• YogiApproved |

      This Personal Essential Oils Diffuser Is About the Coolest Thing Ever!

      This personal aromatherapy diffuser might be the savior you’ve been looking for to complement your yoga, meditation, and wellness practices.

    • Amanda McHugh |

      Pack These 10 Essential Oils for Your Next Family Vacation

      As a mother of three, my favorite aspect of essential oils is that they are a natural, holistic, and safe alternative to traditional store-bought products that are full of toxic and dangerous chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Essential oils are the key ingredient in many easy DIY recipes that you can use whether you’re on the go, cleaning your home, or taking your next vacation.

    • YogiApproved |

      10 Minute Yoga Sequence for Stress Relief (Video)

      This yoga sequence is all about stress relief! Today, we are here to destress, relax, and calm down....

    • YogiApproved |

      10 Must-Have Products to Get the Most Out Of Your Essential Oils

      The uses for essential oils are endless! You can use in your day-to-day life, from your home, to the office, on your yoga mat, and everywhere in between!

    • Brittany Kintzel |

      Essential Oils 101 – What You Need to Know

      Essential oils are all the rage these days. But did you know that essential oils have been used since around 1500 BCE? In fact, in some communities, essential oils are considered the oldest and most powerful substances on earth.

    • Krysta Shannon |

      An Essential Oils Guide for Wellness

      Essential oils are the modern-day magical cure-all for virtually any ailment (non-life threatening) or bodily irritation. Here are three necessary oils that you should have in your medicine cabinet at all times, which will get you started on the road to balancing your body and mind.

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