Review of Kulae’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

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Meet Kulae, an awesome yoga brand dedicated to making high quality yoga mats, towels, and accessories all with mother nature in mind. Kulae believes in karma – in fact their slogan is “Karma is real.” In other words, Kulae takes environmental impact seriously, and is committed to making products that are all eco-friendly.
Another aspect about Kulae that we at YogiApproved respect and value is their emphasis on community. In Sanskrit, kula means community, so down to their name, Kulae strives to create a global community of environmentally-minded yogis. Bringing people together through yoga and eco-consciousness – now that’s a pretty cool mission statement!
Now that we’ve established the maker behind the mats, let’s check out two of their top-selling yoga mats and find out what makes them such great yoga commodities:


Read the full review of two Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats from Kulae

First, we will look at Kulae’s maroon tpECOmat 3mm yoga mat. This mat is a joy to practice on! It is very cushy and has a great grip to it. The first feature that strikes you is its weight – this mat is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at under two pounds, making it ideal for travel (you can even fold it into a square shape for your luggage). Given the amount of cushioning it provides, it’s surprising how thin it actually is!

Important details for Kulae’s tpECOmat 3mm yoga mat

Wondering about the name? TPE stands for Thermo Plastic Elastomer – a material free of PVC, latex, rubber and allergens. TPE is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. This is an ideal material to use for a yoga mat, because it’s scent-free and non-porous, and constructed with a closed-cell technology to keep odor or bacteria from growing.
This same yoga mat design is also available in a 5mm and 8mm thickness, and all are offered in a broad range of colors.

Unique features of the tpECOmat 3mm yoga mat

Another unique feature of the tpECOmat 3mm yoga mat is the length – it is four inches longer than standard yoga mats, making tall yogis rejoice and allowing all yogis to spread out more in their practice. The textured pattern across the surface is visually appealing, but also serves a purpose. This texture creates traction for your hands and feet, so you can practice in confidence knowing that you won’t slip and slide.

Kulae tpECOmat

tpECOmat 3mm yoga mat ($48)

100% Biodegradable | 100% Recyclable | Ultra-Hygienic | Allergen-free | PVC- and Latex-free | Toxin-free | Two-colored | Superior grip in all conditions | Travel-ready Shop this mat

Now, let’s take a look at the Elite Hybrid Yoga Mat Towel by Kulae. Attention hot yogis, or anyone who likes to practice yoga with a yoga mat towel . . . The Elite Hot Hybrid is a combination of a yoga mat and towel in one. Now that is convenient!

Important details for Kulae’s Elite Hybrid mat

The top layer of the Hybrid mat is a bamboo/microfiber blend, while the bottom layer is constructed of eco-friendly material that grips to any surface. The top layer, which feels and absorbs like a towel but grips like a mat, is also antimicrobial and antibacterial – a huge plus for those of us who like to sweat but don’t have time to clean our mat after every use. Like all of Kulae’s yoga mats, this mat is free of toxins, phthalates or PVC’s.

Unique features of the Elite Hybrid mat

Yet perhaps the best feature of all is that the Elite Hot Hybrid mat is machine-washable. Any hot yogi will appreciate being able to simply toss your mat in the washer after use. If you have a top-loading washer, simply fold the mat in half and wrap it around the washer’s inner spindle. You can even tumble dry the Elite Mat! To us, that has durability written all over it.

Kulae Elite Hybrid

Elite Hybrid mat ($68)

Keep dry with the Elite Hybrid: combination yoga mat & towel -- Great for hot yoga! The Elite Hybrid towel yoga mat combines the function and support of a traditional mat with the grip and absorption of our thirstiest towel. Shop this mat


Overall value for both mats

Priced at just $48, the tpECOmat 3mm is an outright bargain. You’d be hard pressed to find another mat in this price range with Kulae’s eco-friendly, high-quality, and high-performance mat.
Priced at $68, the Elite Hybrid yoga mat towel is a great deal. It’s eco-friendly, durable, well-made, machine-washable, and performs well in all types of yoga. This mat is incredibly practical, and allows you to simplify your practice by offering a mat and towel in one. This added benefit also saves you money, since you don’t have to buy a yoga mat towel.


The verdict

Here at YogiApproved, we test and review products and hold them to a strict standard of quality, durability, and overall performance. We also take into consideration the manufacturing practices – our world has enough pollution, so it’s important to us that products commit to eco-friendly practices. Kulae delivers on all these levels, and does so with authentic compassion and concern for mother earth. For these reasons, the yoga mats by Kulae are 100% YogiApproved™.

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