Founder of Yoga Rocks the Park Launches a New Mindfulness Event – The AWAKE Experience

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Mindfulness opens the door to living your life eyes wide open and to squeezing every last drop of bliss from every moment. Mindfulness means being fully aware in the present moment. The practice of mindfulness requires a focus on the here and now, whatever the task may be. Whether you’re washing the dishes, driving your car, or practicing yoga, you can choose to do it mindfully, or mindlessly.
The benefit of living mindfully? A true sense of being present, alive, and fully engaged in the moment – what could be more important and valuable than that?
When we are mindful, we are anchored in the present, no longer trapped in the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness helps you fully step into your power, and you’ll gain a deep sense of calm, peace, and fulfillment as a result. Through being mindful, you’ll discover your true Self, your full essence, and your highest potential. It all begins with mindfulness.
Sound magical? It is! And now there’s a new mindfulness event in Colorado called The AWAKE Experience created by Erik Vienneau, yoga and meditation teacher, and also founder of the hugely popular summertime yoga event, Yoga Rocks the Park.
AWAKE is a one-day mindfulness living retreat that takes place one Sunday a month in the Denver area. It offers participants the incredible opportunity to unplug for an entire day and study mindfulness through meditation, pranayama, dharma talks, chanting, and more with local leading teachers and guides. In addition, you’ll practice gentle, mindful yoga, enjoy a healthy and delicious mindful vegetarian lunch, qi gong, and yoga nidra.
If you’re interested in learning more about the immense benefits of mindfulness and meditation, check out 5 Important Benefits of Meditation on Your Brain.
You will spend the day immersed in the present moment – no cell phone, no email, no outside distractions or to-do lists – instead focusing on presence, tuning into yourself, diving deep into your awareness to reconnect mind, body, and soul so you can awaken the true, real, and full y.o.u.!

When we are mindful, we are anchored in the present moment, no longer trapped in the past or worrying about the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about this mindfulness event, visit the AWAKE website,, or follow them on Facebook. Not local to Colorado or can’t attend one of these events in person? No worries! AWAKE also offers podcasts so you can listen and experience from anywhere.
Listen to “Jordan New Ask the Most Important Mindful Living Question…"Why"” on Spreaker.
Mindfulness truly opens the door to your full potential, to living your life eyes wide open, and to squeezing every last drop of bliss from every moment. Why wouldn’t you take the plunge and enter a life of mindfulness? To us, there’s no better investment in your Self. Namaste.

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