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Your yoga practice is all about evolution. You grow and evolve in the physical poses, over time you develop an awareness of your breath, and you continue delving deeper into the mind-body connection. As yogis, our yoga mats are truly an extension of our practice and of ourselves! It makes sense, then, that we should find a yoga mat that has evolved as well – because gone are the days of cheap $10 mats made with toxic, dangerous plastics and other chemicals.
Yoloha is leading the way in this evolved approach to yoga mats, pioneering some of the most unique, functional, and downright intelligent designs that are 100% eco-friendly. Their newest creation? The Yoloha Nomad Cork Yoga Mat – a lightweight offshoot of their original cork yoga mat. We have tested and reviewed this mat, and are excited to share with you why we think Yoloha has outdone themselves yet again!
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Why should I buy a yoga mat made out of cork?

This is a great question that many people are curious about . . . until they have their very own cork yoga mat. First off, cork is a renewable resource that is environmentally friendly (which we’ll discuss more down below). It is lightweight and dries super fast – cork, along with the closed-cell foam backing, does not absorb water – so your mat will dry in minutes after your practice. Cork offers amazing traction and cushy support, and perhaps the coolest feature of all is that cork is naturally antimicrobial – it kills germs and bacteria, which essentially means that this baby is a self-cleaning mat (and makes occasional maintenance a breeze!).

This mat has incredible traction and impressive support:

Wet or dry, these cork yoga mats offer serious traction – you won’t slip, slide, or skid in yoga poses, which means a safer, more confident practice every time you step onto the mat. And while the Nomad Cork Yoga Mat is much thinner and lighter than its heavy-duty counterpart, it offers plush support on your joints regardless of the type of surface you practice on.
Pro Tip: While this mat offers excellent traction dry or wet, it gets grippier as you sweat. It helps to mist it with water where your hands and feet go for the ultimate traction and a slip-resistant practice. Yoloha also makes an awesome Focus Grip Travel Spray made out of peppermint essential oils – use it as a body spray for an energizing, cooling effect, or spray it on your mat for traction that smells delicious and helps you focus on your current asana.

Eco-Friendly and Lightweight – big deals in our book!

Yoloha is an ethical company. They are all about sustainability. All of their mats are 100% recyclable – that’s something to be excited about! The closed-cell, slip-resistant foam bottom in the Nomad Series is eco-conscious, with no PVC, plasticizers, or latex (all three are toxic ingredients found in the majority of super cheap yoga mats on the market). Being extra lightweight is an added bonus – the Nomad yoga mat weighs just 2.5 pounds, making it the ideal mat for travel, taking to and from the yoga studio, and beyond. Safe, environmentally friendly, and portable – this will be your go-to yoga mat!


At $99, you are investing in a high-quality yoga mat that is unique, beautiful, and practical. From an environmental and functional perspective, Yoloha’s yoga mats offer unparalleled quality and ethics. Included in your purchase, you will also receive a handy hemp rope carrying strap – a simple yet effective design for carrying your lightweight mat.
Here at YogiApproved, we pride ourselves on finding quality products made by companies you can trust. Yoloha’s unwavering commitment to high quality and eco-friendly products is respectable, commendable, and something we proudly support. The Yoloha brand remains 100% YogiApproved™. You can shop the Yoloha Nomad Cork Yoga Mat at

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