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Carley Romick
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Review of the Side Plank Leggings from Nina B. Roze

The Sky Blue Side Plank leggings from Nina B. Roze took me by surprise at first; when thinking sky blue I thought more of a soft, almost pastel color. What I got was electric cobalt, a shock at first but later a kindly received addition to my yoga wardrobe. I was intrigued by the almost gill like mesh inlays up the thighs of the legging but upon further inspection, I realized how this “Sport Meshing” could be an asset to my routine.

The blue fabric on the Plank Leggings is contrasted by flat-lock stitching, creating an eye catching “pop” and durable seam throughout the leggings. A small gusset is sewn in to prevent any “blow outs” during your wide-legged stretches, deep lunges, or sudden splits. The leggings have a higher waist than most, this may be due to sizing but they came about an inch away from my belly button. I found this nice though, considering it made my middle area and lower back feel a type of transverse support, its like wearing a thick belt that stayed flexible while I twisted and turned. The Side Plank legging is slight diversion from Nina’s famous Heart Butt™ leggings but are still deserving of the same praise; these leggings make your lower half look toned and shapely.
During my first 72 hours in these babies I took them running, hiking and through a solid Vinyasa flow. Their great marriage of open black sport mesh and compression jersey wicked away perspiration and allowed for unparalleled breathability during all my activities. The leggings blend of nylon and spandex make them thick and well structured. As my quads started heating up I was thankful for the mesh, the three sections allowed just enough cool air in to target the areas that needed refreshment. Considering I live in Colorado and like to do an array of physical activities, I want my athletic clothing to be versatile and comfortable. Not to mention I need product that can hold up to environmental conditions that change every ten minutes. The Side Planks showed little moisture but when directly hit with raindrops you could easily see the marks; I would be hesitant to bring these to a heated yoga class just for consideration of how dark the fabric becomes where it is wet.
Talk about spandex! The Side Plank legging can put up with a lot, I’m officially on day 4 and the leggings still cling to my legs with the same intensity they did on day 1. Not to mention the fact that they held up to a 4-mile hike through sagebrush, climbing all over red gritty rock and underneath brutal wind, rain, and hail. The leggings look brand spanking new and the stitching is still flawless. I recommend washing the leggings in cold water and lying flat to dry. Heated drying will deteriorate any spandex, regardless of its tenacity and overtime leave it limp and you desiring more. Overall, these leggings can put up with a lot. I was delighted that I found a legging that I can slip on for an early morning yoga practice, that has the character and technical ability to hold up to a hot afternoon hike, and to top it all off, they can endure an arduous evening run. It is rare to be able to rely on one piece of clothing so versatile and durable.
Value, is communicated through utility, quality of manufacture, and overall aesthetic for me. Although pricey ($103), these leggings held up to three different activities for me proving their utility and warranted spot in my wardrobe. The construction is flawless, the seams are tight and the fabric is strong and durable. Additionally, from design stage to manufacturing the leggings are made domestically and ethically made in Los Angeles by Nina B. Roze’s team of skilled seamstresses that have a commitment to femininity and athleticism. Finally, the Side Plank leggings are cool to look at. People were turning their heads left and right on the trail to get a glimpse of these bad boys. My boyfriend refereed to me as “Sporty Spice” because of my newfound swagger in these leggings. I can say that they are worth their weight; they make me feel prepared and empowered during my daily physical routine.


The Verdict – Excellent addition to your wardrobe

Cost: $103
(Versatile and Unique)
Style: 10
(Head Turner)
Functionality: 9.5
(Everything but Hot Yoga)
Durability: 10
(Built to last)
Fit: 10
Like a glove!

yogiapproved stamp

You can shop them here.

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Carley Romick

Carley is currently in Denver,CO working in her neighborhood Whole Foods and enjoying all the Rocky Mountains have to offer. She has a background in anthropology, organic farming, and fashion. When not practicing yoga, she's out with her sister shooting pictures for Crimson Soeurs; the girls fashion and lifestyle brand. She finds inspiration all over but especially from collaboration with others.

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