• 7 Eco-Friendly Yoga Brands You Should Probably Know About

      As yogis, we should always support and choose eco-friendly yoga brands. Here are 7 awesome eco brands for all your yoga gear needs. Which is your favorite?

      YogiApproved | September 4, 2018
    • Dear Future Generations: We’re Sorry (Earth Day Video)

      Earth Day shouldn't be the only day we honor and take care of our planet. This video gives a scary glimpse into our future - let's change it for the better.

      YogiApproved | April 22, 2018
    • Review of Kulae’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

      In this review we take a look at the eco-friendly yoga mat line from kulae yoga. Watch the video and see why we these yoga mats are YogiApproved™

      YogiApproved | August 28, 2016
    • Product Review: The Yoloha Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

      The Yoloha Nomad Cork Yoga Mat is a lightweight offshoot of Yoloha's original cork yoga mat. We have tested and reviewed this mat, and are excited to share with you why we think Yoloha has outdone themselves yet again!

      YogiApproved | January 7, 2016
    • Consider This When Shopping for Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing

      When it comes to yoga clothing, you have a ton of options. Navigating the eco-clothing market can be a little confusing - there are no set guidelines for what makes a brand eco-friendly.

    • Product Review: Pranamat ECO Acupressure Mat

      When I first stepped onto the Pranamat, I was surprised at how sharp the lotus flower-shaped massagers felt against the bottom of my feet. But I immediately felt a rush of energy, stimulation, and intense physical focus, and knew I’d stepped onto something good for me. Don't get me wrong, this mat is not comfortable to lay on.

      YogiApproved | September 3, 2015
    • 8 Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing Brands For Eco-Conscious Yogis

      Choosing eco-friendly yoga clothing brands is a way to blend your love of yoga with your dedication to conserving this planet’s resources. Here are 8 eco-friendly yoga brands.

      Krysta Shannon | August 18, 2015
    • 6 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats for a Healthier Practice

      Consider switching to an eco-friendly yoga mat that is free of toxic chemicals and known carcinogens. Here are 6 eco-friendly yoga mats that are made with the environment and your health in mind:

      Krysta Shannon | August 8, 2015
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