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As yoga teachers, we know the importance of creating a great yoga sequence. Yoga sequences are the peanut butter to the jelly of your yoga teaching!
So what constitutes a great yoga sequence, and what makes one sequence stand out from the rest? Creativity in the design, clarity in cues and execution, poses that are both challenging yet also attainable, and finally, balance: do you include all the poses and counterposes to deliver a balanced practice for both mind and body?
As yoga teachers, developing and teaching stellar yoga sequences is a central part of our teaching. We all know the feeling of teaching an awesome class. Conversely, we’ve all had those times when we feel stale and uninspired in our teaching.
Enter, an online resource for yoga teachers that interactively allows you to build your own custom sequences. Through this intelligently designed template, you can create yoga sequences from the extensive pose library, and keep your sequences at the palm of your hand to access anywhere your teaching takes you.
Let’s review the main features of to learn more:


Here’s How Sequenched Works

Sequenched is a simple tool designed for yoga instructors to create custom yoga sequences. It’s great for any level of yoga teacher, but particularly ideal for new teachers or individuals currently in teacher training.
Upon first glance, the website is well-designed, user friendly, and easy to follow. From the home page, you will see the extensive yoga asana library, which features images of each pose, in addition to its name in both English and Sanskrit.
The library is substantial; it contains hundreds of the most well-known yoga poses, in addition to 8 key pranayama breathing techniques and 13 mantras to augment your sequence with. Each pranayama includes in-depth instruction, and the mantras include the lyrics, translation, and an audio clip so you can hear the correct pronunciation.
Another great feature of the library is the filter and search capabilities. The search bar itself works for both English and Sanskrit names. You can filter poses by body position, type, and style with an extensive list for each category to help narrow down your search.
From there, you are ready to build your first yoga class sequence!

Build Your Yoga Class!

You’ll start by clicking on the green tab that says “Create New Class.” You can name your class, add a subheading, type, level, length of class, and any additional notes. Once you hit save, you’re ready to start building!
When you have a pose you want to add to your sequence, simply click on the plus sign on the top left corner of the pose’s thumbnail. This will automatically upload it into your new class, which you can see on the right side of the page.
When you click on a pose (take Crescent Lunge for example), it opens a smaller page that contains all the added information you need: body position, type and subtype, plus variations and any prep and counter poses. Some poses (like Wheel) also
demonstrate assists. The library even has a “wild card” you can fill in yourself if there’s a pose you can’t find.
Don’t forget to add any Pranayama and/or Mantras that you want to include! Once you have all the poses that you want in your sequence, you can click on the blue “This Class Contains # Items” tab at the top of your sequence to expand it and make any adjustments to the order of the poses that you’d like.
Once your new yoga sequence is complete, it will be saved to your account, which you can access anytime. Another great benefit of this software is your ability to download your classes in PDF form. You can share your PDF sequence with students and friends, and you can even access the class if you’re offline.

What We Like Most

Throughout our review of Sequenched, we were impressed by several important factors that we feel brings value and legitimacy to this sequence building service. First off, the customer service is great – upon creating an account, you will receive a friendly welcome email that contains a helpful overview video to show you the ropes.
Watch this video here
Another great feature is the ability to access your classes even if you’re not online. This is incredibly valuable for teachers so they can access it before class, or anytime they don’t have internet connection. Say goodbye to carrying around a bulky notebook or scribbling your sequence on a piece of paper before class.
Sequenched also offers weekly sample classes for new inspiration, and there’s no limit to the number of classes you can create yourself. Finally, there’s no contracts – you have the ability to cancel anytime.

Overall Value

This comprehensive yoga class sequencing service costs $8 per month, so teaching just one class per month would cover this cost with money left over. Sequenched is an investment in your yoga teaching, and in ensuring your inspiration, creativity, and enjoyment in the classes you create. With access to hundreds of poses in the asana library (in addition to pranayama and mantras), and an easy to use, simple and effective way to build sequences and take them anywhere, Sequenched is a worthwhile investment.
Still unsure? We get it! Sometimes it’s hard to commit to something you haven’t used for yourself. gets it too . . . so you can sign up for a free 14-day trial to experience the site before you make any commitments. Using Sequenched will yield great results for boosting your creativity, giving you a steady dose of inspiration, and allowing you to sequence a yoga class like never before. For all these reasons, is 100% YogiApproved™.

Check out for yourself.


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