will Love These 8 Dramatic Yoga Poses

      Game of Thrones fans will have fun practicing these dramatic yoga poses that embody characters and other elements from the Golden Globe winning show.

    • Keya Williams |

      5 Simple Yogic Principles to Help You Recover from Postpartum Depression

      Feeling the postpartum blues? Check out these 5 simple yogic practices that can help you lift your mood and lessen your new mom anxiety.

    • Danielle McKee |

      Get Back to Your Roots – 5 Ways to Use Nature to Stay Grounded

      Nature is a source of peace, love, and grounding energy. Get out in nature to get grounded and cultivate inner peace with these 5 tips.

    • Ashton August |

      5 Tips For Beginner Yogis

      Here are 5 tips to help you get acclimated to your blossoming yoga practice.

    • Ashton August |

      Why I Practice Yoga With My Hair Down (And Why You Should Too)

      This is a story about inner transformation, facing hard truths, and emerging with a newly awakened sense of identity, self-acceptance, and authenticity.

    • Leah Sugerman |

      Here’s How to Take Flight in Flying Pigeon Pose

      Flying Pigeon Pose is an arm balance that stretches and strengthens the body. Learn how to take flight in this dramatic pose of strength and grace.

    • Jillian Halliday |

      10 Beginner Yoga Poses (Reminder: We’re All Humble Beginners)

      Beginner yoga poses can increase endurance and cultivate mindfulness. Start your yoga practice anew with these beginner yoga poses.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Activate Your Sexual Energy with These 9 Yoga Poses

      Yoga is great for many things. It can help you relax, revitalize, and even awaken you sexually. Use these 9 yoga poses to activate your sexual energy.

    • Lara Falberg |

      7 Effective Tips For Yoga Teachers to Build Your Class Size

      Yoga teachers, don’t get discouraged if your class isn’t full. Apply these effective tips to increase your yoga class size.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Tune into Your Body with These 9 Grounding Yoga Poses

      Yoga poses can alter your energy when you're feeling imbalanced. Try these yoga poses to ground you during times of change and high stress.

    • Cidney Bachert |

      Watch this Yogance Flow + Awaken Your Soul (Video)

      Yogance is a combination of traditional yoga and dance. Watch as yogini Tamara Levinson flows though this sexy yoga dance practice.

    • Shay Grant |

      How to Find Your New Favorite Yoga Studio in 5 Simple Steps

      Finding the right yoga studio can be challenging and overwhelming. Follow these simple steps to find a yoga studio you'll love, wherever you are.

    • Tara Mestre |

      5 Postnatal Yoga Practices for New Moms (It’s Time to Focus On YOU Again)

      Nothing could have prepared you for the exhaustion and stress of a new baby. These postnatal yoga practices and tips can help you manage life as a new mom.

    • Zoie Konakis |

      Yoga and Religion: A Yogi’s Beef With This Controversy

      There are no longer one-size-fits-all religions. Here’s my beef with the yoga and religion controversy and how yoga helped me find my light.

    • Morgan Garza |

      8 Perfect Yoga-Inspired Breakup Lines

      Breaking up is never easy. Try these yoga-inspired breakup lines the next time you have to let someone go, gracefully.

    • Cidney Bachert |

      This Sunset Yoga Flow Will Inspire You to Be More + Do Less (Video)

      This serene sunset yoga flow was shot in Costa Rica. Listen, meditate, or follow along with Juliana of Boho Beautiful to be more and do less.

    • Jillian Halliday |

      Prep for Headstand With These 5 Yoga Poses

      Headstand pose and other inversions require preparation, strength, and practice. Practice these 5 yoga poses to unlock your headstand pose.

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      10 Funny Thoughts Your Dad Probably Has About Your Yoga Obsession

      Dads always have an opinion on the newest fad, but have you tried to get your dad to yoga? We know exactly what your dad thinks about your yoga obsession.

    • Morgan Garza |

      Have You Watched These Sexy Kilted Men Do Forrest Yoga Yet? (Video)

      This very unique Forrest Yoga video has gotten a lot of love recently. Watch these sexy kilted men from Scotland-based Forrest Yoga bust a move!

    • Kendra Sand |

      6 Yin Yoga Poses for Back Pain (Video)

      Yin Yoga is a type of yoga that is renowned for inducing deep relaxation. Generally, Yin Yoga poses are close to the ground, slow, deep, and juicy.

    • Christie Cole |

      10 Vintage Yoga Photos (Hint: Marilyn Monroe + Woodstock Made the List)

      Check out what yoga looked like in a past life with these spectacular vintage yoga photos. Yoga in a dress and heels?! Props!

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Master One-Legged King Pigeon Pose – 8 Yoga Poses to Help You Flip Your Grip

      Does it seem impossible to flip your grip in King Pigeon pose? Follow along with these key yoga poses to prep your body.

    • Ashton August |

      Why We Set Intentions at the Beginning of Our Yoga Practice

      You start your practice and your yoga teacher asks you to set an intention. What is it, and what's the benefit of using it each time you're on your mat?

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      Why is Savasana So F-ing Hard? 10 Musings We’ve All Had in Corpse Pose

      From the outside, Savasana appears to be the easiest pose you can do. All you do is lie down and close your eyes, right? Do you relate to these 10 musings?

    • Blaire Lindsay |

      The Madonna Whore Complex: How to Shamelessly Embrace Your Sexuality (According to a Sex Coach)

      Why is female sexuality so polarized? Read about where the Madonna Whore Complex comes from and how we can embrace our sexuality through yoga and positivity

    • Morgan Garza |

      Yoga + Martial Arts Merge in this Powerful Practice of Budokon (Video)

      Yoga and martial arts may not seem related, but both disciplines focus on intentional movement and harnessing energy. These two practices overlap in Budokon

    • Hannah Fredenberg |

      8 Free Yoga Channels on YouTube You Gotta Try

      When you need yoga ASAP, the good news is you don’t have to stop, drop, and find a yoga class at your local studio. Here are 8 free yoga channels!

    • Kiara Elliott |

      Do You Have to Be Flexible to Practice Yoga?

      Yoga and flexibility seem to be interchangeable. Learn how yoga actually relies on balance in mind and body.

    • beYogi |

      10 Habits All Great Yoga Teachers Share

      Yoga teachers have the ability to make a huge impact on their students. These are the things that make great yoga teachers GREAT.

    • Emilie Blum |

      8 Wise Life Lessons Our Cats Teach Us

      Cats are majestic animals. They possess beauty, poise, and grace. They are also known to be playful, adventurous and agile.

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      10 Funny Thoughts Your Mom Has About Your Yoga Obsession

      If you’re one of the fortunate individuals who has convinced your mother to try yoga, then your work is done here.

    • Cidney Bachert |

      Beer Yoga Is Beckoning Yogis with Stretches and Stouts (Video)

      Beer yoga brings beer onto your mat and into your flow. Watch this video to learn more about this new type of yoga and where to try it.

    • Leah Sugerman |

      Practice These 7 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Neck Pain

      As people continue to spend more and more time looking at devices, neck pain in our society has exponentially increased as a result.

    • Shay Grant |

      Not Feeling the Yoga Studio? Follow These Tips to Start A Home Yoga Practice

      A home yoga practice, or self-practice, is a yogi’s greatest treasure. These are the intimate moments that allow us to learn about who we are.

    • Melody Beuzelin |

      5 Fun Facts About Yoga for Your Skeptical Friends

      How many times have you heard someone say, "I don't want to go to yoga because I'm not flexible enough?"

    • Aiyana Fraley |

      Beginner Yoga: 4 Simple Steps to Start Your Journey

      One of the most common questions beginner students ask is how to start a yoga practice. Many people are intimidated by the thought of practicing yoga.

    • YogiApproved |

      Why Buddha Pants Are the Ultimate Travel and Yoga Pants

      Try Buddha Pants - a style of loose-fitting pants, similar to harem pants or gypsy pants, but their unique features have yogis around the world rocking out.

    • Emilie Blum |

      Build a Strong Online Yoga Presence With 4 Productivity Tips

      Build your online presence to showcase your yoga career - there are many wonderful tools and services that can help you be an online warrior!

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Have You Seen One of the Most Hilarious Yoga Parodies Ever? (Funny Video)

      Throughout this hilarious yoga video parody, we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse inside of Max’s mind during his yoga practice.

    • Maxine Garcia |

      6 Defining Traits of a Hot Yogi

      There is something magical about practicing hot yoga in a 105 degree yoga room with the humidity up to 40% and barely being able to breathe.

