See What This Potent New Moon in Scorpio Means for Your Zodiac Sign

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On November 15, there will be a new moon in Scorpio, inviting all of us to dive deeper into our feelings.

The desire for meaningful emotional exchanges is stronger now more than ever. And even if you’re not comfortable expressing how you feel, this new moon in Scorpio meaning will change that. It will push you to explore your sensitive side.

This new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle – an opportunity to free ourselves from emotional burdens and tap into the powerful energy that comes with the sign of the Scorpion. Scorpio is intense, passionate and perceptive – all of which will serve you on your self-improvement journey.

This new moon in Scorpio will push you to explore your sensitive side.

Ask yourself: what thoughts and behaviors are no longer serving me? How can I gain better control over my emotions and express them in a way that makes me feel empowered?

New Moon in Scorpio Meaning: Dig Deeper Into the Mysteries Around You

Each zodiac sign has something valuable and unique to teach us. Scorpio is highly intuitive, always searching for the hidden meaning and finding ways to add depth to our lives.

This water sign invites you to do some psychological healing and explore your motives, past hurts and unresolved issues. What do you need to let go of? What (or who) do you need to forgive? What fears are holding you back from reaching your full potential?

This new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle – an opportunity to free ourselves from emotional burdens

Yes, Scorpio is asking you to feel. It. All. This will feel uncomfortable at first, but push through it. A new you awaits on the other side.

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Here’s How This New Moon in Scorpio 2020 Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Fun fact: a new moon is when the moon’s light it at its dimmest, at which time it starts to radiate more and more until it reaches its brightest phase in the cycle: a full moon.

Just as the moon will slowly beam brighter over the upcoming weeks, so can you! Use this cosmic momentum to put your goals into motion. You will have the motivation thanks to this new moon in Scorpio.

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Thanks to truth-seeking Scorpio, you will have the ability to understand others’ motives, increasing your capacity for intimacy. As the sign of the bull, you have a tendency to be stubborn in your opinions, but this new moon invites you to be more open-minded and forgiving.


Just as the moon becomes dark, you will feel the urge to hibernate and sleep more than usual. This goes against your fast-paced, social butterfly nature, but don’t fight it. A little R&R is exactly what you need to recharge.

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For you, this new moon in Scorpio meaning is all about reflection. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Embrace your inner introvert and turn your phone off if you have to. You’ll start to see the world from a more peaceful state of mind.

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Take this time to work on your self-mastery skills and put your desire to achieve to good use. What areas in your life do you feel out of control? Is there a relationship you’re struggling with or financial troubles weighing heavily on your mind?

You will have Scorpio’s powerful intuitive energy to help you break free from these emotional burdens and see what next steps you need to take.


Scorpio presents us with an opportunity to declutter our lives – both mentally and physically. Think about the messy areas of your life – the material and spiritual junk that is preventing you from living your best life. Now is the time to take action and make a positive change.

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You are about to embark on an emotional evolution, Libra. The Mercury Retrograde that recently passed highlighted your relationship sector and the theme continues with this new moon.

What lesson did that retrograde teach you? How to communicate better perhaps? Express your feelings with greater clarity? You will need to apply what you learned now with the people who matter most.

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This new moon is all about hope and staying open to new possibilities. As a Scorpio, your sensitive nature will be heightened, which you can use to your advantage. Look inward and make self-care a priority.

Also, surround yourself with positive people and engage in activities that nurture your mind, body and soul. All your hard work is about to pay off. Start getting excited about what’s coming next.

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During this time, you’ll feel a deep urge to explore what’s missing in your life. You’ll be more analytical than usual, thinking about any self-destructive behaviors holding you back.

As a fire sign into risk taking and adventure, this new moon is asking you to go against your basic instincts. Cool your jets. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to light that fire soon enough. But for now, simply relax and take a step back.


Scorpio invites you to focus on a special project, one that will add greater meaning to your life. Setting goals and achieving them is what you do best, Capricorn. So, use the energy of this new moon to help you follow through!


This new moon asks you to focus on quality over quantity in your relationships. As an air sign, you enjoy intellectual conversations and can find common ground with just about anyone.

But don’t spread yourself too thin right now. Think about the people who add value to your life and energize you.


Normally very comfortable with your emotions, your fear of confrontation in relationships may be causing you anxiety. Your intuitive nature will serve you well during this time, so don’t second guess yourself.

Speak your truth. Scorpio’s intensity will help you power through any doubt you may be experiencing.

Take Advantage of this New Moon in Scorpio and Embrace Your Emotional Side!

This new moon in Scorpio 2020 will be intense and rejuvenating. Focus on how you want to improve your life and open your heart to an incredible transformation!

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