• Weight Lifting 101: 5 Basic Principles of Strength Training

      While there are several ways to strength train, it is important that you follow these 5 basic principles to ensure you get the best overall results:

      Enrico FioranelliEnrico Fioranelli | June 25, 2015
    • Stop the Comparisons! Yoga Is for Everybody (Video)

      Yoga is for Everybody! Ultra-skinny and ultra-bendy women are often shown as the ‘ideal’ yogis in mainstream media. They seem serene and complete each pose with ease and grace, barely breaking a sweat and always wearing the most fashionable yoga clothes. A healthy yoga practice should encourage self-love and self-acceptance.

      Ashley SternAshley Stern | May 6, 2015
    • We Need Less Dick Heads & More People Living Like They Mean It (Poem)

      A poem from author Janne Robinson about the importance of living a more joy filled life of appreciation and abundance.

      Janne RobinsonJanne Robinson | March 4, 2015
    • My Yoga Story – Uttanasana Standing Forward Fold

      In these past 30 days, yoga has become part of my daily life. Yes, I can touch the floor in forward fold, but I am also learning to be content with myself.

      Ashley SternAshley Stern | February 28, 2015
    • Why I Won’t Stop Wearing Yoga Pants

      I remember when I was fourteen and I bought my first pair of black, form fitting Lululemon yoga pants. One day my mom made a comment about me wearing them out in public.

      Janne RobinsonJanne Robinson | February 24, 2015
    • Why I Refuse to Love Myself Less Because I am Thin

      This horse has been beat and I am sure you are all exhausted as I of hearing it, but I will speak it until it needs to be said no longer. I will not love myself less because I am thin.

      Janne RobinsonJanne Robinson | February 15, 2015
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