    • Stephanie Littlefield |

      5 Simple Steps to Take the Competition Out of Your Yoga Practice

      The big question for most of us yogis is, how can we start focusing only on our practice and take this competitive edge out of yoga?

    • YogiApproved |

      Step Aside ClassPass – Lymber Is Here!

      Just like Uber revolutionized the taxi industry, there’s a movement to revolutionize the fitness industry by allowing people...

    • Dawn Yager |

      Yoga and Hypermobility: Can Yogis Be Too Flexible?

      The flexible student has just as much challenge as a tight student - just in a very different way. Yoga is the the great equalizer. Within it ... opportunity to create balance within our bodies and out into our life.

    • Leo Carver |

      Common Misconceptions Men Have About Yoga

      Yoga is one of the most beneficial health practices known to mankind and has been for thousands of years. In the same way that someone would pick up a new workout regimen, you can begin practicing yoga.

    • Teresa Mason |

      10 Common Yoga Mistakes You Could Be Making

      This article is meant to help us let go of some of the seriousness that can build around ourselves and our yoga practice and bring some smiles and lighthearted laughter to the practice.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      These Yoga Poses Are Perfect for the Female Body

      While yoga is universally beneficial to both genders, there are specific poses that particularly benefit the female body and mind.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Quick Guide to Sanskrit: 15 Common Yoga Terms Translated

      Sanskrit was used to write the ancient collections of hymns and texts known as the Vedas, which much of our yoga practice was derived from.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Abdominal Anatomy + Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Full Core

      Having full core awareness and a solid understanding of the core’s anatomy is a very important part of your yoga practice.

    • Maria Moscato |

      Chakra Tune-Up: How to Keep Your Energy Clean and Balanced

      While each chakra spirals their own energy of color, the nadis transport it to the cells of our body.

    • YogiApproved |

      The Importance of Introducing Teens to Yoga (Video)

      Let’s face it - being a teenager is tough. At that age, we’re constantly learning and changing and...

    • Michelle Stanger |

      15 Interesting Yoga Facts You May Not Know

      Here are 15 interesting yoga facts you might not have heard about before. Yoga has an amazing history, and there is so much to learn about it!

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Have You Heard of These 10 Trending Yoga Styles?

      ...there is plenty of opportunity to get creative and expressive with your practice, with emerging and evolving yoga disciplines to fit any personality and preference. Check out all the different yoga styles!

    • Michelle Stanger |

      5 Inspirational Quotes to Apply to Your Yoga Practice

      Be inspired. Whether it is from a quote, a person, a photo or your surroundings. Find inspiration and think of it not only for your life but perhaps your yoga practice as well.

    • Alexa Erickson |

      15 Struggles Only People Who Love Yoga Understand (Funny)

      Yoga is magical. You love yoga for its ability to bring people together to create a community centered...

    • Michelle Stanger |

      5 Tips to Get Your Friends and Family to Try Yoga

      So how can we help our friends and family decide to take their first yoga class, aside from telling them they get to take a nap at the end?

    • Brittany Nowicki |

      Can Yoga Change Your DNA?

      Science has now proven that the practice of yoga and meditation can actually change the genetic makeup of our cells.

    • Joanne Moules |

      The Bandhas: Learn the Technique and Transform Your Yoga Practice

      Bandhas have been practiced for thousands of years and contain an element of control that otherwise goes unnoticed in your physical yoga practice.

    • Lara Falberg |

      Interested in Teaching Yoga at a Resort? Here’s How to Do It

      Lots of travel companies are popping up, offering people in the fitness world an opportunity to go teach at various resorts.

    • Alexa Erickson |

      A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga: 14 Yoga Disciplines Defined and Explained

      Here’s a cheat sheet to help you get better acquainted with 14 major yoga disciplines being taught and practiced today.

    • Ashton Aiden |

      Do You Practice the Eightfold Path of Yoga? Why it Matters

      In traditional Yoga postures and breathing exercises are not learned until one has first practiced the disciplines that apply to their daily life (service, integrity, devotion, discipline) with a heavy focus on purification through the Shat Kriyas.

    • Aimee Hughes |

      5 Simple Steps to Find Deep, Lasting Happiness

      Getting in touch with and connecting to this greater part of ourselves is what ultimately puts us in touch with our eternal happiness.

    • Joanne Moules |

      How to Relieve Stress with Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

      In Kundalini yoga, a kriya is a set of postures, movements or breath patterns which, when all performed as a sequence, lead mind and body to a specific desired outcome (whether that’s stress-relief, physical health and wellbeing, etc.)

    • Alexis Kristan |

      5 Reasons Military Veterans Should Practice Yoga

      More active duty military and military veterans are practicing yoga than ever before. In fact, According to the Integrative Restoration Institute, Yoga Nidra was endorsed by the US Army Surgeon General and Defense Centers of Excellence as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for active duty military members and veterans.

    • Chris Amedy |

      Why Ashtanga Yoga IS for Beginners

      Reading descriptions online about the style of yoga that I practice would lead many to believe that Ashtanga...

    • Alexis Kristan |

      7 Reasons Why CrossFit Athletes Should Practice Yoga

      If you’re a CrossFit athlete, you probably flip tires or do handstand pushups on a regular basis. But...

    • Krysta Shannon |

      Tom Hanks Endorses Yoga (It’s Officially Mainstream)

      The newest celebrity to praise the benefits of yoga is none other than Tom Hanks. In a recent interview on the British morning show, Lorraine on Monday Tom said, "I started doing the yoga, it's the greatest thing you can ever do." The 59-year-old actor claimed he turned to "the yoga" to help with "aches and pains".

    • Lara Falberg |

      The Four Agreements: How to Not Take Anything Personally in Your Yoga Practice

      The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Ruiz, offers a life-altering perspective on how to navigate life using four simple tools based on Toltec wisdom. The Toltec way helps us understand how to distinguish between stories vs. truths.

    • Chris Amedy |

      How the Media Is Changing Yoga

      The media has a huge impact on a lot - if not most - things in today’s society. Yoga is no different in that regard. Yoga has grown exponentially over the years in the West and has become a massive industry.

    • Katie Ness |

      The Third Eye Chakra: How It Connects Us to Our Intuition

      The third eye chakra is the chakra of intuition, wisdom and our sixth sense. In Eastern philosophies, it is known as our ‘third eye’ and the spiritual center, which interacts with the rational mind in order to deepen our intuitive insight to see beyond the veil of illusion that is called “Maya.”

    • Joanne Moules |

      An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

      Kundalini Yoga is a science. It works on the energy channels and meridians of the body, using postures, movement, breath, eye gaze, mudra and mantra to activate pressure points within the body, enabling us to reach a higher state of consciousness and mental clarity.

    • Alexis Kristan |

      10 Reasons Why Yoga Teacher Training is the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

      Everyone’s journey during yoga teacher training is unique. You will learn different lessons, but it will undoubtedly change your life.

    • Alexa Erickson |

      11 Signs You Need To Do Some Yoga ASAP

      Your yoga practice brings with it a greater flow of prana to your body, it creates more space and strength physically and energetically, and that’s only the beginning!

    • Lara Falberg |

      How The Four Agreements Can Strengthen Your Yoga Practice

      Yoga was the teacher that first shifted my life dramatically, and the spiritual self-help book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz was the second.

    • Samantha Wilson |

      10 Lessons You Can Learn From Savasana

      Savasana - also known as “corpse pose” or your final relaxation - is one of the most important parts of your yoga practice. While it may appear to others that you are just taking a nap, there are many things you can learn during your time in Savasana:

    • Charmie Stryker |

      How to Safely Go Deeper in Your Yoga Poses

      Every body is different and so are our strengths and flexibility levels. So how do we go deeper into our yoga poses safely?

    • YogiApproved |

      6 Things We Know About Nude Yoga Girl

      In a time when there is another internet sensation looking to strike it rich every day, Nude Yoga Girl is anonymous.

    • Allie Flavio |

      5 Ways to Drop Your Ego in Yoga

      Yoga, when practiced consistently and correctly, has the power to break apart the ego. The epic combination of breath + movement + intention equals an unstoppable force of freedom, authenticity, and love.

    • YogiApproved |

      The Best Yoga Blogs and Online Publications of 2016

      To honor the growing popularity of yoga and healthy living, we at YogiApproved.com have compiled a list of our favorite yoga blogs and publications of 2016.

    • Elena Ziskind |

      How I Found My Yoga Community

      If you are interested in finding your own yoga community, I highly recommend using social media. The first step is to create a yoga-centered account on Instagram and from there, simply begin participating. Post pictures of poses, your progress, or even inspirational quotes.

