3 Yoga Products Every Beginner Yogi Needs to Start a Practice (Video)

Starting a yoga journey will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. In addition to building physical strength and confidence on your mat, you’ll gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, and gain valuable tools in dealing with stress, anxiety, and other ways to apply your yoga practice to life off the mat.
Yet starting anything new can be daunting without the proper resources to guide you and support what you need to be successful. Don’t be intimidated by starting your yoga practice. Instead, enjoy the ride, soak it all in, and watch this short review on the simple basics you need to start your yoga journey.
We recommend the following three products from ProSourceFit.com, a yoga and fitness brand we trust for their high-quality, affordable yoga products that are great for any level yogi.



The following are 3 products that are essential for any beginner yogi to get the most out of their practice:


1. Yoga Mat

The Tree of Life yoga mat from ProSourceFit.com is an excellent yoga mat for beginners. When you’re just starting off, you don’t need a $150 yoga mat. Instead, find a quality mat that’s affordable. This yoga mat is cushy at 5mm thick, and the standard length and width.
What we love most about this Tree of Life yoga mat is that it’s non-slip (which is important for a safe and worry-free practice), made with eco-friendly materials (which means it’s safe for you and the environment), odor-resistant (so your mat stays cleaner and fresher longer) and also lightweight so it’s easy to transport.

Yoga Mat

Tree of Life Yoga Mat 3/16" (5mm) ($21.49)

The colorful, non-slip textured surface is coated for odor and moisture-resistance so it works well for all styles, from basic stretching to hot yoga, and suits yogis of all experience levels. The slim style makes it easy to travel with and carry from home to the gym. Shop this yoga mat


2. Yoga Blocks

Often considered a ‘beginner’ yoga prop, yoga blocks are a prop that yogis can use in all stages of their yoga practice to get the most out of each pose. Yoga blocks aid in gaining flexibility, adding support, and cultivating proper form and physical alignment in a yoga pose.
These cork blocks come in a set of two, which is perfect for a beginner yogi since certain poses require just one block, while other poses are best performed with two. Cork is an excellent yoga block material since it’s sustainable, offers superior grip and traction, and also provides a stable foundation. These high-quality blocks are a beautiful and functional addition to your yoga arsenal.


Set of 2 Cork Yoga Blocks ($21.49)

Sturdy yet soft, natural cork yoga blocks are ideal for beginners or those that just need a little assistance getting into certain poses. Shop these blocks


3. Yoga Strap

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to use a yoga strap as a beginner yogi. Just like the yoga block, the strap is another yoga prop that’s beneficial for yogis of all levels. Straps aid in increasing flexibility, deepening into stretches, and stretching in general. They can also increase your range of motion in certain yoga poses over time.
ProSource’s black yoga strap has a classic, sturdy metal d-ring and eight feet of cotton strap, making it great for any size yogi and any yoga or fitness activity. You can use this strap for your daily stretching and incorporate it into a wide variety of yoga poses as needed.

Yoga Strap

Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap ($5.99)

The 8-foot durable cotton stretching strap is ideal for even tall yogis, and the metal ring holds up through a variety of stretches and daily workouts. Shop this yoga strap

As a beginner yogi, it’s important to equip yourself with the right yoga props and accessories so you can get the most out of your blossoming yoga practice. Yet you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find high-quality, functional yoga products. That’s why we recommend these featured yoga products from ProSourceFit.com for beginner yogis.
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