We Review the Lunar Yoga Mat + Galaxy Yoga Towel from Yoga Zeal

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When it comes to product reviews, we don’t mess around. All of the items we review are put through the ringer of everyday use. You can trust that our reviews are non-biased and completely honest. Full disclosure: we don’t publish negative reviews. If a product doesn’t live up to our standards, we simply won’t promote it. Everyone has their own opinion – this is ours. Let’s get started.

Yoga Zeal creates a variety of unique and eye-catching designs for their line of yoga mats and towels. Their designs, while beautiful and ornate, are also simple in their construction. Yoga Zeal embodies the “less is more” approach and focuses their energy on one type of mat (with several awesome designs to choose from), made from natural rubber and synthetic suede.
What we most appreciate about Yoga Zeal is their diverse, imaginative designs made with biodegradable materials. From a beautifully vibrant watercolor print with the OM sign, to tropical plant themed and lunar phases, there’s truly something for everyone.
We also appreciate Yoga Zeal’s mission, which is, in their own words, “To create invigorating mats that give off positive energy and make us want to sweat even more.”
You’ve met Yoga Zeal. We’ve tested their yoga mat + towel. Here’s our review:
First, we will look at the Lunar yoga mat from Yoga Zeal. This mat is an absolute piece of art. Featuring each phase of the moon and set fittingly against a soft black backdrop, this mat is simply beautiful.

This mat is simply beautiful.

To us, the lunar phase design pays homage to the moon and what it represents: self-reflection, intuition, and peace. The mat depicts each stage that the moon goes through and the design overall looks like a serene night sky.

Important details for Yoga Zeal’s Lunar yoga mat

The mat’s bottom is made from natural rubber (for a non-slip backing on any surface) and synthetic suede as the top layer that’s velvety soft and super-sweat absorbing. It measures in at 72” x 24” with a 3mm thickness that’s cushy enough to support your joints beneath hard surfaces.
The top material is uniquely designed to gain grip and traction as you sweat. Think yoga mat and towel united. The suede effectively absorbs moisture and uses it to give you a steadfast grip – gone are the days of slipping and sliding as you perspire. If you don’t sweat much, don’t worry! Try the mat out, and if you’d like added grip, just spritz it with water where your hands and feet go.

Unique features of the Lunar yoga mat

One feature we love about this mat is the aesthetic design. Yoga mats become an extension of our physical yoga practice, so you can add meaning, beauty, and art to your practice with this mat’s moon phase design. As an added bonus, this design is gender-neutral, so yogi dudes can enjoy it too.

This mat is machine washable!

Our favorite feature? This mat is not only made with eco-friendly products; it’s also foldable, and can be machine washed (just be sure to air dry)! That’s a huge plus, especially for hot yogis who practice often and therefore need to clean their sweaty mats regularly.
Now, let’s take a look at the Galaxy yoga towel by Yoga Zeal. For anyone who likes to practice with a yoga mat towel (calling all hot yogis out there!), you will appreciate this towel.
It is plush, soft yet slightly textured for grip, and features another stunning design: a swirling galaxy of reds, pinks, and blues, complete with a constellation outlined at the top! This towel is unique, gender-neutral, and functional.

Important details and features of Yoga Zeal’s Galaxy yoga towel

This yoga towel has traction both on the mat beneath it, as well as on your body’s points of contact. That means the towel won’t slip while you practice, no matter how much you perspire or move around (which can be so distracting). Just like the yoga mat, you can dampen this towel with a spritz of water for added traction.
The Galaxy yoga towel is made from high-quality microfiber (and dyed with water-based inks), and fits perfectly over the yoga mat since they both have the same measurements. You can either hand wash, or machine wash the towel on cold, and air dry.

Overall value for both products

Priced at just $75, the Lunar mat is a fair price for an eco-friendly and high-quality mat that acts as yoga mat and towel in one. Essentially, you’re getting a yoga mat and towel for the cost of one.
At $45, the Galaxy yoga mat towel is affordable in comparison to other yoga mat towels that cost much more for plain and basic designs. This high-quality towel works for any type of yoga.

The verdict

Here at YogiApproved, we test and review products and hold them to a strict standard of quality, durability, and overall performance. We also take the manufacturing into consideration because eco-friendly practices are important to us. It’s an added plus that these Yoga Zeal products are gender-neutral. For all of these reasons, the yoga mat and towel from Yoga Zeal are 100% YogiApproved™.
You can shop these products at yogazeal.com

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