• Practice This Yoga Sequence to Boost Your Creativity (Video)

      Got creativity? If you often feel like you are ‘just going through the motions,’ then pause for a...

      Michelle ThielenMichelle Thielen | November 5, 2016
    • Reconnect and Refuel With This Restorative Yoga Sequence

      Yes, it’s true. Restorative yoga is a magical practice that, when practiced with complete surrender, can be an incredibly humbling and healing experience.

      Allie FlavioAllie Flavio | February 5, 2016
    • Bikini Body Yoga Sequence with Karena

      This super short, 16 minute yoga work-out will help stretch, lengthen, and strengthen your body for bikini season.

      YogiApprovedYogiApproved | February 1, 2016
    • Get to Know a Yogi with Krista Marie Starr

      As her name suggests, Krista really is a bright star in the yoga world. Her enchanting yet personal ‘Mornings’ video catapulted her into an online sensation, and her classes are known for being deeply insightful and playful.

      Katie NessKatie Ness | November 24, 2015
    • Morning Yoga Sequence: 18 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day

      Here is a sequence of yoga poses to build energy, release stress and tension from your mind and body, and to simply feel good. Like really feel good. For this entire sequence, please do anything that feels right.

      Allie FlavioAllie Flavio | August 31, 2015
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