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Jumpstart Your Day With This 10-Minute Guided Morning Meditation to Calm and Center Your Mind (Video)

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Meditation relaxes and heals mind and body. Guided meditation is a potent way to drop into the present moment and find a sense of peace. This 10-minute guided morning meditation is designed to center your mind so you can move into your day with focus, intention, and calmness.

Mindfulness is all about getting to know what’s going on with your breath, what’s going on with your body, and what’s going on to connect your mind and body.
Often times (and particularly in the morning), our minds are already racing and going in a million different directions. We feel stressed, overwhelmed, and therefore not present.

But through connecting to the breath and connecting to the physical body, we can connect to the present moment.

This guided morning meditation will center your mind, make you feel grounded, and help you move into your day with presence, intention, and a pervading sense of calm.
Join YogiApproved meditation teacher Erik Vienneau in this short yet powerful guided morning meditation. The beauty of this video is you can revisit it again and again and always come away with something new. Happy meditating!

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