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    • Michelle Stanger |

      Diastasis Recti Recovery: 10 Yoga Poses + Tips to Help New Moms Heal

      Diastasis recti occurs when your abdominal wall begins to separate during pregnancy. Try these yoga poses to aid in diastasis recti recovery.

    • Christina D’Arrigo |

      6 Yoga Poses for Dancers to Increase Flexibility and Prevent Injury

      Professional dancers and dance students alike can use yoga as a tool to improve their dance technique and also prevent career-ruining injuries. Read how!

    • Johnny Jedi |

      Game of Thrones Fans Will Love These 8 Dramatic Yoga Poses

      Game of Thrones fans will have fun practicing these dramatic yoga poses that embody characters and other elements from the Golden Globe winning show.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Here are 10 Reasons to Do Inversions (Incase You Needed an Excuse)

      Inversions are any asana, that places the head below the heart. From improved circulation to increased immunity this is why you should get upside down

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Boost Your Metabolism with This Vinyasa Yoga Sequence

      Practice this Vinyasa flow sequence with strengthening yoga poses to create the perfect formula for increasing heart rate and boosting metabolism overall.

    • Leah Sugerman |

      Here’s How to Take Flight in Flying Pigeon Pose

      Flying Pigeon Pose is an arm balance that stretches and strengthens the body. Learn how to take flight in this dramatic pose of strength and grace.

    • Jillian Halliday |

      10 Beginner Yoga Poses (Reminder: We’re All Humble Beginners)

      Beginner yoga poses can increase endurance and cultivate mindfulness. Start your yoga practice anew with these beginner yoga poses.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Activate Your Sexual Energy with These 9 Yoga Poses

      Yoga is great for many things. It can help you relax, revitalize, and even awaken you sexually. Use these 9 yoga poses to activate your sexual energy.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      Tune into Your Body with These 9 Grounding Yoga Poses

      Yoga poses can alter your energy when you're feeling imbalanced. Try these yoga poses to ground you during times of change and high stress.

    • Kendra Sand |

      6 Yin Yoga Poses for Back Pain (Video)

      Yin Yoga is a type of yoga that is renowned for inducing deep relaxation. Generally, Yin Yoga poses are close to the ground, slow, deep, and juicy.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Master One-Legged King Pigeon Pose – 8 Yoga Poses to Help You Flip Your Grip

      Does it seem impossible to flip your grip in King Pigeon pose? Follow along with these key yoga poses to prep your body.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Lower Back Pain? Try These Yoga Exercises to Strengthen Your Core & Find Relief

      Lower back pain is a common ailment. Try these yoga exercises to strengthen your core and alleviate lower back pain.

    • Joanne Moules |

      Align Your Chakras By Practicing These Yoga Poses

      Can you tell when your chakras are misaligned? An easy way to align your chakras is yoga.

    • Leah Sugerman |

      Practice These 7 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Neck Pain

      As people continue to spend more and more time looking at devices, neck pain in our society has exponentially increased as a result.

    • Dawn Yager |

      What are Bandhas? How to Engage Them to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

      Learn how to use the 4 Bandhas to enhance your yoga practice. Explore the benefits of Mula and Uddiyana Bandhas.

    • Tara Mestre |

      Ease Your Pregnancy with These 7 Relaxing Prenatal Yoga Poses

      Prenatal yoga will help you throughout your pregnancy and your labor. And when it comes to aches, pains and discomfort, yoga can help alleviate these too.

    • Elena Savina |

      4 Hip-Opening Yoga Poses You Can Do While Working on Your Laptop

      Who said that working on a laptop requires you to sit on a chair at a desk? This article will provide you with yoga poses you can do to open your hips.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Boost Your Energy in 10-Minutes with These Ten Yoga Poses

      Yoga is an awesome physical activity to get the blood flowing, break up stagnant energy, and allow your energy to flow freely so you can focus, feel more energized, and face whatever comes your way without having to reach for that third cup of coffee.