    • Erik Vienneau |

      Yoga Will Save the World. Here’s How.

      Yoga is returning us to sanity. Yoga is the medicine that is curing our sickness. One by one we are applying and sharing the science of yoga, which is really the science of peace.

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      12 Ways Yoga Brings Out Your Inner Goddess

      Every yogini knows that deep down within her beautiful self rests an inner goddess. Yet we are often quick to forget about this inner power.

    • Meredith DeCosta |

      4 Foundational Yoga Poses for Athletes

      If you run, cycle, swim, CrossFit, or take part in any kind of sports, you’ve probably experienced tightness...

    • Jillian Grabarczyk |

      Should Yoga Be Covered by Health Insurance?

      Yoga has been proven to help with insomnia, PTSD, depression, general anxiety, and stress. As it becomes more mainstream, an increasing number of people are recognizing the life-changing benefits of the practice.

    • Ashley Stern |

      New Study Exposes the Amazing Growth of Yoga in the US

      A recent study shows that the number of people practicing yoga in America has increased by 16.6 million people since 2012, totaling more than 36 million people that now practice yoga in the US.

    • YogiApproved |

      Toning Class: Yoga With Kettle Bells (Video)

      Tone up from head to toe with this kettle bell toning class from Katrina of ToneItUp.com.

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      @Yoga_Girl Rachel Brathen Launches Social Mission for Safe Drinking Water

      #109Water is the first of seven passion projects within 109 World non-profit organization. These projects will work towards education for all, access to safe water, food security, animal rescue, women’s empowerment, protection of the environment, and ensuring a bright future for our children.

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      10 Ways to Be a Good Yoga Teaching Assistant

      The role of an assistant is to solidify the foundation of the class, and ensures that the central theme of empowerment is truly embedded in the experience.

    • Lynann Politte |

      7 Savvy Social Media Tips for Yoga Instructors

      As a yoga instructor with a million other things on your business to-do list, social media can easily fall to the bottom of your priorities

    • Regina Due |

      How Yoga Creates and Sustains Good Posture

      Your yoga practice will help straighten out your mind as well as your posture. Cheers to good posture!

    • Ashton August |

      What’s Wrong With Yoga (Funny Video)

      What makes a "good" yogi, what is the most "spiritual" yoga pose, and where lululemon falls into the mix are just some of the topics that these two discuss, and their answers are - refreshingly - anything but what you'd expect. JP Sears has a particularly unique flavor of humor, and we here at YogiApproved just can't get enough!

    • Kari-Ann Levine |

      Shift Happens… Clearing Energy in Your Space and in Your Self

      When we “clear the air,” what we are actually clearing is the energy within and around us.

    • Roo Frith |

      6 Reasons Why Yogis Are Actually Jedi Knights

      I have come to the conclusion that Jedi Knights are actually just glorified yogis.

    • George Peele |

      Denver Yoga Studio Hosts Star Wars Inspired Yoga Workshops

      A new Star Wars film finally lands December 18. Jack Cuneo reflects on the yoga workshop that the franchise inspired.

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      ”Namaste, Bitches” – A New Yoga Comedy Series (Video)

      Namaste, Bitches is a new yoga online comedy series that introduces us to Sabine, a young yoga teacher who moves from New York to Los Angeles.

    • Meredith Osborne |

      5 Reasons Why Every Yogi Should Read Siddhartha

      Siddhartha is a story about indulgence, discovery and ultimately, enlightenment.

    • Michelle Thielen |

      Yoga and Christian Faith: A Controversy Explained

      Can a Christian Practice Yoga? Yoga is simply defined as a union, to unite or to yoke.

    • Jessie Waite |

      5 Reasons Why Yoga is Perfect for Introverts

      Here are 5 reasons why yoga is so beneficial for introverted people

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      40 Days to Personal Revolution: What to Expect When You Take This Yoga Challenge

      I recently completed a program called “40 Days to Personal Revolution” at my local yoga studio.

    • YogiApproved |

      Gifts Ideas Between $50 and $75

      YogiApproved 2015 Holiday Gift Guide is sure to offer something as special to your gift recipient as they are to you!

    • Jessie Wren |

      6 Yoga Poses To Help You Learn Arm Balances

      Below are 6 yoga poses you can practice to build your body up to Bakasana (the sixth pose of this article) and play around with shoulder engagement and transferring your weight forward.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      Fall Fashion For Yogis: 9 Items You’ll Love

      Here are 9 fall fashion essentials for yogis that will keep you feeling cozy and feeling stylish:

    • Lacey Davis |

      How Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Living Has Benefited My Family

      We haven’t always been holistic. We haven’t always practiced yoga and meditation regularly. We haven’t always been health conscious.

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      Stop Negatively Gendering My Yoga Practice

      Yoga is the perfect amount of masculine and feminine. And moreover, yoga can be adapted to whatever you want it to be. Yoga embodies characteristics such as strength, power, and challenges to overcome, which can be perceived as ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ (or both!) based on who’s doing the perceiving.

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      The Truth Behind the Health Benefits of Yoga

      Effectively determine if what you see online about the benefits of yoga is true. Seven hundred scientific trials on yoga and health benefits have been published.

    • Stephanie Stanley |

      7 Conscious Living Blogs You Should Know

      Conscious living: a daily practice that is as highly valuable as it is adaptive.

    • Jessie Wren |

      Do This Restorative Bedtime Yoga Sequence For Better Sleep

      Follow this simple bedtime yoga sequence to slow down the body, the mind, and help get a better night’s sleep.

    • Christophe Cappon |

      The Best Places to Practice Yoga in Thailand

      Thailand is truly magical, and it is home to a number of yoga hotspots throughout the country. Here are three of the best places to practice yoga in Thailand:

    • Ashton August |

      The Beauty of Movement (Video)

      Watch this beautiful sentiment from yogi Slava Goloubov to what movement can mean to an individual, to yogis everywhere, and to all of humanity.

    • Ashton August |

      The Most Intimate Experience – Meghan Currie Yoga (Video)

      Watch this beautiful being as Meghan Currie moves through an ocean side practice, narrating what yoga means to her in a way that all yogis will listen to and say, AMEN!

    • Meredith DeCosta |

      5 Reasons Yoga is My Soul Food

      As I've evolved over the years, I've learned to rely less on casseroles, fried chicken, and biscuits - although those are sometimes tasty too - and more on yoga poses, breath work, and meditation.

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      A Thank You Note to My Yoga Mat

      The yoga mat is what supports us during each of our poses. Our yoga mat is always ready to catch us when we fall out of a balancing pose.

    • Kari-Ann Levine |

      5 Yin Yoga Poses For Beginner Yogis

      Yin yoga is the yoga of surrender. Let go of all the tension, tightness and resistance - and melt into a long-held yoga poses.

    • Andrea Karwandy |

      Aerial Yoga: The Beginner’s Guide to the Aerial Hammock

      The aerial arts can be done in many forms, one of which is being in the hammock. Yoga hammocks are used for Anti-gravity or Aerial Yoga, and the soft fabric of the hammock assists you in maintaining proper alignment and deepening your bodily awareness. If you want to experience the full benefits of Aerial Yoga in a hammock, you can join a beginner’s aerial hammock class.

    • Meredith Osborne |

      How Social Media Can Help & Hurt Your Yoga Practice

      Social media is a powerful tool, but yoga is way more powerful. You can choose to share your practice or keep it for yourself.

    • Christophe Cappon |

      4 Ways Traveling Can Deepen Your Yoga Practice

      I never would have even discovered yoga or recognized this was the path I was meant to be on if it weren’t for traveling. After university, while traveling through India, simply being a tourist was becoming tedious. I needed a focus and something to help connect more with both the place I was visiting and myself.

    • Ashton August |

      Yoga Flow Time Lapse in Forest (Tasteful Nudity)

      One thing we can always count on from Meghan Currie is gorgeous, inspiring movement done to the backdrop of perfectly-chosen music and ornate settings. Thank you for the continuous inspiration, Meghan! Keep doing what you're doing, one yoga flow and one beautiful video at a time.

    • Sarah Herrington |

      Get to Know a Yogi: Sharon Gannon

      Sharon Gannon is a modern-day Renaissance woman: an artist, poet, musician and yogi who is best known for creating, along with David Life, the Jivamukti Yoga Method. We spoke with Sharon about the intersection between yoga and art, whether or not artists have to suffer for their vision to be profound, and what she thinks of the current state of yoga in the world.

