Product Review: Nina B. Roze Heart Butt™ Yoga Leggings

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Nina B. Roze, designed by Nina Berenboym, is a functional athletic wear company that create pieces with feminine elegance that accentuate the beauty and curves of the female form. The brand combines Nina’s passion for fitness and nostalgia for ballet classes into a collection that embraces “feminine movement.” Each piece is made with durable and luxurious fabrics in vibrant colors and patterns that allow you to express your bold sense of style. The brand’s signature piece is the Heart Butt™ Yoga Leggings, a beautiful and unique legging that is designed for yoga, pilates, running and any other activities that keep you on the go.

1. Fabric

The Heart Butt™ Leggings are made with an incredibly comfortable compression jersey fabric (a mix of nylon and spandex) that is non-pilling and color-true wash after wash. The fabric is substantial, but it does not leave you feeling overheated. The fabric is both breathable and moisture wicking, even during 100-degree hot and humid weather in NJ. Even when the rest of you is glistening with sweat from head to toe, your legs will remain cool and dry. The mid-rise waistband remains in place through all of your asanas and sits snugly and comfortably against your skin. The cute U-shaped mesh at each ankle adds a feminine delicacy and allows more cool air to vent throughout the pants. These leggings will keep you cool and comfortable and allow you to “sport your pretty” from day to night.

2. Style

The leggings come in bright colors – grape, deep red, crimson red, emerald green and abstract – in full length leggings and capri styles. But, these leggings aren’t about the colors. What sets these leggings apart from others is the flatlock heart-shaped seams that are strategically placed on your booty to highlight and accentuate your best assets (pun intended). These adorable pants have exterior, visible seams that curve from the inner thigh, up and around your butt to create an eye-catching heart shape that highlights your curves and gives you a virtual booty lift.

3. Uniqueness

The same feature that gives the Nina B. Roze its uber style is what makes it truly unique from any other yoga legging on the market – the Heart Butt™! Even yogis with a “yogi body” can appreciate a little extra booty pick-me-up and instant confidence-booster. The Heart Butt™ design exudes a sense of elegance and creates a smooth and attractive silhouette. You will feel confident and sexy as you flow on your yoga mat or strut your stuff at a local lounge.

4. Functionality

Nina B. Roze uses high-quality fabrics that stand the test of time in terms of color and sizing. And, because there isn’t cotton in the mix, you won’t have to worry about piling or stretching. Don’t you hate it when you spend hard-earned money on yoga clothing only for those annoying little lint balls to appear between your thighs or for the fit to completely change and now you have a droopy butt? I know I do, and I’m so happy that my Heart Butts look just as great wash after wash.

Sizing tip: They run half a size bigger, so size down, or see the waist measurements on the product page to find your perfect fit. You will feel a secure fit that is snug, but without being too tight or constricting for your practice or your daily activities. Even after wearing them for a few days in a row, they won’t lose their shape or stretch out.

5. Value

When it comes to yoga, there are some items that you can make concessions with, but yoga pants should not be one of them. As a yogi, there aren’t too many things worse than leaving class and realizing that your pants were partially transparent and that you just mooned your entire class. The Nina B. Roze Heart Butt™ Leggings are high-quality leggings that cost $105 per pair. But, you can save 20% off these and any other purchase on with the special code HEARTBUTT.
The Nina B. Roze Heart Butt™ Leggings have been the company’s best seller since 2012, and continue to remain #1 because of the tremendous style, superior fit and multiple color and pattern options. The company is constantly evaluating the yoga wear community and creating new and unique pieces that evoke feminine empowerment. The brand has an ear to its customers’ feedback and give its customers what they want, and for that reason, Nina B. Roze is 100% YogiApproved™.
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