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  • YogiApproved |

    How Gut Health + Probiotics Impact Weight Loss

    Probiotics stimulate the growth of microorganisms that are beneficial to gut health by supporting intestinal flora. Recently, probiotics...

  • Jessica Gomes |

    5 Ways to Maintain Gut Health + Why It’s so Important

    70% of your immune system lives in your gut, which means if you do not maintain a healthy gut, it can leave you vulnerable to contracting illness, and affect your ability to lose fat, along with disrupting your mental health.

  • Josh Duvauchelle |

    Chew on This: 5 Tips for Better, Healthier Digestion

    We all know the adage “You are what eat.” If this is true, then we’re only as healthy as our digestive system. Eat to your health! Have healthier digestion.

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