    • Alison Heilig |

      Why All Runners NEED 10 Minutes of Yoga

      If you’re a runner – recreational or otherwise, you’d be hard pressed to find anything that stretches, strengthens, and prevents injury better than yoga. Yoga truly offers the biggest bang for your cross-training buck. It’s got everything that runners need to run longer, stronger and stay injury-free.

    • YogiApproved |

      Yoga Journal Live: A Yoga Festival You Don’t Want to Miss

      Yoga Jornal Live hosts events across the country, and the next event is taking place at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado (going on from September 27- October 4).

    • Ashton August |

      Every Yoga Pose From A-Z (Video)

      This video is a beautiful tribute to the ABC's of your yoga practice in a literal sense -- you watch the yogis as they move into different postures, following the letters of the alphabet. Yoga ABC's never looked so good, and this video really brings the poses to life. Onzie is really onto something original and creative here, and we at YogiApproved™ are honored to share this beautiful, inspiring video.

    • Tyler |

      From Double Amputee Veteran to Yoga Instructor

      After being bedridden after one of many operations, Nevin started having flash backs. "And those thoughts of the not-so-great experiences from combat just kept coming back. I didn't get to the point of suicide, but... I knew that I needed help ."

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      5 Quick ‘n Easy Yoga Poses To Reduce Anxiety

      We’re all busy, and it’s when our schedules are jam packed that anxiety can easily creep in. Here are 5 quick and easy yoga poses to reduce, alleviate, and even prevent anxiety.

    • Stephanie Stanley |

      Teens, Stress, and How Yoga Can Help

      How does yoga actually help teens cope with stress? Physically, yoga helps teens the same way it helps adults. Yet in the context of stressed out teens specifically, yoga offers several coping methods:

    • Sophia Herbst |

      The Common Do’s & Don’ts For Your First Yoga Class

      We understand that the yoga studio - while created for optimal zen - is a new environment, with new people, where you'll be performing new things with your body. It can be intimidating! And not knowing what is or isn't socially acceptable can be a source of added unnecessary stress.

    • Sophia Herbst |

      10 Inspirational Quotes from Yoga Instructors on Self-Confidence, Acceptance, and Compassion

      Here are 10 inspirational quotes from 10 yoga instructors we love about self-care, self-confidence, compassion, and acceptance.

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      3 Signs Your Yoga Community is Like a Family

      Yoga studios are rooted in the intention of making us feel at home. Here are 3 ways your yoga community is like a family:

    • Jessie Wren |

      6 Common Questions Yoga Students Have but Are Too Afraid to Ask

      To answer some of your common questions and hopefully give you a bit more peace in your practice, I humbly offer my perspective as a yoga instructor:

    • Alexa Erickson |

      6 Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You About Yoga

      Have you ever noticed how much animals love interrupting your yoga practice? Cats in particular. Sometimes, I’ll lay out my mat on the living room floor and walk away for just a moment, only to return and find my cat curled up on the center of it.

    • Ian Marshall |

      5 Yoga Poses That Motivate You in Your Life

      All yoga poses have a different effect on the practitioner, be it physical, energetic or emotional, and sometimes it is worth tailoring your yoga practice to meet a specific goal.

    • Bobbie Jo Traut |

      4 Yoga-Based Humanitarian Initiatives Making a Difference in the World

      Here are 4 yoga-based humanitarian initiatives that provide opportunities to link yoga and international humanitarian service:

    • Katrina Bilanchone |

      What to Expect at a Yoga Festival

      If you’ve ever contemplated going to a yoga festival, ponder no more and JUST DO IT! Imagine that overwhelming sense of joy and peacefulness you feel after a yoga class. Now multiply that by a thousand. The calming incense of your yoga studio does not compare to the great outdoors where most of these yoga festivals are held.

    • Charmie Stryker |

      Get to Know a Yogi: An Interview With Twee Merrigan

      I first came across a video of Twee Merrigan teaching a workshop called "840,000 Posture-bilities” at a Wanderlust Festival. I was so intrigued by her teaching, her creativity, and how her asanas flowed from one to another like a dance. As I followed along, I realized why Twee has grown such a loyal following for her teachings.

    • Kelsey Struble |

      10 Ways Your Yoga Practice is Like a Serious Relationship

      Are you or have you ever been in a relationship? Do you practice yoga? If you answered yes to these two questions, then consider this: yoga and relationships have a lot in common. In fact, yoga is all about relationships. Relationships with ourselves, others, our beliefs, and the world in general.

    • Ashton August |

      The Walk of Life – Why Yoga is the Perfect Guide (Video)

      On behalf of humanity, and on behalf of the beautiful potential that lies within each and every single one of us, we invite you, we urge you, we beseech you to watch this beautiful, touching video on what yoga truly is and can be. Your soul is knocking…

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Actress Sophie Monk Pranks Random Yoga Class (Video)

      Jackie O from The Kyle and Jackie O Show has dared actress Sophie Monk to attend a Yoga class and do EVERYTHING Jackie and her Producer Oscar tells her to do...! From a bell covered mat to adjusting the alignment of other students in class to even making fart sounds, this is too funny!

    • Jillian Grabarczyk |

      10 Rockstar Yoga Men to Follow on Instagram

      With incredible strength and a healthy dose of inspiration, these 10 yogi dudes show us that steady practice, persistence, and positivity can yield some amazing results. We’ve sifted through the depths of Instagram to find the coolest yogimen - some already popular and some we think could be rising Instastars.

    • Roo Frith |

      How Do You Yoga?

      Yoga is for everyone! Young and old, short and tall, small and big alike can all experience the beauty and the magic of a yoga practice. . Yoga, in whatever form you practice it, offers something for everyone.

    • Kent Hogan |

      9 Gorgeous Backbends to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

      Let’s face it - backbends are simply gorgeous. As a professional photographer, there’s no doubt that backbends are some...

    • Sophia Herbst |

      6 Reasons Why an AcroYoga Class is the Perfect Third Date

      Iif you’ve made it past the first two dates with a promising prospect, we have the perfect third date for you: an AcroYoga Class. Here’s why:

    • YogaBrights |

      8 Benefits of Hot Yoga

      Hot yoga is a yoga style that is practiced in hot and humid conditions, typically heated to around 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. Each 60- or 90-minute class will offer a series of postures that aim to contract and strengthen your muscles and raise your heart rate to create an amazing yoga experience with cardiovascular benefits.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      My First Yoga Festival Experience

      In early August, I attended my very first yoga festival – Return to Roots, a 5-day yoga, music, and flow event in southern New Jersey. Return to Roots is exactly what the name implies – a return to your roots, including port-a-potties, primitive showers and camping in the great outdoors.

    • Andrea Palesh |

      6 Yoga Poses for Dancers

      he following yoga poses are ones I found, as a dancer, to be humbling, informative, and character building. Yoga is a practice and the discovery will always continue, so for now I’ll leave you with these poses that are bound to uncover new self-discoveries:

    • Sophia Herbst |

      “Am I an Intermediate or Advanced Yogi?” (Take the test)

      Here are two quick “guidelines” for what makes an intermediate or advanced yogi, but these are by no means strict definitions:

    • Ashley Stern |

      5 Airports With Yoga Rooms

      How about a quick yoga session before takeoff? Maybe a few minutes of meditation to release the travel stress? The following are airports with yoga rooms...

    • Kent Hogan |

      4 Things You Learn After Your First Yoga Class

      Here are 4 truths you discover after your first yoga experience: 1. Yoga is Much More than Just Stretching. We’ve all seen the crazy photos of yogis bending themselves into positions that make us gawk in disbelief.

    • Ashley Stern |

      No Excuses: Tips for Fitting Yoga into a Busy Day

      Why not find a way to incorporate yoga into daily life, whether you’re multitasking or unwinding with a book or movie, there are all sorts of opportunities to strike a (yoga) pose.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      5 Tips for Practicing Yoga With Your Pet (video)

      Sure, you can lock them in another room during your practice, but they are your furbabies and you love them, so you want them to be a part of your life and your practice.

    • Aimee Yamamori |

      When Your Favorite Yoga Teacher Moves On

      I never thought I’d be the kind of girl to get emotional over a yoga teacher. I have a tendency to ride the line with yoga—I believe I’m a spiritual person but my cynical self can rear its head when it feels too hippie-yoga-weird.

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      To All College Graduates: a Letter From Your Yoga Mat

      It’s me— your yoga mat. I sit under you as a quiet source of comfort and confidence, always there for your needs. No matter how angry, sad, or frustrated you are, you can step onto me and find a sense of peace and relaxation.