    • Michelle Thielen |

      Common Misalignments in Warrior I and II + How to Fix Them

      If you are unsure about your alignment in Warrior I and Warrior II, you could be missing a key part of your yoga practice. Warrior I and Warrior II are powerful yoga poses that strengthen and build a stable foundation for the rest of your yoga practice.

    • Keya Williams |

      5 Stress-Relieving Yoga Poses You Can Do with Your Newborn

      Here are 5 common new mom stresses, along with yoga poses you can practice with your newborn to relieve your stress and stay healthy:

    • Leta Stevens |

      6 Must-Do Yoga Poses for Weightlifters

      With more room for your muscles to grow, you ensure that your long hours in the weightroom are maximized even further.

    • Valerie Brusamarello |

      Do These Relaxing Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress + Anxiety

      Here are a few relaxing yoga poses to help you get off the couch, turn off the political updates, and channel your thoughts and emotions into a more positive space:

    • Elisha Thompson |

      These Yoga Poses Are Perfect for the Female Body

      While yoga is universally beneficial to both genders, there are specific poses that particularly benefit the female body and mind.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Quick Guide to Sanskrit: 15 Common Yoga Terms Translated

      Sanskrit was used to write the ancient collections of hymns and texts known as the Vedas, which much of our yoga practice was derived from.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Abdominal Anatomy + Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Full Core

      Having full core awareness and a solid understanding of the core’s anatomy is a very important part of your yoga practice.

    • Johnny Jedi |

      10 Incredible Yoga Photos from Burning Man 2016

      Burning Man: a time and place once a year where people gather to let go of who they...

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Practice These Yoga Poses to Relieve Common Ailments

      If you are suffering from an ailment, know that you can turn to your yoga practice for relief....

    • Devakar Sandhu |

      Practice These Yoga Poses to Relieve Headaches

      The next time you have a headache, try a few of these yoga poses before turning to the medicine cabinet. You’ll be surprised just how effective this holistic approach to relieving headaches can be.

    • Michelle Stanger |

      Do These 6 Yoga Poses for a Healthier, Happier Period

      Whether you are on a contraceptive or not, your period will make an appearance at some point. We...

    • Yogi Ram |

      5 Important Reasons You Should Never Skip Sun Salutations

      There are many compelling reasons to make sure you include sun salutations in your physical yoga practice. They build physical strength and endurance...

    • Michelle Stanger |

      10 Yoga Exercises You Can Practice With Your Active Toddler

      It is late in the afternoon and you were able to get your toddler down for a nap....

    • Allie Flavio |

      Simple, Feel-Good Yoga Sequence For All Level Yogis

      Join me in this 14 yoga pose sequence that’s simple and relaxing for a total feel-good yoga practice. Somewhere between the thousandth vinyasa and countless attempts to find King Pigeon Pose, I’ve snapped back to reality.

    • Joanne Moules |

      The Bandhas: Learn the Technique and Transform Your Yoga Practice

      Bandhas have been practiced for thousands of years and contain an element of control that otherwise goes unnoticed in your physical yoga practice.

    • Elisha Thompson |

      How to Stretch Your Wrists: Yoga for Wrist Pain

      Wrist pain and injury is common among yogis. The wrists are weight-bearing in many yoga poses, such as...

    • Kassandra Reinhardt |

      5 Minute Yoga Sequence for a Sore Neck (Video)

      I'm not going to lie . . . I spend a lot of time on my computer -...

    • Allie Flavio |

      4 Yoga Poses for a Firm, Strong, and Sexy Butt (Video)

      Booty Toning Tip: For each move, bring your attention to the glute muscle that’s being worked. Make sure it’s active, awake, and engaged! Make that butt work for ya!<

    • Joanne Moules |

      Exploring Kundalini Yoga: Chanting and Pranayama Techniques

      Much of Kundalini Yoga is both challenging and comforting in equal parts. The profound science of the practice brings about chemical reactions in the body that create palpable, profound shifts in your thinking, physical health, and daily life.

