Your Crash Course in Spirit Animals and How to Tap Into Their Guidance

Have you ever thought about why so many people have pets? Most of the time, it’s their nurturing, playful, and upbeat energy, and because these pets provide unconditional love. But if we take this a step further, animals possess a powerfully intuitive connection – to humans, to other animals, and to nature.

Animals really do have a sacred nature, and the more we understand about spirit animals the more wisdom and understanding we can infer about our own lives.

”Animals are not only beholders of great beauty, but they are also beholders of ancient wisdom.” -Molly Friedenfeld

It’s believed that each person is connected to spirit animals throughout their lifetime. The animal energy that speaks directly to your soul becomes your spirit animal – it provides guidance and self-discovery during the course of your life.
For example, if the lion is your spirit animal, you may possess characteristics of a dominant personality, the “head of the tribe,” and an insatiable hunger for life, power, and community.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Spirit Animals

What Is a Spirit Animal?

Spirit animals are often a spirit being, symbol, or object that can be described as your guide throughout life, giving you messages and lessons. Your spirit animal quietly guides you to tasks that need to be completed for further self-development and offers power, wisdom, and daily inspiration. Spirit animals can be linked to you or your family.

Focus on the attributes of your spirit animal, and you will begin to harbor their characteristics internally and externalize the virtues of the spirit guide.

As you shift and mature, so does the energy of your spirit animal. After all, it is a representation of your subconscious mind. The spirit animal actually chooses you and seeks you at pivotal points in your life, so incorporating spirit animals in your life can affirm your spiritual goals.

How to Find Your Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are typically discovered through meditation and dreams. They appear during times when you are seeking direction, and as reminder of the unique bond you share. As you focus on the attributes of your spirit animal, you begin to harbor their characteristics internally, and externalize the virtues of the spirit guide.
In essence, spirit animals motivate you to live your most abundant life. They act as teachers and advisers when needed, and their energy offers assistance to your life mission.
Ask Yourself These Questions to Find Your Spirit Animal:

  1. Have you felt particularly drawn to an animal since childhood?
  2. Do you have a recurring dream about a particular animal?
  3. Is there an animal you always see when you’re in nature?

The answers to these questions are not coincidences . . . this was possibly your spirit animal communicating to you all along! If you are having difficulty accessing your spirit animal, you may want to seek guidance from a Shaman, which is a healer that can connect you to spiritual energy.
Take this quiz to determine which animal is your spirit animal guide.


Animal Totems: Origins and Explanation

Animal totems are a physical object that symbolically represents your spirit animal (i.e. a figurine). Animal symbolism has been used since ancient Greek mythology. Animal totems exist in cultures around the world, from Native American Indian cultures, to Australian Aboriginal spirituality.
In these Indigenous cultures, animals were seen as messengers. Native Americans believe that your spirit animal is linked to you in life, in both the physical and spiritual realms. In this tradition you may identify with various spirit animals throughout your lifetime, but there is one animal totem that acts as your primary guardian spirit.
While “spirit animals” and “animal totems” are often used interchangeably, a spirit animal is the animal guide, while the animal totem is the symbolic representation of the guide. You can use animal totems to create a stronger connection to your spirit animal.

Common Spirit Animals and Their Meanings

Use the list below of common spirit animals (Common Spirit Animals and What They Symbolize) and determine if any of these attributes resonate with your spirit animal.
Bear: Industrious, instinctive, healing, power, sovereignty, guardian of the world, watcher, courage, willpower, self-preservation, introspection, and great strength
Elephant: Strength, power, affection, loyalty, royalty, wisdom, reliability, sense of history, pride, family-centric
Owl: Wisdom, deception, intuition, insight, messenger, mystery, freedom, secrets, stealth, vision
Tiger: Strength, valor, power, energy, devotion, tactful, royal, illuminated, unpredictable
Wolf: Loyalty, perseverance, success, intuition, spirit, appetite for freedom, can be a loner
If you want to learn about more spirit animals and their meaning, check out Common Spirit Animals and What They Symbolize

Spirit Animals: The Takeaway

Everything is connected, so let’s connect your spirit animal to your yoga practice. Have you ever noticed that many yoga poses are named after animals?
This is just a theory, but it’s quite possible that particular yoga postures can connect you with your spirit animal! The next time you’re in a yoga class, pay attention to your Downward Dog, Eagle or Cobra Pose, and see if its qualities, challenges, and characteristics align with your spirit animal.
Ultimately, your spirit animal is a gift! It shows you various aspects of your personality that are coming from within to assist in your life, so be open to learning about this aspect of yourself.
Connecting with your spirit animal can help you learn valuable lessons that you will carry for lifetimes. Honor your animal nature inside, and allow the world to see who you are.
And remember . . . don’t be afraid to roar!

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What's Your Spirit Animal? Take the Quiz to Find Out!
Spirit animals represent guidance, support and strength. When we connect to our spirit animal we gain insight into various parts of ourselves and our lives.
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