    • Ashton August |

      The Unspoken Responsibility of a Yogi (From the Editor)

      This is an inspirational call to action: we can all be that catalyst of change in someone’s life. In fact, whether we realize it or not, whether we consciously do it or want to do it or not, we all actively influence others each and every day.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      5 Online Yoga Resources That Are Worth Paying For

      For less than the cost of one in-person class at your local studio, you can enjoy these online yoga video resources in your own home or hotel room. Here are 5 online yoga recourses that we think are worth every penny:

    • Stephanie Stanley |

      10 Insane Yoga Photos

      You may have also seen yoga selfies occasionally catching some flack, (do a quick Google search of “yoga selfies” and you’ll see what I’m talking about) but regardless of differing opinions, we can all agree they are better than “duck face.” We personally can’t get enough of these 10 insane yoga photos!

    • Ashton August |

      BKS Iyengar Teaching Ashtanga in 1977 (Video)

      BKS Iyengar once said, “Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action.” To watch the fluidity of his movements is to understand this statement.

    • Ashton August |

      The Music Video to That Song Called “Yoga”

      If you haven't already heard of it, there's a catchy new song out there titled "Yoga"! Here is the wonderfully random music video. Enjoy!

    • Krysta Shannon |

      7 Tips for the Frugal Yogi

      Even though yoga is a spiritual journey of mindfulness and self-love, it can get expensive. Here are our 7 tips for the frugal yogi. Follow these suggestions to maintain a fulfilling yoga practice without going broke:

    • Ashley Stern |

      Four Easy Yoga Poses to Do at Work

      Four Easy Poses For Your Desk Job - Yogi Approved

    • Kari-Ann Levine |

      The Americanization of Yoga: Why It’s More Good Than Bad

      Yoga is a tradition that has transformed and reinvented itself many times throughout its long history, spanning from the 3rd century BCE all the way to the present contemporary West.

    • Aimee Yamamori |

      5 Fantastic Yoga Retreats That Won’t Break the Bank

      5 Fantastic Yoga Retreats That Won’t Break the Bank. Since there are so many amazing-yet-affordable retreats to choose from, we’ve handpicked a few that might just be the getaway you’re looking for.

    • Jennifer Sebenick |

      Is Yoga for Men?

      When I offer to teach yoga to many of the men I know, I often get the response “no thanks, I will leave the yoga to my wife.” There seems to be a certain stigma in our culture (at least by males that don’t practice) that yoga is geared toward women.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      6 Free Online Yoga Resources To Help Improve Your Practice

      As more and more people realize the magic of yoga, hundreds of new free online yoga resources hit the market. Here are our favorite free online yoga resources that are making a positive impact on the world of yoga:

    • YogiApproved |

      Why We Heart Wanderlust: A Yoga Festival and Mindfulness Movement

      Yoga festivals have steadily been growing in popularity worldwide. Wanderlust launched their first event in 2009 in Squaw Valley, California, and has truly set the standard in the realm of yoga festivals. So what is the Wanderlust mission? To inspire yogis to seek better food and promote a better earth with the intention, awareness, and creativity embodied by yoga.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      15 Reasons You Can’t Seem to Lose Your Belly Fat

      15 Reasons Why You Can't Whittle Your Waist: For many of us, when we gain weight, the midsection is the first place to show it. The dreaded ‘spare tire’ around your waist may become a constant reminder that you are no longer 18 years old or that you frequent the diner at 2 am a little too frequently.

    • Melissa Nordin |

      5 Ways to Refresh Your Warrior 2 Pose

      5 Fresh Ways to Refresh Your Warrior 2 Pose. Warrior 2 is a staple pose used in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Power Flow yoga classes. This pose is used as a building block for other poses and often gets passed over or rushed through on the way to other poses.

    • Ashton Aiden |

      Energy Management Techniques Part 2

      The energy of thought may seem negligible to some, but this is certainly not the case. Mental energy builds, and builds, and accumulates, often times manifesting into a physical object, or a physical experience.

    • George Peele |

      Fish Pose: Get Your Asana to Utah with Spirit Quest Rafting

      Spirit Quest Rafting fuses yoga, meditation and the therapeutic power of nature.

    • Allie Flavio |

      5 Secret Ingredients to Arm Balance Postures

      When first starting to practice yoga and for many months or years after, arm balance postures can “appear” unattainable, out of reach, too difficult, or light years away.

    • YogaTrail.com |

      5 Big Problems for Yogis and How to Solve Them

      YogaTrail is working on an app which will make your life a lot easier. It promises to solve 5 problems that seem to plague the lives of almost every yogi out there:

    • Melissa Nordin |

      4 Tips for Creating a Home Yoga Practice

      4 Tips for Creating a Home Practice: Here are the 4 lessons I learned along my journey to shedding predictability and embracing the Wild Yogi within through a solitary home practice:

    • Ashley Stern |

      Gangster Yoga (Video)

      Gangster Yoga: Meet Alexander Medin, a long-time yoga instructor and past boxer. In 2012, he began teaching yoga to prisoners.

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      Airport Yoga: 10 Tips for Travelers

      Airport Yoga: 10 Tips for Travelers: I was as stiff as an ironing board. I declared that I would never turn my nose up at someone doing yoga in the airport again. Airport-yoga-doers are the smartest travelers out there. Ever since that day, I’ve been transformed into an airport yogi.

    • Danielle McKee |

      How to Create and Enjoy an At-Home Retreat

      Home Retreat: Assuming that one truly cannot swing a retreat or a weekend getaway, let’s take a look at an alternative. An All- Inclusive, At-Home Retreat Attendance: One (You!) Duration: To be determined by YOU. Here is a list of steps, activities, ideas and comforts that will make your at-home retreat a spectacular

    • Melissa Nordin |

      3 Tips to Stick Balancing Poses

      Balancing Poses: The 3 breaths we have to stick this pose could be frustrating and challenging for even the most seasoned of yogis. Push just a bit too far, and you face plant in a heap of limbs and sweat. So, how can you teach your body to stick that balance pose without shaking, falling or failing? The long and short answer is alignment. Don’t panic, you can do this! Here are 3 easy tricks you need to know for better balance in your practice:

    • Alissa Lastres |

      Taking Mountain Pose Off The Mat and into Your Life

      Mountain Pose. Picture it: you’re standing in mountain pose, grounding yourself into the mat and the earth beneath it. You spread your toes and press into them, into your heels,allowing the arches of your feet to rise. You send energy up your legs and place attention on keeping them strong and steady. You draw in your tailbone, hold in your stomach, and breathe your shoulders back into place.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      A Beautiful AcroYoga Video

      AcroYoga is all about trust and energetic connection. The main reason we love this video so much is because you can feel the surrendered trust between Noga and Roi.

    • Kari-Ann Levine |

      Ashtanga Yoga: What Our Challenges on the Mat Teach Us About Our Challenges in Life

      Our greatest growth exists on the other side of our greatest challenges. The five-breath count in Ashtanga reminds us that in order to progress forward, we have to accept where we are today, let go, and then move on.

    • Yogi Aaron |

      Is Your “Yoga” Style Really Yoga?

      In our yoga community, a lack of understanding of the various schools and traditions of yoga is common. The conversation about whether there is a path of pure yoga is often poorly discussed.

    • Bobbie Jo Traut |

      The Magic of Movement: 5 Step Yoga Sequence to Get the Blood Flowing

      Good circulation is essential to overall health and wellbeing. And it can be easily included in a daily regimen - as the 5 step yoga sequence below shows.

    • Stephanie Stanley |

      Why Yoga Should Be the #1 Tool in Your Parenting Tool Belt

      For those of you parents who have a regular yoga practice this will make perfect sense why yoga should be the #1 tool in your parenting tool belt.

    • Ashton August |

      A Beautiful Yoga Video Showcasing a Love for Asana & Travel

      We've got goosebumps over here! This yoga video is a moving tribute to the parallel between yoga and travel. Both offer an invigorating, scintillating rush of energy and inspiration, and Masha Yoga has captured this sentiment eloquently in this awe-inspiring flow sequenced around the world.

    • Ashley Stern |

      Stop the Comparisons! Yoga Is for Everybody (Video)

      Yoga is for Everybody! Ultra-skinny and ultra-bendy women are often shown as the ‘ideal’ yogis in mainstream media. They seem serene and complete each pose with ease and grace, barely breaking a sweat and always wearing the most fashionable yoga clothes. A healthy yoga practice should encourage self-love and self-acceptance.

    • Ilonka Michelle O’Neil |

      Should We Clap at the End of a Yoga Class?

