Rocking Your Bliss: It’s An Inside Job

When you launch a company with a name like Rock Your Bliss, you actually have to be in the practice, in the conversation and in the action of bliss rocking. Often times I have to check in to consciously craft my days, my weeks and my life to be living on purpose, in this truth.
Does it happen every single day? No.
Do I do the best I can to rock my bliss? Every day, I give it my best shot.
First things first, rocking your bliss is unique and personal to you. The way you define “bliss” most likely is very different than that of your neighbor or myself. And the way an extrovert rocks might be very different than the way an introvert rocks.
Quick story, one time my business partner in bliss, Mary Beth LaRue and I were on a ten-day travel trip from LA to Philly to NYC to Calgary to Edmonton. Upon our arrival to Calgary, we were both spent from the energetic zap that can be planes, trains, megabuses and taxis to the Big Apple. Upon arrival we both evaluated what we needed to do so each of us could get clear. Mary Beth needed a bathtub and time alone. I needed a hike in the mountains and an afternoon road trip adventure up to Banff.
Both bliss rocking, each totally different. And totally necessary to be in communication so we could shift, respect one another’s choice, and show up for our workshops the next day.
Your bliss – your turn. Take time to define what bliss means to you and how you rock it. Give yourself space to explore when you have felt the most bliss – what were you doing and how were you living? Write it all down.
Need inspiration?
Below are seven ways to inspire your bliss practice:

1. Root Deeper.

Know your core values on a soul level and make decisions aligned to your truth. If you are not living your values, you are living someone else’s.

2. Feel it All.

Go ahead and write yourself a permission slip, just like in Kindergarten, to feel all the feelings. Acknowledge how your body feels in moments of connection, deep belly laughter, sadness or judgment. Feeling it all is the way to being more human.

3. Create.

Own your ‘weird’ and create a movement, art, a kickstarter for your dream project, or a new design for your bedroom. The awareness and acknowledgment that you can create is powerful and keeps you curious and living in possibility.

4. Play.

I mean this as an action – go out and play. Run in the backyard with your pups, jump in the ocean with all your clothes on, play Cards Against Humanity after a few too many glasses of wine, or dance naked.

5. Speak Up.

You absolutely belong here to contribute an incredible gift that only you can offer. Speak up and share your wisdom. We are listening – we being the World, that is.

6. See more.

A lot of the time our own expectations can create blinders in what the World is trying to show you. We get so set on the ‘right’ way or what we ‘should’ be doing, we forget to take a moment to look around and meet ourselves (and celebrate) where we are at now. See more and embrace the present. You have time.

7. Trust.

Perhaps one of the most important cornerstones of rocking your bliss is learning over and over again to trust in yourself and others. You and the rest of us are truly doing the best we can. Let’s practice self-acceptance, love, and deep trust in all that is coming now and in the future. It’s an inside job first.
As the incredible Joseph Campbell states, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Can you take the time to dig in and define your bliss?

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

Share in the comments so we can inspire one another to rock our bliss, our own unique and beautiful way.

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Jacki Carr

Jacki Carr is a goal coach, brand consultant and a newlywed. Jacki has been coaching goals since 2009 and has a true passion for a microphone, inspiring others to live it really big and holding them accountable. Her coaching style includes 80’s music, real + honest conversations and true connection to your most powerful and whole self.

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