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Here’s Your Complete Guide to Virgo Zodiac + 6 Grounding Yoga Poses for This Earth Sign

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Go to brunch with a Virgo. You’ll be convinced to try somewhere new and exciting (and end up loving it), and you’ll be there for several hours connecting with that Virgo on a deeply profound level.
Virgo is ruled by the Earth, and they have the ability to remain grounded in turbulent situations. This sign may appear modest or closed off at first glance, but that’s because they’re carefully evaluating their environment. They’re deciding if it’s worth their energy to participate.

The moment they speak, however, those who may have overlooked them suddenly gravitate towards their captivating aura.

There’s much more to know about the Virgo, so read on!
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The Virgo Zodiac Sign at a Glance

Born: Aug 23-Sept 22
Element: Earth
Ruled by: Mercury
Symbol: Virgin
Best romantic matches: Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn

Here are the three main characteristics of a Virgo:

This article explores characteristics that define a Virgo zodiac sign. Whether this sign belongs to you or not, this information will help you understand this earthy sign a little better.

1. Virgos See Beauty and Meaning in Details

Virgo is highly organized, and masterful when it comes to detail. They’re excellent planners, and they have high standards for projects, people, and experiences. They tend to be most critical of themselves because of these high standards.
Virgos feel the urge to achieve greatness. This compels Virgo to “step up to the plate” and take control of situations, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Virgo is extremely goal-oriented, but authentic in every aspect of their life.

2. Virgos Prefer Experiences Over Things

Virgos would much rather split a room at a bargain Airbnb than spend their hard-earned money on a ritzy hotel. On a trip, they would prefer to take public transit and focus on doing as much as possible to get the most out of their travel experience.
Virgo makes an excellent travel buddy. They enjoy creating an itinerary with plenty of flexibility for spontaneous moments. You never know what adventure looks like with a Virgo. You could be aimlessly bar-hopping or discovering a local hole-in-the-wall with the best food you’ve ever had.
These same concepts apply to dating. Virgo isn’t impressed by your fancy car or a prix fixe menu at the most sought-after restaurant in town. They crave authentic connection that builds over time . . . so get creative with where you go and what you do!
You’ll have to put in effort to stand out. Focus on getting to know them, because they’ll pierce through superficial convo from the start.
Virgos don’t chase fleeting romances – not for long, at least. They’d rather be with someone who can discover the world by their side, challenging them along the way. Once a solid foundation is established, the emotional intimacy and physical connection you’ll share with Virgo will be truly unforgettable.

3. Virgos Approach Life Practically

Virgo naturally sets aside emotion when it comes to problem-solving. This makes them a stable, reliable force for close friends.
Virgo is your go-to person if life is unraveling and you simply can’t. Your Virgo bestie will stay by your side, listen to each incomprehensible word between guttural sobs, and wait until you’ve ugly-cried yourself to exhaustion.
Then, without skipping a beat, they’ll offer sage, practical advice to help you navigate the situation with ease.
Virgos tend to attract peace and emotional stability, and won’t put up with toxic environments or people. This makes them naturally independent, emotionally strong, and extremely good at letting go of anything that doesn’t serve them.
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Practice These 6 Yoga Poses to Embrace Your Inner Virgo and Get Grounded:

1. Rock Pose

Stabilize with this grounding, upright pose first. This will keep you level-headed and centered.
Rock Pose_MBeuzelin
How to Practice Rock Pose:

  • Kneel with your hips to your heels and the tops of your feet resting on your mat
  • Sit tall, stacking your shoulders over your hips
  • Rest your hands in your lap, or find an intentional mudra
  • Engage your abdominals to remind yourself you are unshakable
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths

Learn all about that big belly breath with the funky name. Read A Beginners Guide to Ujjayi Breath.

2. High Plank Pose

Virgo’s skip the small talk, so get down to business with this challenging, strengthening posture.
High Plank Pose_MBeuzelin
How to Practice High Plank Pose:

  • Find the top of a push-up, ensuring your hands are directly under your shoulders
  • With your feet about hip-width distance apart, press energy out through your heels
  • Keep a neutral neck, engaging your latissimus dorsi (back muscles), abdominals, and thighs to find a strong, straight line
  • Hold for 30 seconds or more, breathing with intention



3. Lizard Pose

It takes practice to find both effort and ease in this pose. It can be an intense hip opening stretch.
Lizard Pose_MBeuzelin
How to Practice Lizard Pose:

  • From High Plank Pose, bring your right foot to the outside of your right hand
  • Stay with both hands to the inside of your front foot, or choose to lower onto forearms for a more intense stretch
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths on each side


4. Sphinx Pose

Sphinx Pose lifts your heart while your body stays grounded, creating a gentle backbend stretch.
Sphinx Pose_MBeuzelin
How to Practice Sphinx Pose:

  • Lie belly-down on your mat with your forearms pressed into your mat, elbows directly under shoulders
  • Press into your forearms to lift your head and chest
  • Roll your shoulders down away from your ears, simultaneously pressing your heart forward
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


5. Downward Facing Dog

While this may seem like a resting pose, it’s actually working your whole body! The muscles in your arms, legs, shoulders, and back are engaged, which makes Down Dog excellent for stabilizing.
Downward Facing Dog_MBeuzelin
How to Practice Downward Facing Dog:

  • Find High Plank Pose, separating your fingers wide to look like starfish
  • Lift your hips towards the sky, making an upside-down ‘V’ with your body
  • Press into your thumb and pointer finger on both hands to avoid wrist injury
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths


6. Tree Pose

You’ve gathered stability . . . now use it to balance in Tree Pose.
Tree Pose_MBeuzelin
How to Practice Tree Pose:

  • Stand tall at the top of your mat in Mountain Pose
  • Focus your gaze on something stable directly in front of you (this is your Drishti)
  • Lift your right knee, opening it out to the right
  • Bring the sole of your right foot to press against your inner left thigh or shin, but not against your knee
  • Find a mudra or grow your branches by reaching your arms up
  • Take 3-5 Ujjayi breaths on each side


Celebrate the Virgo Earth Sign

Virgo. You’re the grounded, emotionally stable, zealot for planning we all need in our lives. Your even-keel personality and ability to captivate anyone in a room is truly astounding. We love you, Virgo!
We will follow up with an article for each sign of the zodiac, so be sure to stay tuned for the next sign.

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