      Why do people clap at the end of a yoga class? Are they really that inspired? Maybe. Some yoga teachers are amazing! Are some students sucking up to their teachers with the accolades?

    • Victoria Majoros |

      5 Reasons to Practice Yoga in College

      Here are 5 reasons to drop everything (at least for a little bit), and go do some yoga in college:

    • Nelli Krajcso |

      The Slow Movement and Why it’s Time to Take a Slower Pace

      Everyone is acting like they can’t afford to rest. It isn’t an option to take a slower pace because we’ll be left behind. The slow movement says otherwise.

    • Meredith DeCosta |

      Confessions of an Egotistical Yoga Teacher

      When I first started teaching yoga, it was all about me. I wanted students to think I was a “good” teacher. I wanted to move students and their bodies through never-before-seen sequences.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      6 Natural and DIY Remedies for Cellulite

      Cellulite is made up of fat cells that are deposited beneath the skin and are visible above the skin’s surface with a dimpled, cottage cheese-like appearance.

    • Alissa Lastres |

      Preparing for Peace – From Savasana to Your Life

      Once we recognize how much control our minds and thoughts have over our entire existence, we can begin to work toward finding inner peace.

    • Charmie Stryker |

      5 Yoga Poses to Get Your Gut in Gear

      Building and maintaining a strong core not only feels good, but looks good on you! Incorporate these 5 yoga poses for core strength into practice for a healthy back and a body that’s ready for that summer wardrobe:

    • Samantha Wilson |

      Have You Lost That Yoga Feeling? Here’s How to Fall Back in Love With Your Practice

      If you’ve lost that yoga feeling and want to get yourself back on the mat, try these simple steps:

    • Aimee Yamamori |

      6 Tips for Practicing Yoga on a Budget

      It’s easy to be a bit intimidated by the expensive costs of yoga. Here are 6 tips and tricks for practicing yoga on a budget:

    • Erin Motz |

      5 Things A Yogi Should Never Apologize For

      There's enough judgment out there without the yoga world putting in their two cents. We are completely entitled to live whatever lifestyle we see fit, so forget about the rules and mandates and march to the beat of your own drum. Never again will you apologize for...

    • Ashley Stern |

      How to Maintain Balance on the Mat and in Your Life

      Those who practice will agree, our yoga mirrors our life and our life mirrors our yoga. Here are 8 ways to maintain balance on the mat and in your life.

    • Kari-Ann Levine |

      5 Ways Yoga and CrossFit are Basically the Same Damn Thing

      I teach yoga to CrossFitters on a weekly basis. The following list explores five ways that Yoga and CrossFit are basically the same damn thing...

    • George Peele |

      50 Shades of Grey Matter: Manage Stress with Neurosculpting Yoga

      Stressed out? You don't have to be a monk to meditate. Neurosculpting Yoga can help.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      10 Great Yoga YouTube Channels for Free Yoga Videos

      Are you looking for free yoga videos on YouTube? Here is our YogiApproved list of the top 10 yoga YouTube channels to get you on your yoga mat right now:

    • Elisha Thompson |

      8 Ways to Be Happier Right Now

      8 Ways to Be Happier Right Now: Life can be difficult. There are moments of great sorrow and pain; moments that often leave us feeling as if the world has come crashing down upon us.

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      Why Yogis Will Appreciate the Magic of Scotland

      The yoga community is full of people who are open, accepting, and always ready for an adventure, making Scotland the perfect holiday location for those who practice yoga. Here are some of the perks of Scotland that yoga practitioners in particular will appreciate:

    • Sophia Herbst |

      7 Delightful Facts About Yoga You (Probably) Didn’t Know

      The ancient practice of yoga is thought to have originated around 600 B.C.E (nearly 2,615 years ago!). A subject rife with entertaining facts and an illuminating history, here are seven delightful facts to share with your fellow yogis.

    • Samantha Wilson |

      What to Eat and Drink Before and After Yoga

      What to Eat and Drink Before and After Yoga If you want to succeed in your yoga practice, you need to fuel your body with the proper nutrients. Yoga will give you overall body strength, but without protein, your muscles will not develop and you will feel weak throughout your practice and daily life. To get the most of your practice and feel strong and healthy, follow these “Do’s and Don’ts” on what to eat and drink before and after yoga.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      3 Tank Tops to Support Well-Endowed Yogis

      If you are well-endowed on top – we are talking yogis with D+ breasts these are 3 tank tops that will work for you.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Why You Should LIVE Your Life Now

      Why You Should Live Your Life Now. One of my greatest challenges is fear. Fear of what will be, and what will not be. Fear of what has been, becoming again. If I allowed it, my mind would be a constant whirl of negative possibilities.

    • Sophia Herbst |

      The Problem with Using Yoga to Lose Weight

      The Problem with Using Yoga to Lose weight. Yoga is a practice of the mind over the body. Never is this more apparent than when one finds self-confidence in the body through yoga, not because yoga transformed your body, but because yoga transformed your mind.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      Yoga in Schools: A case of religious teachings or physical fitness?

      Do you think yoga in public schools is a violation of church and state? Is yoga religious in nature? Do you think yoga should be taught in public schools?

    • Tyler |

      The Desert Yogi – With Dylan Werner (Video)

      Yogi Dylan Werner is the perfect muse for Equinox's new yoga video. The contrast of the stark, silent desert and the undeniably vibrance in Dylan practice is just... perfect.

    • Erin Motz |

      13 Signs You’re a Bad Yogi (funny)

      All of your perfectly enunciated Sanskrit chants are really distracting me from hearing the voice inside my head think about what I’ll make for dinner tonight.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      Product Review: The Infinity Strap

      In this product review we take a look at the yoga and stretching prop, the Infinity Strap. Is it #yogiapproved? We'll let you know....

    • Ashton August |

      A Dance of Inner Connectedness (Video)

      Glass Animals is a beautiful song, perfect for your yoga playlist in a gentle flow or yin class, or as a warm-up song in a vinyasa class.

    • Aimee Yamamori |

      4 Common Things That Test Our Namaste and How to Maintain It

      We all have things that mess with our Namaste. Here are 4 things that threaten my Namaste, along with gentle reminders to help keep us more calm and less crazy!

    • Ashton August |

      Never Give Up – Inspirational Yoga Transformation! (Video)

      Meet Arthur, a Gulf War veteran badly injured in his service as a paratrooper. Doctors told him he'd never walk unassisted again, and as he explains in the video, he began to give up. He gained weight, he lost hope, and he felt he had no way out.

    • Bobbie Jo Traut |

      For The Traveler – Finding Prana in Prague

      Here are three privately-owned studios in the center of Prague to help traveling yogis identify a place to practice in this beautiful, Bohemian capital.

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      10 Reasons Your Best Friend is The Perfect Yoga Partner

      I think it goes without saying, but your best friend is pretty awesome (otherwise, I suppose she/he wouldn’t be your best friend). Whether they've been in your life for as long as you can remember or for just a few months, your best friend is the one person that you can share so much of your life with.

    • Yogi Ram |

      6 Things You Should Know About Being a Yoga Teacher

      Being an advanced yoga practitioner doesn’t make you an advanced teacher. There is a big difference between knowing something and being able to explain and transfer that knowledge to students.

    • Samantha Wilson |

      How to Prepare For Your First (or 100th) Hot Yoga Class

      Because you sweat excessively in hot yoga, there are some things you need to do to prepare your body and mind. To make sure you feel and perform at your best during class, and recover quickly after, here are five things you should do before attending hot yoga:

    • Ashton August |

      Why More Men Should Be Doing Yoga (Video)

      Let's face it. Yoga is viewed by some as a female-dominant practice. Of course this isn't true, and there are plenty of male yogis doing their thang around the globe.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      5 Ways Yoga Helps You Find Self-Acceptance

      Here are five ways that a regular yoga practice can help you find self-acceptance and love: It forces you to prove that you CAN.

    • Tyler |

      Gymnastics Yoga With Taisiya Pavlyukova (Video)

      Videos like this make me want to jump up and down screaming "WHYYY?!" Why do you torture us with such beautiful, inspirational, artistic masterpieces like this?

    • Ilonka Michelle O’Neil |

      For Yoga Teachers – Don’t Call it a “Belly”

      This is for my fellow yoga instructors. There are parts of the body that we are more sensitive about than others. No one is offended if a teacher says “hug your quad muscles to the bones” while students are in plank pose.

    • Kelsey Struble |

      “I Bend So I Don’t Break” – Here’s What it Actually Means

      You've seen it plastered on t-shirts, coffee mugs and inspirational posters: "I bend so I don't break." Here is what this saying actually means.

