As Conscious Consumers, We Need to Switch to Cruelty-Free Beauty Products (Here’s How)

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Becoming more conscious means that we have to confront some not-so-comfortable truths about the unnecessary and unintentional harm we might be causing. One area where this is abundantly clear is our use of beauty products and cosmetics. Going cruelty-free is something we as consumers have a moral obligation to uphold.

As we grow in our lives on and off the mat, we begin to become more aware of how our actions and choices have a direct impact on ourselves and the people and world around us.

It only takes one small act to begin a trend for big change.

Many cosmetic and skin care brands around the world still use animal testing – a perfect example of unnecessary harm. Animal testing is not and should be acceptable, period.
If you’ve been thinking about making some more conscious choices when it comes to the products you purchase, there is no better time than now!

Here Are 6 Simple Steps to Switch to Cruelty-Free Beauty Products:


1. Take inventory

When you decide to switch to cruelty-free products, the most important first step is to see what products you might have in your cabinet that are already not tested on animals. You might be surprised to find that your favorite blush comes from a line that is cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

Many cosmetic and skin care brands around the world still use animal testing, a perfect example of unnecessary harm.

This quick inventory will help you know which products you can continue to purchase and which ones you may need to re-evaluate for more conscious options.

2. One step at a time

Switching over one product at a time will make the the task more manageable and cost effective. Trying to go out and buy all new cosmetics overnight may leave you with an empty bank account and a headache as you try to read tiny labels looking for an often absent “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals” statement.
If you can, try to switch as you run out of products. Ran out of mascara? Look for an organic option. Out of shampoo? It’s time to see what other brands are out there.

3. Don’t throw anything away

Once you have made the decision to switch to all cruelty-free cosmetics, it might be tempting to throw away all of your half-used beauty products that do not meet your newly discovered requirements. Try to avoid this.
Keep in mind that wasting products is probably not in line with your new way of thinking either. If you truly can’t stand the idea of using products tested on animals anymore, see if a family member or friend might take them off your hands. Waste not, want not.

4. Do your research

Google is your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to any kind of research. Always be mindful of the source you are getting your information from. For instance, if you search for a specific brand of eyeshadow and end up on that brand’s website, you may find a statement claiming that they only test on animals when it is required by law.

This means that they do test on animals and you can probably find a better alternative that doesn’t do animal testing at all.
Try to always check a third-party source. You’ll be amazed when you realize how much information cosmetic companies simply leave out on their websites. In addition, there are plenty of online lists of cruelty-free beauty products, including drugstore and luxury brands. Check out Cruelty Free Kitty’s 2016 list.

5. Look for the three bunnies

A lot of cosmetics brands use the image of a bunny to indicate that their products are cruelty-free. Remember to proceed with caution, however, and know that there are only three bunnies that you can actually trust.

They are: Cruelty Free International’s leaping bunny, PETA’s Caring Consumer bunny, and Choose Cruelty Free’s rabbit.

Remember that you’ve decided to stop focusing on your own instant gratification and instead, you want to focus on being mindful of how your actions affect others and our furry friends.


6. Stay positive and be patient

Any relatively large-scale lifestyle change can be extremely overwhelming. It’s important that you avoid taking on this change as a dogma or burden.

If you find yourself in the middle of the makeup aisle with three different options in one hand and your list of cruelty free brands in the other and you feel the frustration starting to build. . . take a deep breath and remind yourself why you made this decision in the first place.

Remember that you’ve decided to stop focusing on your own instant gratification and instead, you want to focus on being mindful of how your actions affect others and our little furry friends.

Cruelty-Free Is KEY! And Oh-So-Important

As you begin to make changes that positively impact more than just yourself, never forget that any act of kindness, no matter how small, has a ripple effect.

It only takes one small act to begin a trend for big change. If enough people make the switch to cruelty-free beauty products, eventually the demand will be so great that large companies will have to halt their animal testing practices all together.

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