“Daydream” A Beautiful Yoga-Dance By Meghan Currie (Video)

Johnny Jedi
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Yes, Meghan Currie is at it again, using yoga as an artistic form of expression and creating another masterpiece of inspiration. You go girl! We love you for it!

Here is what Meghan has to say about this video and her passion for creating:

“Art is my love. Always has been since I can remember. The creation of anything creative tosses me around in a world of magic and possibility.
One of the most important things we can do in combination with our daily efforts towards our dreams is to spend moments day dreaming. Day dreams are a display of the hearts genius, and while we relax the control towers of the mind, moving from rational to non, the heart weaves the path to fulfill that which we are here to do.” (Originally published by Meghan on her YouTube channel)

“Daydream please, so our hearts can mash up and create some unimaginable beauty”

The track “The Daydream” was produced by Meghan and can be downloaded here for free. Yes, this girl is on fire!

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Johnny was born in Rasario, Argentina and moved to the Big Apple when he was a teenager. There he found his three passions: yoga, writing and his pet chinchilla Henry. And yes, you guessed it, Johnny likes Star Wars.

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