• Are You Pet Obsessed? Here Are 15 Signs You Might Be (Funny)

      You love your pet, but are you completely pet obsessed? If these 15 signs describe you to a T, you may just be obsessed with your pet.

      Morgan Casavant | January 17, 2018
    • 10 Uplifting Essential Oil Products to Boost Your Mood

      Essential oils are potent natural solutions for health that can be used in many ways to support your body.

      Laura McQuarrie | March 22, 2017
    • What Your Favorite Yoga Pose Says About You

      Just like our affection for certain types of yoga, we often find ourselves rolling our eyes at a...

      Alexa Erickson | January 14, 2016
    • 3 Signs Your Yoga Community is Like a Family

      Yoga studios are rooted in the intention of making us feel at home. Here are 3 ways your yoga community is like a family:

      Kasia Litwinski | September 20, 2015
    • 6 Common Questions Yoga Students Have but Are Too Afraid to Ask

      To answer some of your common questions and hopefully give you a bit more peace in your practice, I humbly offer my perspective as a yoga instructor:

      Jessie Wren | September 20, 2015
    • 9 Gorgeous Backbends to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

      Let’s face it - backbends are simply gorgeous. As a professional photographer, there’s no doubt that backbends are some...

      Kent Hogan | August 28, 2015
    • 8 Benefits of Hot Yoga

      Hot yoga is a yoga style that is practiced in hot and humid conditions, typically heated to around 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. Each 60- or 90-minute class will offer a series of postures that aim to contract and strengthen your muscles and raise your heart rate to create an amazing yoga experience with cardiovascular benefits.

    • 5 Reasons Why You Should Step Away from Your Routine

      Routines run our lives. Here are five reasons why you should stray from your routine:

      Danielle McKee | August 10, 2015
    • 5 Secrets To Maintaining a Regular Yoga Practice

      If you want to go further and maintain a daily yoga practice, then there are a few attitudes you can develop to improve your chances. Here are 5 secrets to maintaining a regular yoga practice:

      Ian Marshall | August 5, 2015
    • 4 Things You Learn After Your First Yoga Class

      Here are 4 truths you discover after your first yoga experience: 1. Yoga is Much More than Just Stretching. We’ve all seen the crazy photos of yogis bending themselves into positions that make us gawk in disbelief.

      Kent Hogan | August 4, 2015
    • 5 Tips for Practicing Yoga With Your Pet (video)

      Sure, you can lock them in another room during your practice, but they are your furbabies and you love them, so you want them to be a part of your life and your practice.

      Krysta Shannon | July 25, 2015
    • 10 Ways to Manifest Abundance This Summer

      Here are 10 simple ways you can change energy patterns this season and create more lasting abundance in your life...

      Allison Dailey | June 22, 2015
    • 10 Reasons Why Yogis Are So Damn Happy

      Have you ever noticed how happy everyone that does yoga is? Here are 10 reasons why we yogis have found a lasting sense of happiness, contentment, and bliss:

      Jillian Grabarczyk | June 11, 2015
    • 5 Reasons to Practice Yoga in College

      Here are 5 reasons to drop everything (at least for a little bit), and go do some yoga in college:

      Victoria Majoros | May 5, 2015
    • 6 Tips for Practicing Yoga on a Budget

      It’s easy to be a bit intimidated by the expensive costs of yoga. Here are 6 tips and tricks for practicing yoga on a budget:

      Aimee Yamamori | April 27, 2015
    • 5 Things A Yogi Should Never Apologize For

      There's enough judgment out there without the yoga world putting in their two cents. We are completely entitled to live whatever lifestyle we see fit, so forget about the rules and mandates and march to the beat of your own drum. Never again will you apologize for...

      Erin Motz | April 26, 2015
    • 7 Delightful Facts About Yoga You (Probably) Didn’t Know

      The ancient practice of yoga is thought to have originated around 600 B.C.E (nearly 2,615 years ago!). A subject rife with entertaining facts and an illuminating history, here are seven delightful facts to share with your fellow yogis.

      Sophia Herbst | April 13, 2015
    • Five Yoga Poses for a Better Night’s Sleep

      Gentle, restorative yoga poses are proven to have a positive impact on your sleep. Yoga before bed will calm the mind, relax the body, and lead you into a good night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

      Katherine Smith | March 31, 2015
    • How to Prepare For Your First (or 100th) Hot Yoga Class

      Because you sweat excessively in hot yoga, there are some things you need to do to prepare your body and mind. To make sure you feel and perform at your best during class, and recover quickly after, here are five things you should do before attending hot yoga:

      Samantha Wilson | March 13, 2015
    • 20 Books To Help You Become More Spiritual

      These are our favorite books for a spiritual mind. From Deepak Chopra to BKS Iyengar this is the most comprehensive reading list you'll find.

      Katherine Smith | March 1, 2015
    • 6 Things Every New Yoga Teacher Should Know

      As you step into the next chapter of your life as a yoga teacher, honor the time you have devoted to this accomplishment and go forth with confidence and compassion towards all that you meet.

      Elisha Thompson | September 8, 2014
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