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6 Simple Steps For Beginning a Regular Meditation Practice

Elisha Thompson
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Let’s face it, life can get a little overwhelming at times. When this happens it is important to have an outlet that quiets your mind, centers your thoughts and brings you back to earth with a smile.

Meditation is this medicine but be carful, it is addicting and has some seriously positive side effects. Follow these simple suggestions and you’ll be on your way to a better you.

(If you know someone who you feel would benefit from meditation share this article with them. They may just be forever grateful.)

1. Find a quiet, peaceful space. Establish an area where you can be alone and uninterrupted. This can be in your home or outside.

2. Get comfortable. Wear comfy clothing, drink some water, sit on a pillow, and light a candle or some incense.

3. Sit down and dig in. A common meditation posture is seated with your legs crossed, back straight, and hands resting gently on your lap. This is the recommended position as it opens you heart and airways and lets your lower body relax. The important thing here is to just be comfortable. If that means laying down or sitting in your favorite chair DO IT.

4. Close your eyes and begin deepening your breath. Counting helps. Try inhaling for a count of 6, holding for a count of 2, and exhaling for 6. Giving your mind this simple task to focus on will help clear your head.

5. Don’t set expectations! Simply sit down and experience what happens. Do this for just 5 minutes and notice the shift in your thoughts and how you feel.

6. Set a routine. Meditating at the same time each day helps you get comfortable in the practice. Meditating first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed is easiest.

Once you get this down try taking your mediation to your feet. Walking meditation is something to experience. Just don’t do it on a busy street 🙂

Here is a cool infographic showing the benefits of meditation.



Do you have any advice for those just getting into meditation? Please comment in the discussion below. We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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Elisha Thompson

Elisha Thompson has her masters in Creative Non-Fiction Writing from Arizona State University. She is also a newly certified yoga teacher and loving every minute of her practice. Her Miniature Pincher, Harley, is her pride and joy. Elisha can usually be found at her computer, working on her latest novel. She fully believes that love is all you need and will one day save the world.

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