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      Why Yoga is Right for Everyone (Yes, Even You!)

      I’m not going to lie, I used to loathe going to yoga class. I was dragged (kicking and screaming) once a week by my enthusiastic best friend, who repeatedly told me that if I kept going I would soon love it.

    • Molly Flynn |

      Why You Should do a #30DayYogaChallenge

      You might feel like your life is too busy to post and practice yoga every day straight for 30 days, but don’t let that stop you! The commitment is worth it.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Olivier David | Advanced Ashtanga Flow (Video)

      In this video, yogi Olivier David takes us through an advanced Ashtanga flow. Oliver has been practicing since 2004 studying under the likes of...

    • Samantha Wilson |

      5 Ways Yoga Benefits Runners

      I incorporate both yoga and running into my daily life, and I am rewarded with how the two work together for better results. Here are five ways that yoga helps with running.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      The Impossible | Amazing Ashtanga Yoga Sequence (Video)

      This video, fittingly called "The Impossible," is precisely this. From the gorgeous background to the enticing lighting--not to mention the breathtakingly beautiful practice of Laruga Glaser--this is a yoga video worth watching, and watching, and watching.

    • Ashton August |

      Yoga On The Millennium Bridge in London (Video)

      In honor of everyone who loves themselves enough to carve out this much-needed time for their practice, here's a video that beautifully and eloquently represents the cause for pause that we call yoga.

    • Aimee Yamamori |

      My Yoga Story – How Yoga Carried Me Through My Grief

      The next week, I returned to yoga class, still raw but grateful for the escape to quiet my mind. As we went through our flow, there it was again:  “Be Still.”  Before I knew it, I was moving through my practice with tears in my eyes, my shoulders shaking as I cried.

    • Meredith DeCosta |

      5 AcroYoga Poses for a Stronger Relationship

      To feel acroyoga in its most exalted expression, partners have to trust one another, having faith that the base has the strength to hold the flyer while the flyer carefully follows the base’s words and cues.

    • Meredith DeCosta |

      How to Meet Your Soulmate at Yoga

      You’ve seen those cute yoga couples. They connect sweetly over a shared love of downward dog and Ujjayi breath. You watch them stroll into the yoga room, roll out their mats, and start meditating in nearly perfect unison.

    • George Peele |

      Meet Darrin Zeer – The Man Behind Lovers’ Yoga

      The Lovers' Yoga author met his lady Daisy at a meditation in Maui. They've been downward dogging together ever since. Now the duo is teaching others to enjoy the immense benefits they do

    • Katherine Smith |

      Asana Deconstructed – Exploring: Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

      Tadasana is often the pose we begin in and return to during our standing sequence. It provides space in our practice to re-connect with our breath, earth our feet and invite calm and clarity onto our mat and into our mind.

    • Sarah Herrington |

      Poetry & Yoga – 3 Poems For Your Practice

      As much as a yoga class is about breath, movement and listening within, many group practices are framed by another thing: words. It’s my hope that these poems will also serve you in your day-to-day life, tethering you to your center, encouraging you to ask questions, and stay awake.

    • Ashton August |

      Why We Breathe – A Beautiful Video About WHY We Do Yoga

      Why We Breathe is a beautifully moving documentary that delves into the "why?" of yoga. Why do we as yogis practice, what is it that we're seeking to gain from this practice, and what is it that fuels this passion?

    • Charmie Stryker |

      Why It’s Okay to Be Vulnerable on Your Yoga Mat

      Vulnerability doesn’t care whether you’re yoga student or a teacher--practicing by yourself or in a big class--it demands to be felt. On our journey of self-knowing, vulnerability is inevitable.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Your New Favorite Yoga Video!

      This video is absolutely incredible! Yogi Yaroslav Karaaba shows us his incredible practice in this beautiful video directed by Ukrainian director Taras Pratsovytyy

    • Katherine Smith |

      Asana Deconstructed – Exploring: Balasana (Child’s Pose)

      Mastering asana can be magical and mystifying. Some come to us easily. They feel intuitive and obvious, whereas...

    • George Peele |

      Weight Loss and Yoga – Outlaw Yogi Megan Zamora Is a New Woman

      Megan Zamora is half the yogi she used to be—literally. Just a few short years ago, she was lucky if she could see her feet. Now, she can balance on her hands.

    • Ilonka Michelle O’Neil |

      For All My Yogis With Short Arms

      I have short arms. There, I said it. Because of this, some yoga poses do not come naturally or easily to me. I use yoga props if available.

    • Ashton August |

      10 Books Every Yogi Should Read

      If you share a love for books and yoga, here are 10 books you should read. Every yogi should experience the profound power of these 10 must read books.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      A Review of the December 2014 Yogi Surprise Subscription Box

      Yogi Surprise is a monthly health and wellness subscription box that curates natural products for yogis and those that lead a natural lifestyle. Each month, you will receive a “retreat in a box” that includes six to eight full size products for your active lifestyle, including yoga accessories, natural beauty products, and organic treats.

    • Samantha Wilson |

      3 Ways Yoga Can Help With Digestion

      I came across an additional benefit to yoga: digestion. Here are a few ways that yoga aids in your digestive health.

    • Meredith DeCosta |

      Letting Go of Perfectionism – How I Am, and Why You Must

      I’m not perfect. I know this. I never have been, and I never will be. Truth be told though, as a yoga practitioner and yoga teacher, I struggle with the desire to be “perfect.”

    • Krysta Shannon |

      Goodebox Review and Giveaway

      We review Goodebox, a monthly subscription box that provides curated healthy beauty products, non-toxic and natural cosmetics, personal care products, and health and wellness products.

    • Tyler |

      If Gandhi Took A Yoga Class (Hilarious Video)

      What would the OG yogis like Gandhi think of a yoga class in America today? Align your chakras and get ready to laugh your, getting-ready-for-beach-season, butt off. Warning: This video contains some bad language. Viewer discretion is advised.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Angry Yoga Teacher (Hilarious Video)

      Ever wonder what your yoga teacher is thinking as s/he is preaching nothing but positive and uplifting messages? Sure, yoga teachers serve as a beacon of light for their students.

    • Katherine Smith |

      Asana Deconstructed – Exploring: Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

      You’ve stumbled across Asana Deconstructed! The reliable resource for discovering poses in depth, that delivers a detailed review of yoga postures, in a practical and easy to understand way that will elevate your knowledge to the next level and unlock the potential of your practice.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      Product Review: Buddhibox – A Subscription Box For Yogis

      This is a review of Buddhibox, a new monthly subscription box that features four to six curated items to enhance your yoga practice and lifestyle.

    • Kelsey Struble |

      Life Is A Canvas, You Are The Brush

      In my mind we're all a canvas; a canvas waiting to be configured into something beautifully imperfect. Pick up your brush, throw it in some color and let the rest transpire.

    • Ashton August |

      Product Review – Kast Fitness Yoga Capris

      Next on the review list is the lovely, versatile, and oh-so-stylish yoga capris from Kast Fitness Wear. Let me just start by saying that these capris get noticed everywhere I go.

    • Ilonka Michelle O’Neil |

      A Story Of Yoga Helping Our At Risk Youth

      Many of the children have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Some have even been orphaned. The yoga class I am currently teaching is comprised of little ones, ages 4-8.

    • Tyler |

      Yogadance: Dance Your Asana (Video)

      We all love a good playlist in our vinyasa flow class and if the track is right, paired with the right asana at the just the right time it can often feel like we're dancing. Dance is all about expression through movement.

    • Charmie Stryker |

      Product Review – Wolven|Threads

      I have always been intrigued when yoga and art play in harmony. Wolven|Threads is exactly that: a yoga line made by an artist and yogi for artists and yogis. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing this line of wearable art.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      How Holistic Treatments And Yoga Cured My Headaches

      Work, family, and daily life stressors can cause headaches from time to time. We’ve all had these headaches at one point or another but they’re generally easily relieved by a few hours of sleep or a dose of ibuprofen. But what about chronic headaches?

    • Jillian Grabarczyk |

      12 Quotes You Should Live By

      Forever on our white boards, perfect descriptions on our favorite photos, or etched someplace where we always see. Here are 12 quotes, hand-picked by the YA team, that we think everyone should live by.

    • Samantha Mitchell |

      3 Tips To Help You Beat The Hot Yoga Heat

      Stay Hydrated! Always be sure to drink an 8-ounce glass of water in the morning to get everything flowing. During your practice, don't hesitate to drink water whenever you need to (it's not uncommon for me to drink a liter of water during a 60 minute class).

