• 6 Undeniable Reasons You Should Drink More Water

      More water = better health. Knowing just how important hydration is for your body’s well being overall will help motivate you to drink more water.

      Alexis KristanAlexis Kristan | July 21, 2016
    • Why Drought Is a Choice (Video)

      In this quick lesson on water management, Connor Jones of shows us how we are contributing to our current drought issues is California.

      TylerTyler | February 9, 2016
    • How to Drink Water: Stay Hydrated the Ayurvedic Way

      The majority of our body is water. This water is stored both inside and outside cells to dissolve nutrients, carry waste, regulate body temperature, send brain messages, and lubricate all our moving parts.

      Tina ShahTina Shah | September 22, 2015
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