9 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Now (And Always)

Protestors are marching through cities across all 50 states. The global community has joined in the fight. People across the world are standing up to the powers that be and demanding reform, change and progress in the name of all Black lives.

Many well-intentioned people are unsure how to be of service and are left wondering how to be an ally in the fight for justice. One of the best ways that you can join in the movement is through the power of your spending, so a real way to help move toward a more equitable world is to support Black-owned businesses.

With roughly 2.5 million Black-owned businesses in the US, there are many businesses to support in your local area, beyond, and online. Voting with our wallets is one of the most powerful ways to effect change.


Support Black-Owned Businesses – Here Are 9 Wellness Brands You Can Support With Your Spending:

Support Black-owned business now (and always!) by spending your money supporting quality companies like these.

1. Golde

The time is always right for stocking up on superfoods. Golde is a Brooklyn-born brand on a mission to bring good vibes to the wellness industry.

As an independent, Black-owned and run company, they center around making superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty.

With all-natural products like turmeric and cacao latte blends and matcha mixes, you’re definitely going to want to take notice of this brand. Shop their products that ship across the US.

2. The Lip Bar

As a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand with inclusive ideals, The Lip Bar really does make everyone feel welcome because they specialize in serving the underserved beauty community.

With the owner proclaiming that there is no beauty standard, you are the standard, this company is definitely worth supporting. And with a huge selection of reasonably priced makeup products and tutorials, this can be your go-to shop for all things beauty!

3. The Under Belly

Yoga helps us in the best of times and yoga helps in the worst of times. There’s really not much else like a solid yoga practice to help get you feeling reenergized and motivated to take on whatever lies ahead.

If you need a moment to move and breathe now, let Jessamyn Stanley guide you through some flows. As an advocate for body positivity and feel-good yoga practices, you’re going to want to join her classes on The Under Belly.

Jessamyn Stanley Talks Body Positivity, Social Media and Yoga (Interview Video)

4. Bold Xchange

This incredible platform is all about highlighting and amplifying Black-owned businesses.

Hosting a village of entrepreneurs, Bold Xchange offers an assortment of products ranging from self-care, home and style sourced exclusively from Black-owned businesses.

5. Flex-n-Fly

Flex-n-Fly is a wellness company founded by Black female entrepreneur Youmie Francois. Flex-n-Fly provides 35-minute relaxation and stretching classes that consist of Restorative Yoga, breathwork, affirmations and stretching for travelers in airports before they fly – a time when most people are anxious to board their flights.

Flex-n-Fly also offers beautiful yoga mats in both regular and travel size, along with cute and comfy loungewear that features inspirational statements like “Be so deep in your purpose that you dare others to step up to theirs.” Check out their products here!


6. Mahogany Books

Part of wellness is the education and inspiration that comes from reading! Mahogany Books is a Washington, D.C. and online-based bookstore “dedicated to meeting the literary needs of readers in search of books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora.”

In a time when it’s more important than ever to diversify our bookshelves and educate ourselves on the topics of race and inequality, their curated blog, Black Books Matter, offers insight into some of the most influential and powerful works of Black literature.

Want to self-publish a children’s book or support an amazing self-publishing company for children’s book authors? Check out DG Self Publishing and their inspirational selection of children’s books.

7. Black Girls Breathing

Black Girls Breathing offers a safe space for Black womxn to nurture mental, emotional, and spiritual health through pranayama practices and meditation. And there’s never been a better time to nurture yourself.

They offer pop-up classes across the US as well as online classes so you can find your calm anytime, anywhere.

8. Buy From a Black Woman

“When you support a Black woman business owner, you support an entire community.” This is more than just a catchy tagline, it’s a valid truth.

This nonprofit organization ensures that Black women have the tools and resources that will allow them to be successful. Offering funding, educational programs, and an online directory, Buy From a Black Woman is a noble organization well worth supporting.

Browse their online directory to find products in categories like beauty, clothing, drink and food services, health and wellness, and more or consider donating to support their cause.

9. Sisters of Yoga

Sisters of Yoga (SOY) is a global wellness collective and network that is dedicated to creating “safe spaces for women of color to explore their connection to Self, heal traumas, and cultivate a healthy, sustainable lifestyle through yoga, holistic healing modalities, and mindful living.”

From yoga and wellness retreats, workshops and seminars to brand collaborations and corporate wellness events, Sisters of Yoga is all about increasing inclusivity and visibility in the wellness space. You can support them in a variety of ways!

Support Black-Owned Business Now (And Always)

The fight doesn’t end when the protests slow down. Keep the momentum of this powerful movement going full speed ahead by continuing to support Black businesses and wellness brands now and always.

If you’re looking for a few additional resources, Forbes recently published a list of 75 Black-owned businesses to support. Interested in finding local businesses to support also? Yelp recently added a feature to search for black-owned businesses in your area.

Looking for more ways to help? There are many ways to get involved, take action, and support! Here Are 10 Actionable Ways to Support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Main Image Source: Flex-n-Fly

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