    • Charmie Stryker |

      6 Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Yogi On Your List

      With less than a month left until Christmas, we've all got giving on our minds. We've compiled a small list of fun gift ideas for every yogi on your list!

    • Tyler |

      An Interview With Yogi Dylan Werner

      You may know Dylan Werner from his amazing, jaw dropping YouTube videos, his killer online yoga classes on CodyApp.com, or if you're one of the really lucky ones you may have taken one of his classes in the Los Angeles area or at some yoga retreat in a far off and I'm sure beautiful land.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Yoga Room Codes of Conduct

      Here are some of the universal guidelines that everyone should respect at their yoga studio. Knowing these codes of conduct will have you feeling more confident as you go to your first few yoga classes.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      “Daydream” A Beautiful Yoga-Dance By Meghan Currie (Video)

      Yes, Meghan Currie is at it again, using yoga as an artistic form of expression and creating another masterpiece of inspiration. You go girl! We love you for it!

    • Johnny Jedi |

      This Vinyasa Flow Is Crazy Good (Video)

      If you're anything like me, you go to the same yoga class, at the same time, with the same teacher on the same days of the week and you're getting a little uninspired by the same mundane intermediate flow.

    • Tyler |

      How to Become Ultra Spiritual (Funny Video)

      Pour yourself a kombucha and grab some popcorn. You're about to learn how to become ultra spiritual from life coach JP Spears. My intuition is telling me you are really going to enjoy this.

    • Charmie Stryker |

      My Yoga – The Mystical Yoga Farm

      We arrived by slow boat as it cruised through Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I’ve heard a lot about the sacredness of the land and suddenly I felt it. Three volcanoes spread its raw majestic beauty across the horizon and in its intrinsic ways it brought a shift within me.

    • Ashton August |

      Product Review: The Montiel Teardrop Bra

      Today, I have the pleasure of reviewing the Montiel Teardrop Bra. Montiel is a new active wear clothing line launched in 2013 by Maggie Montiel.

    • Ashton August |

      15 Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl Who Loves Yoga

      Here are 15 reasons you should date a girl who is into yoga. 1. Yoga Body - Yoga butt, yoga arms, strength and flexibility. Yoga girls are hot!

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Strength and Balance Unlike Anything We’ve Seen (Video)

      This video of Dylan showcases his grace and strength. His full body control and an amazing ability for defying gravity is something we have never seen before.

    • Tyler |

      Why Yoga Ruins Your Life (Video)

      DO NOT TRY YOGA. It will ruin your life. :) I kid, I kid. But in all seriousness, yoga will change your life and in the process leave the life you knew by the wayside.

    • Rose Waldeier |

      3 Ways to Get the Most out of Your New Yoga Practice

      I am a big believer in timing. I believe that somehow, someway, the right things come to us just when we need them. To me, Yoga is a journey that has presented itself to me at precisely the right time.

    • Bira |

      What It Means To Master Your Asana Practice

      Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey, or if you are a seasoned yogi, know that there is a sure way to master your asana practice but it lies beyond certifications and countless hours on the mat. There is a path to attaining alignment in all positions, to developing your attention and to controlling your breath, to opening your mind and your heart, where physical flexibility is not really the main focus or goal.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      A Beautiful, Spontaneous, Yoga Sequence At The Airport (Video)

      Leave it to Meghan Currie to WOW us every time she gets on the camera. This video is a perfect example of how yoga brings people together, inspires us, and showers us in beautiful, unforgettable, spontaneous moments.

    • Jillian Grabarczyk |

      4 Tips For Getting Inspired Before You Teach a Yoga Class

      It’s true. We yoga teachers have days where we aren't as amped as we usually are to teach class. Here are 4 things that can help you prepare for another awesome class.

    • Tyler |

      X-Ray Yoga – This Is Your Skeleton Doing Yoga (video)

      Animators and scientists teamed up to create a realistic representation of what your skeleton looks like doing yoga in radiological (x-ray) imaging. What they came up with is pretty incredible. Take a look.

    • Ashton August |

      10 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants You to Know

      Yoga is a very personal experience that is shared collectively in the yoga room. Teachers have the honor of guiding all levels and backgrounds of students through their unique journey.

    • YogiApproved |

      Interview With Adriene Mishler of the YouTube Channel, Yoga With Adriene

      Adriene Mishler is the star of the hugely popular YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene. We sat down with her to ask her about her story.

    • Ashton August |

      This Yoga Sequence is Absolutely Beautiful (video)

      Here is another incredible yoga sequence from the talented and beautiful Meghan Currie. She calls this video "Air Dancing" and for good reason.

    • Ashton August |

      5 Yoga Clothing Brands You Need to Know About

      Here are 5 yoga yoga clothing brands you need to know about. Watch out Lululemon, these companies are on to you.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Weight Loss and Yoga: A Journey Towards Finding Myself

      The girl who stood on the scale in November 2005 only cared about the numbers. She would have got on the scale every single day after yoga class counting every ounce lost or gained. Thankfully that girl has become wiser to what is truly important: love, acceptance, and peace.

    • Tyler |

      World Champion Halfpipe Skier Jen Hudak Uses Yoga to Find Balance in Her Life

      Life is all about balance. In the sport of halfpipe skiing, quite literally, balance is the key to success.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      3 Absolutely Beautiful AcroYoga Videos You Have to Watch Right Now

      AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics. It's plain awe-inspiring.

    • Tyler |

      Yogi Briohny Smyth Talks Backbends (Video)

      "Backbends are always misunderstood in yoga, and many yogis end up injured due to the misconception that we backbend solely in our low back. Watch as Briohny walks us through a backbend series from her infamous Equinox video.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      6 Things Every New Yoga Teacher Should Know

      As you step into the next chapter of your life as a yoga teacher, honor the time you have devoted to this accomplishment and go forth with confidence and compassion towards all that you meet.

    • Ashton August |

      What Yoga is to Me

      She asked what yoga means to me. She was a stranger I met while traveling; a stranger-turned-friend through the vehicle of yoga. I told her that to me, yoga is my spirituality

    • Johnny Jedi |

      3 Yoga Websites That Will Deepen Your Yoga Practice

      we've done the dirty work and sifted through the masses to find you the top 3 yoga websites that we think are making the online yoga community a better place. Bookmark em', download their apps, and enjoy some online yoga bliss.

    • Ashton August |

      Beautiful Beach Yoga Sequence (Video)

      Here is one of our favorite yogis, Meghan Currie, in might what be the most beautiful impromptu beach yoga sequence we have ever seen. Perfect to get you motivated this Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!

    • Johnny Jedi |

      A Beautiful Morning Yoga Flow (video)

      Start your morning off right with a little yoga inspiration from Krista Marie Starr in her video titled Mornings. This is video is absolutely beautiful!

    • Ashton August |

      Meet Bizzie Gold, One Seriously Inspirational Yogi (video)

      Every month in the "Get to Know a Yogi" series, we highlight a yogi that we think is making the yoga community a better, more uplifting and positive place. This months yogi is the inspirational and beautiful, Bizzie Gold.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      6 Tips For Finding Your Yogic Breath

      It is said that without breath there is no yoga. Breath is a crucial part of yoga and...

    • Elisha Thompson |

      3 Ways Yoga Helps Defeat Anxiety

      Anxiety has taken many peaceful mornings from me. It has taken afternoons, nights and entire days too. With it comes shaky and sweaty hands, racing thoughts

    • Ashton August |

      5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Practice

      Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or trying it out for the first time, these simple guidelines will enlighten your yoga practice and enrich your experience.

    • Tyler |

      Pets Interrupting People Doing Yoga (video)

      Isn't it interesting how animals are drawn to us when we are doing yoga? Why do you think...

    • Tyler |

      Get to Know a Yogi – Meet Meghan Currie (video)

      What do handstands, motorcycles, safety pins, street art, dirty old things, exquisite language, messy food, and stretching and bending have in common? The answer is yogi Meghan Currie.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Guys This is For You – 5 Simple Yoga Poses to Get You Started

      5 yoga poses for men to get you confident on the mat. Gentlemen, start your engines. Here’s a compilation of 5 key poses to jumpstart your yoga practice.

    • Ashton August |

      3 Heart Openers You Should Get to Know and Love

      We show you 3 Heart Opener Yoga Poses that help you tap into your emotions, gain clarity and control over your feelings, and build full-body strength.

    • Ashton August |

      5 Ways to Avoid Injury in the Hot Room

      The health benefits of hot yoga are well established. Yet, it is important to maintain a practice of caution. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid injury.

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