Yoga Style Guide – 4 Unique Looks for Your Yoga Practice

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Our yoga practice is all about focusing in on the present moment. The last thing we need when we’re getting our zen on is distractions! And if you’ve ever practiced on a slippery mat or in an uncomfortable outfit, you know how distracting these things can be!
The beauty of yoga becoming so widespread and popular is that there are many different disciplines to choose from. Each yoga discipline has specific characteristics and features that make it unique, whether it’s the poses themselves, the length each pose is held for, difficulty level etc.
While activewear is generally all comfortable, supportive and designed to move with you, there are definitely specific styles and cuts that are best for specific yoga disciplines . . .

Here’s Your Yogawear Style Guide for 4 Popular Yoga Disciplines Featuring Ripple Yoga Wear

While there are obviously many forms of yoga, we’re going to cover four popular and also diverse yoga disciplines and highlight an ideal outfit for each. This will give you inspiration when you’re shopping or planning an outfit for your next yoga class or workshop!

1. Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga are very similar disciplines. Both focus on deep stretches that are held for longer periods of time, often with the use of yoga props.
These forms of yoga require comfortable clothes that have space for you to move around comfortably, without distraction, and hold deeper stretches for minutes on end.
Stone Wash Criss Cross Yoga Tank Top (pictured in eggplant)
Slouchy Capri Yoga Pants (pictured in eggplant)

2. Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is practiced in a heated room where the temperature can range from 80 degrees to over 100 degrees. Some forms of hot yoga teach static poses that are held for a minute on each side, while other forms teach heated flow-style classes.
Hot yoga requires materials that are breathable and don’t stretch out when sweaty. Many yogis also prefer to practice hot yoga in less clothing – think sports bras over tank tops and shorts over leggings.
Stone Wash Criss Cross Bra (pictured in dark gray)
Slouchy Yoga Shorts (pictured in navy blue)

3. Gentle Flow Yoga

Gentle flow yoga can be defined by its name – this type of a yoga is typically more calm and slow than a standard Vinyasa flow class. You’ll move through Sun Salutations and sequences but at a slower, steady pace.
This type of yoga discipline allows more freedom in what you choose to wear. What you do want to look for is yoga clothing that can move with you but stay in place. While any style of activewear (leggings or capris, tanks or flowy shirts) can work for gentle yoga, practicing in a jumpsuit is functional and fashionable!
Criss Cross Jumpsuit (pictured in black)

4. Ashtanga Yoga and Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa is an upbeat, fast-paced challenging flow. Think lots of Chaturangas, Sun Salutations, and movement. Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful yoga discipline that progresses through three ‘series’ (primary, intermediate, and advanced).
These two forms of yoga are all about power! They require (and build) a lot of strength and endurance. When you practice, you need high-performance activewear that can keep up.
Double Criss Cross Bra (pictured in pink)
Zen Warrior Tights (pictured in sage green and off-white natural print)

Find Comfort and Function in Your Yoga Clothing!

Ripple Yoga Wear is a yoga and pilates brand that stands out from the crowd with their signature stonewashed cotton fabrics that are so soft they’ll blow your mind and simplistic, functional designs that are perfect for all forms of yoga.
If you care about high-quality fabrics, practicing in comfort and style, and designs that are as trendy as they are functional, you will love Ripple Yoga Wear.
View their full line of yoga clothing here.

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