The First Ever Non-Profit Grocery Store Is Here and You’ll Never Guess Who Created It

The Salvation Army opened its first non-profit grocery store (make that the first ever non-profit grocery store) in northeast Baltimore. The store offers healthy and more affordable food options for the local community.

The grocery store is called DMG Foods, which stands for Do More Good. And that’s definitely what this grocery store is all about! Doing more good by providing healthy, fresh food to local families at affordable prices.

More About DMG Foods

According to the Salvation Army, this kind of grocery store is believed to be the first one that combines social service and a traditional grocery shopping experience. And from the looks of it, this is a beautiful store!

“DMG Foods will provide fresh and affordable produce to 1,200 families annually and open at least 15 jobs within the community,” according to the Salvation Army.

Named after the organization’s branding promise, “Doing the most good,” this 7,000-square-foot warehouse will have an on-site butcher, deli counter, and cooking demos. The Maryland Food Bank will also have pre-made meals that will be available.


What The Store Offers the Community

Aside from offering affordable fresh food that is not otherwise offered at low-income grocery stores, DMG Foods will also provide nutritional guidance, training for the workforce, and meal planning services.
The Red Shield Club is available to customers, which allows them to have access to special offers and discounts. A weekly ad will also be available to the customers.
According to HuffPost, Gene Hogg, The Salvation Army’s area commander, said that the store is located right across the street from a local elementary school. This makes it easier for parents to pick-up or drop-off their children and go grocery shopping all in one trip.

Here’s to the Salvation Army!

One of the main goals that The Salvation Army had in mind while creating the program was to try and double the amount of food that a customer with SNAP benefits would be able to purchase.
In 2014, the US Department of Agriculture released that the average Maryland resident with SNAP benefits was “receiving $119.89 per person, per month – which is less than $4 a day.”
According to the press release, “The Salvation Army worked with the Baltimore Development Corp, The Baltimore Food Initiative, and The Maryland Food Bank to design the concept and program.”
If the store goes over well, and is successful, the organization intends to eventually open similar stores around the country. Cheers to that!

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