You May Be Surprised By What’s Affecting Your Sleep

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We’ve all been there – You can’t sleep – it’s 3am, you’ve been tossing and turning for hours. This is the longest night of your life. You keep thinking, “I HAVE to get a new mattress.”
Well hold your horses, maybe the real problem lies on what’s on top of that mattress. You may not know it – it doesn’t take much – but you may be experiencing a high level of temperature variations throughout the night. This can be due to a few reasons we will list below.
Studies have shown that body temperature is closely connected to sleep regulation and the quality of your sleep. In fact, a very slight change in body temperature can drastically impact your sleep cycles. Scientists found that by changing the temperature just a couple of degrees, participants woke up far more often, and also experienced shorter REM sleep cycles.
The human body and what it can do is incredible. To a large extent, we are able to thermoregulate, which means our bodies can maintain and regulate body temperature. Body temperature is regulated by absorbing, producing, and losing heat.

Body temperature is closely connected to sleep regulation.

Yet our bodies are much less able to regulate body temperature during deep sleep, or REM. Did you know that your body doesn’t sweat during REM? So how we can make sure our bodies are at the optimal temperature to prepare for the best quality sleep possible?

Here are 3 ways you can help regulate your body temperature while you sleep:

1. The Obvious
Consider the temperature in your sleeping environment. Make sure it’s not too hot or too cold – you need to find a “Goldilocks” temperature that you’re comfortable in. REM sleep can be interrupted by the room’s temperature, and studies show that between 60 – 68 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.
2. Get Wet
Try taking a warm bath before bed. While the bath itself is warm, the process after of drying yourself off actually cools the body, and many people are able to fall asleep better when their bodies are cool.
No bath tub? Try spritzing yourself with cool water before getting into bed. Bonus points for adding a few drops of lavender essential oil!
3. Materials, Materials, Materials
Consider what you’re sleeping in – both in terms of clothing and bedding. Wearing lighter materials is a simple way to ensure you don’t get too hot during the night.
Bedding is also a very important factor, as certain materials allow for better breathability. NuSleep offers bedding with technology built into the fabric to regulate your body temperature throughout the night.
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Getting quality sleep every night is incredibly important. Sleep impacts our mood, mind state, and cognitive functions, in addition to our overall health and wellbeing. Even our weight is affected by our quality of sleep. We know that body temperature plays an important role in the quality of your sleep. That’s why regulating your body temperature while you sleep is crucial to improving the quality of your sleep and your life.
We hope you found these tips helpful! Cheers to a great night’s rest, every night!

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