    • Bianca Williams |

      5 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Wrists

      The health of our wrists not only depends upon the strength and tone of the muscles on the tops and bottoms of our forearms, but also upon how we bear weight on our hands and wrists. Although repetitive use will damage muscular tension, wrist injuries themselves are usually caused by how we put weight on our hands.

    • Alexis Kristan |

      7 Popular Yoga Poses and Their Unexpected Benefits

      Regardless of your personal reasons for stepping onto the mat, there are thousands of unexpected and unforeseen benefits of your everyday yoga practice. Here are 7 popular yoga poses and some of their unexpected benefits:

    • Alexa Erickson |

      6 Yoga Poses for Travelers: How to Stretch and Strengthen on the Go

      Whether you’re just hopping off a plane, or you’re trying to keep yourself on track with your exercise while traveling, these 6 yoga poses are perfect to counteract the negative effects of traveling:

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      10 Yoga Poses Proven to Reduce Stress

      Your yoga practice can have an immensely positive impact on your stress levels and happiness overall, so it’s important to maintain a regular yoga routine, especially when the stress begins to build.

    • Jeffrey Langmaid D.C. |

      Six Restorative Yoga Poses To Help Heal Back Pain

      Gentle movements and simple yoga poses can ultimately provide lasting back pain relief. Try these yoga poses to relieve your back pain.

    • Jessie Wren |

      Learn Yoga Anatomy: 5 Yoga Poses to Prep For Inversions

      For those of you who want to advance your inversion and backbend practice, knowing how the shoulder girdle works is pivotal (pun intended).

    • Charmie Stryker |

      Prenatal Yoga: 6 Pose Modifications for Pregnancy

      Due to the uniqueness of our bodies, there is no one-size-fits-all prenatal yoga practice. Below are six yoga poses and modifications that are beneficial and safe for moms-to-be:

    • Liane Bargas |

      6 Yoga Poses That Aren’t Quite What They Seem

      There are yoga poses that look easy as pie, but when you try them for yourself, you can get a surprising stretch, an unexpected sensation in parts of your body you never felt before - or both.

    • Bianca Williams |

      How to Modify 5 Common Power Yoga Poses

      In this article we will look at 5 common yoga poses you can easily modify. With modifications, your muscles and alignment will build faster and correctly.

    • Allie Flavio |

      10 Yoga Poses to Strengthen and Tone (Yoga Video)

      10 yoga poses to help strengthen and tone your body, mind, and soul. I quickly touch on each one in a video below + how to incorporate these into your practice.

    • Jessie Wren |

      Learn Yoga Anatomy: 5 Yoga Poses to Protect the Knee Joint

      There are ligaments within the knee that can tear with too much rotation. These 5 yoga poses will protect your knee joints.

    • Charmie Stryker |

      How to Safely Go Deeper in Your Yoga Poses

      Every body is different and so are our strengths and flexibility levels. So how do we go deeper into our yoga poses safely?

    • Jessie Wren |

      Learn Yoga Anatomy: 5 Yoga Poses for a Healthy Spine

      The spine is the foundation for most, if not all, yoga poses. Learning how the spine functions, along with how to properly protect it, will help prevent future injuries.

    • Kasia Litwinski |

      Google Unveils Yoga Directory

      Google’s trademark efficiency has now integrated itself into the yoga community. Google has announced that users will be able to learn yoga poses without leaving the search engine.

    • Alison Heilig |

      Yoga Poses for Long-Distance Runners

      Here is a 7-minute yoga sequence you can do after your long run for optimal recovery:

    • Kirsty Gallagher |

      5 Yoga Poses to Keep You Warm and Healthy This Winter

      Here are 5 simple yoga poses that will not only help get the blood flowing to increase immunity and keep you healthy this winter, but will also help keep you warm and feeling good!

    • Yogi Ram |

      All About Headstands & 7 Tips to Do Them Safely

      When standing in Headstand, not only is the body upside down - the blood pressure is also reversed. The blood pressure changes in the head, neck, shoulders, veins, blood vessels, lungs and legs. This movement forces the body to react to keep the balance in different body systems.

