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Oh Hey Self-Care! This Simple DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe Will Melt Away Your Woes

Jenny Campbell
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Self-care is a wonderful way to honor your body and tap into your reserves of inner calm.

A mindful time-out (such as the DIY lavender sugar scrub practice described below) nurtures your mind, body, and spirit, and offers a sense of renewal.

A homemade sugar scrub can transform your day by brightening your mood and relieving tension. This quick and easy-to-make DIY scrub is an excellent self-care practice to incorporate into your weekly routine.

A homemade sugar scrub can transform your day by brightening your mood and relieving tension.

Self-massage is a wonderful way to tune into your body and show yourself some love. And a homemade sugar scrub is perfect for just that.

This DIY lavender sugar scrub is a gentle exfoliator that can be used on your face and body. The calming scrub leaves your skin soft and smooth and the lavender scent will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed.

A simple practice like this proves that self-care does not need to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive.

Here’s Your DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe for Self-Care:

Give this scrub a try the next time you are in need of some serious self-care.


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Stir all ingredients together in a large bowl. If the coconut oil is in solid form, heat gently in a saucepan for a few minutes until it turns liquid. If you desire a less coarse scrub, add a few extra tablespoons of coconut oil.


Pour the mixture into a glass or BPA-free plastic container.

Take a few extra minutes during your shower or bath to exfoliate and soak in the calming scents of lavender and coconut. Using a small handful of the scrub, apply in circular motions to your face or body. Rinse with warm water.

Note: Your bathtub might be slippery after using this homemade sugar scrub due to the coconut oil. Be careful when you step out of the tub.

Enjoy the Soothing Self-Care Benefits of Your Homemade Sugar Scrub!

This DIY lavender sugar scrub is quick and easy to whip up. It is a great homemade gift for yourself and/or a friend.

Give yourself the gift of smooth skin and a tranquil mind and make this calming recipe the next time you need some self-care.

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Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell is a New York-based yoga teacher, modern dancer and founder of Urban Om NYC. She strongly believes in the power of yoga and meditation as a means to find balance and ease in a busy world. She loves restorative yoga and can often be found with her legs up the wall.

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