    • Alexa Erickson |

      What Your Favorite Yoga Pose Says About You

      Just like our affection for certain types of yoga, we often find ourselves rolling our eyes at a...

    • Regina Due |

      How Yoga Creates and Sustains Good Posture

      Your yoga practice will help straighten out your mind as well as your posture. Cheers to good posture!

    • YogiApproved |

      Bikini Yoga Flow (Video)

      Enjoy this beautiful beach yoga flow from the ladies at filled with the sound of ocean waves lapping against the shore (what a treat to hear amidst chilly days and snowfall!), gentle background music, and a simple yet effective flow to get your blood pumping, your mind calm, and your body ready for bikini weather!

    • Kirsty Gallagher |

      5 Yoga Poses You Need to Practice Every Day

      Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner it’s really important to build a solid foundation in your practice.

    • Jessie Wren |

      Do This Restorative Bedtime Yoga Sequence For Better Sleep

      Follow this simple bedtime yoga sequence to slow down the body, the mind, and help get a better night’s sleep.

    • Kari-Ann Levine |

      5 Yin Yoga Poses For Beginner Yogis

      Yin yoga is the yoga of surrender. Let go of all the tension, tightness and resistance - and melt into a long-held yoga poses.

    • Ashton August |

      Every Yoga Pose From A-Z (Video)

      This video is a beautiful tribute to the ABC's of your yoga practice in a literal sense -- you watch the yogis as they move into different postures, following the letters of the alphabet. Yoga ABC's never looked so good, and this video really brings the poses to life. Onzie is really onto something original and creative here, and we at YogiApproved™ are honored to share this beautiful, inspiring video.

    • Melissa Nordin |

      How Yoga Can Help You Beat Cancer

      Yogis are different from other healthy folks. It is for these reasons that yoga combats the enemy of all humans: CANCER.

    • Alissa Lastres |

      7 Yoga Poses To Open Your Heart

      Practice simple heart openers and let your mantra be "I live with an open heart." Breathe it in and breathe it out. Allow your mantra to serve as your motivation through your practice to keep going, to keep holding the pose(s) just a little longer.

    • Charmie Stryker |

      6 Yoga Poses for Strong, Toned Arms

      These 6 yoga poses will help get rid of "arm flab" and build lean, toned muscle, improve your strength and stability, and build your bone density. Practice them today for strong, toned arms tomorrow!

    • Allie Flavio |

      Morning Yoga Sequence: 18 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day

      Here is a sequence of yoga poses to build energy, release stress and tension from your mind and body, and to simply feel good. Like really feel good. For this entire sequence, please do anything that feels right.

    • Andrea Palesh |

      6 Yoga Poses for Dancers

      he following yoga poses are ones I found, as a dancer, to be humbling, informative, and character building. Yoga is a practice and the discovery will always continue, so for now I’ll leave you with these poses that are bound to uncover new self-discoveries:

    • Kari-Ann Levine |

      Start Practicing Yoga: 5 Beginner Yoga Poses You Can Do At Home (Video Tutorial)

      These are five common beginner yoga poses you will encounter in a yoga class. You can practice these yoga poses at home before heading to your local studio.

    • Bobbie Jo Traut |

      10 Yoga Poses For Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

      To ease the soreness, try these 10 yoga poses for hikers that will stretch you out and have you ready to hike again tomorrow!

    • Charmie Stryker |

      5 Yoga Poses to Detoxify Your Liver

      Twist variations offer many benefits aside from just detoxing our bodies. Here are 5 Yoga Poses to Detoxify Your Liver:

    • Stephanie Stanley |

      10 Insane Yoga Photos

      You may have also seen yoga selfies occasionally catching some flack, (do a quick Google search of “yoga selfies” and you’ll see what I’m talking about) but regardless of differing opinions, we can all agree they are better than “duck face.” We personally can’t get enough of these 10 insane yoga photos!

    • Allie Flavio |

      Learn How to Do the Splits (Tutorial)

      This is a tutorial on how to do the splits. Here we go...

    • Erin Motz |

      Free Yoga Class: Hips and Hamstring Flow With Erin Motz

      Enjoy this free yoga class from Bad Yogi, Erin Motz. She walks you though and hip and hamstrings flow. When you think about "tight" areas on your body, I bet one of them is definitely either the hips or the hamstrings.

    • Allie Flavio |

      Crow Pose Tutorial with Variations

      For this specific tutorial, we will focus on crow pose arm balance postures, as these are widely popular throughout yoga classes today. Start practicing these tips today and check back with us when you’re flying tomorrow!

    • Eirinn Norrie |

      Airport Yoga: 10 Tips for Travelers

      Airport Yoga: 10 Tips for Travelers: I was as stiff as an ironing board. I declared that I would never turn my nose up at someone doing yoga in the airport again. Airport-yoga-doers are the smartest travelers out there. Ever since that day, I’ve been transformed into an airport yogi.

    • Melissa Nordin |

      3 Tips to Stick Balancing Poses

      Balancing Poses: The 3 breaths we have to stick this pose could be frustrating and challenging for even the most seasoned of yogis. Push just a bit too far, and you face plant in a heap of limbs and sweat. So, how can you teach your body to stick that balance pose without shaking, falling or failing? The long and short answer is alignment. Don’t panic, you can do this! Here are 3 easy tricks you need to know for better balance in your practice:

    • Alissa Lastres |

      Taking Mountain Pose Off The Mat and into Your Life

      Mountain Pose. Picture it: you’re standing in mountain pose, grounding yourself into the mat and the earth beneath it. You spread your toes and press into them, into your heels,allowing the arches of your feet to rise. You send energy up your legs and place attention on keeping them strong and steady. You draw in your tailbone, hold in your stomach, and breathe your shoulders back into place.

    • Bobbie Jo Traut |

      The Magic of Movement: 5 Step Yoga Sequence to Get the Blood Flowing

      Good circulation is essential to overall health and wellbeing. And it can be easily included in a daily regimen - as the 5 step yoga sequence below shows.

    • Sophia Herbst |

      3 Post Sex Yoga Poses

      A good romp is quite similar to a good workout: You sweat a lot, you burn the calorie equivalent of a supreme stuffed-crust pizza, and you’re left feeling sore sore sore (and ready for more… tomorrow).

    • Charmie Stryker |

      5 Yoga Poses to Get Your Gut in Gear

      Building and maintaining a strong core not only feels good, but looks good on you! Incorporate these 5 yoga poses for core strength into practice for a healthy back and a body that’s ready for that summer wardrobe:

    • Katherine Smith |

      Five Yoga Poses for a Better Night’s Sleep

      Gentle, restorative yoga poses are proven to have a positive impact on your sleep. Yoga before bed will calm the mind, relax the body, and lead you into a good night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

    • Melissa Nordin |

      Making Yoga Work For You: 5 Modified Yoga Poses To Deepen Your Practice

      Yoga props are not just for inflexible folks; blocks, straps, and bolsters help advance your yoga practice. Props help smooth out the places where our practice becomes more difficult due to our unique bones, connective tissue, and joints. Our joints and their range of motion will eventually improve with correct use.

    • Katherine Smith |

      Asana Deconstructed – Exploring: Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

      You’ve stumbled across Asana Deconstructed! The reliable resource for discovering poses in depth, that delivers a detailed review of yoga postures, in a practical and easy to understand way that will elevate your knowledge to the next level and unlock the potential of your practice.

    • Ashton August |

      5 Perfect Yoga Poses for Maintaining A Healthy Spine

      Practice these 5 basic yoga poses to help you get and maintain a strong and healthy spine.

    • Ashton August |

      How to Correctly Perform Downward Dog and Plank Pose

      Even if you have a solid Plank and your Down Dog couldn’t be more glorious, here’s a simple checklist to bring your classic poses to their highest potential

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